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Sapphire's WW Diary - now doing CORE!


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Okay so first of, my names not Sapphire, it's Laura, that's the name of the horse I have on loan who is sooo beautiful!

Anyway hi everyone, as i'm getting stuck into weight watchers and enjoy reading everyone else's diaries on here I thought i'd start one of my own, if you don't mind!

I did introduce myself on the other thread but i'll do a quick recap, i'm Laura, 23 (24 in 17 days :D), I live in good old Cornwall at home with my parents, but hope to move in with my boyfriend this year (about time, it's our 7 year anniversary soon!) I've just finished uni, waiting anxiously for my results! (did a BSc animal science)

I love horses but there's no money in them so I plan to become a primary school teacher, i'm going to do a year as a teaching assistant from september, and apply for a PGCE for next september (didn't get in this year).

I want to lose about 26 lbs, it's so hard just to shift a couple of pounds when you aren't following a plan, that's why I have decided to go back to Weight Watchers. I got down to 9 stone 4lbs last time then let it all go to pot so i'm back up to 10 stone 6lbs :( I'm only 5'2 too, and a proper pear shape!

I've got a holiday planned for October in Gran Canaria and I would like to be able to wear a bikini without hiding my stomach! (Or sit down without a jacket on my lap, who am I fooling? Lol)

Anyway i'm sure this will keep me on the straight and narrow! :D Oh I forgot to say, I have all the book etc and I can't afford meetings so I am doing it at home, weighing myself on tuesday morning when I first wake up, on the same set of scales.
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Here's how my first 2 days went! I'm allowed 18 points a day.


Hadn't planned to do WW yet so started the day with a :

Pot noodle 6.5


WW ready meal (chicken tikka) 5
with frozen veggies 0

Tesco healthy living egg and cress sandwich 4

3 pink & white marshmallo wafers 1.5 (i'm totally addicted)
1/2 pint skimmed milk in tea throughout the day 1

Total points: 18

Exercise: Hacked out Saphy for 40 mins, rode Phantom in the field for 20 mins.

Found today really easy and my mum is on it too so we went to Tesco's for WW friendly food! Isn't it great that all Tesco healthy living stuff has WW points on it? I love WW ready meals, must eat less wafers though!


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Oatso simple made with mostly waters and sweetners 1.5

WW tinned pasta meal 4 (not very nice)
1 slice WW bread 0.5

WW ocean pie (yum!) 3.5
Frozen veggies 0
2 tbsp peas 1

Tin WW mushroom soup 1.5
1 slice WW bread 0.5


1/2 pint skimmed milk 1
Cadbury's Freddo chocolate bar 2
1 pink and white wafer 0.5
Tesco HL sour cream pretzels 1.5

Total points: 17.5

Exercise: none!

I went to bed a little hungry today, depsite the soup, maybe I need to drink more water to fill myself up? I do drink a lot of tea though. I've also noticed I eat as and when I am hungry, I don't really stick to mealtimes. I thought by having the oatso simple for brekkie it will fill me up longer but it didn't, I still had lunch a couple of hours later!

Feeling healthier already, i'm eating veggies which is an improvement on my diet beforehand!
Yey! Another diary to read! Starlights absolutely right about us being a nosey lot - we love a good peek through someone's diary, lol.

Great start to your diet...keep up the good work!


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Whoops, fallen behind already! Still going really well, enjoying all the nice food!


115g salmon, grilled (3.5), with 40g dry weight pasta, cooked (2), and spring onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumber chopped and mixed in (0). 1 tbsp seafood sauce 1.5.

1 tin WW mushroom soup 1.5 with 3 slices WW bread (dry) 1.5.

WW BLT sandwich 3.5


1/2 pint skimmed milk throughout day 1

Rice Krispie square 2 (yum!)
1 low fat Irish yoghurt 1
1 pink and white wafer 0.5

Exercise: none :(

Total points: 18


90g salmon, grilled (3 I reckon) with 40g dry weight pasta, cooked (2), and spring onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumber chopped and mixed in (0). 1 tbsp low fat salad dressing 0.5. (this is really yummy!)

Iceland healthy range cottage pie 3.5 with frozen veggies o and 1 tbsp peas 0.5

Small Tesco sushi box 2
Tesco small fresh fruit salad 1


1/2 pint skimmed milk throughout day 1

1 pink and white wafer 0.5
1 low fat Irish yoghurt 1
WW choc roll 1.5
Tesco healthy living pretzels 1.5

Total points: 18

See how much food I am eating! I eat a lot of convenience food but I am eating more fruit and veg than I would normally so that can only be a good thing!


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Today me and my boyfriend are staying at a friend's house, where we always watch films and booze away, but I am prepared! A whole bottle of WW wine is 6 points, i've worked out, so i'm only allowing myself 12 for the rest of the day.

So far i've had:

WW BLT sandwich 3.5
Snack a jacks mini bagels 2 (could only manage half a bag so will finish later)

Then before working at the pub this evening I will have a WW ocean pie 3.5 with veg 0 and 2 tbsp peas 1, and the rest of the bagels.

Plus my half pint of skimmed milk throughtout the day (1).

Then after work when I go round my friends I will have a packet of Tesco HL pretzels 1.5 which will mean i'm half a point over. Not bad really!

I'm being so organised this time! I WILL reach goal this time, no matter what!

I love WW, it's the only thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow, and this time i'm a lot more disciplined and am not going over my points every day!
Hmm, I think it's safe to say you like salmon and pasta? Lol!!

It's great that you're thinking ahead and working your points out so you can drink tonight but still stay within your points - it's also great that ww allows you to do that eh! I love the ww wine, I actually prefer it to my usual Blossom Hill!! I've not tried the rose yet, but the white one is lovely!

Have a nice time tonight, and a big well done for planning so well - I'm so impressed!

Thanks everyone! I have actually managed to get through the weekend (so far) without screwing up! My hardest time...

I did as planned yesterday, that wine was really nice, it was the white fruity one, easy to drink and 1 bottle was perfect - merry, but not too drunk! I didn't accept my friend's offers of baileys, quality streets, crisps or bacon sandwiches this morning either! My boyfriend said no to everything too :D

Today I had a slice of brown toast (2) with 1 scrambled egg, (2.5) and a muller fruit corner yoghurt (3.5) (all of which I had at my friends house)

We went to subway for lunch and I had a 6" sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub with salad, (no cheese) my favourite for 5.5 points! Only got 4.5 left for today so i'll have to be careful with my dinner but it's roast so i'll just fill up on veggies and have less chicken! Not the best planned day so far but very yummy!

My holiday is all booked for 29th September and I can't wait!

(oh yes and I do love salmon and pasta but I had defrosted some fillets and needed to use it all up hence having it 2 days running!)
Well today was a good test, i'm on a 3 day course before I do 15 days work experience in a primary school, as I want to go into teaching, and they had a free buffet at lunch with pasties, quiche, sandwiches and sausage rolls! I didn't touch a thing *proud* and ate my packed lunch.

I did give in to the home made carrot cake at breaktime as I was getting tired and needed an energy boost, but I picked the smallest little piece there, it was lovely and moist, yum!

So today i've used all my points already but I am absolutely stuffed now i've eaten dinner so that'll do me until the dreaded weight in tomorrow!


Rice Krispie square 2 (driving the 70 miles there to the course)

Co-op healthy prawn sandwich 4
Tesco small fresh fruit salad 1

WW ocean pie 3.5 with loads of frozen veg inc few peas 0.5
Mullerlight yoghurt 1.5


1 packet Tesco HL pretzels 1.5
1 small piece home made carrot cake?
1/2 pint skimmed milk throughout day 1
ww choc roll 1.5

total points: 16.5, plus the bit of carrot cake.

Not too horrendous, only had 17 yesterday in the end!
Lol well I did cave in with the carrot cake! I've never been so determined with a diet before, I am sooo going to get to goal for the first time ever, this time! My first weigh in is tomorrow, first thing in the morning on the scales (I do it at home) Hope it's a good start!
Good luck with your weigh-in in the morning, can't wait to see how you've done!

Good luck!
And I have lost....

4.5lbs! :D Very pleased, good start, can't 'see' any difference yet but hopefully by next weigh in my jeans might feel a teeny bit looser. Been good today too :D


2 slices WW bread 1
3 tbsp baked beans 3
2 extra light laughing cow cheese triangles 1

Co-op healthy tuna and cucumber sandwich 4
Walkers baked crisps 1.5
Pineapple snack pack 0.5

Alpen light bar, chocolate orange (got these today and they are yum!) 1

60g dry weight pasta 3 with 125g tiger prawns 1, cucumber and tomato 0 and 1 tbsp extra light salad cream.

I went to an Asda today next to where i'm doing this 3 day course, and they had ALL the weight watchers range in everything! Tesco's never have anything, I stocked up with goodies :D

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