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Sarah's Diary

After reading a few other diaries on here it's given me a lot of hope and inspiration so I figured this is a good place to keep a record of how things are going and also to give me something to look back on to remind myself of where I don't want to be again.

I'm 4 weeks into the Rosemary Conley diet. I've got the Ultimate GI Jeans diet, and I've just had the at home member's pack with the GI Hip and Thigh diet too - more recipes and more things to read to keep reminding me of how I'm going to lose weight! I've lost 11lb so far which I'm quite proud of. It's 2 weeks before my birthday and I'd love to have lost a stone by then. My target is 2lb a week, but I appreciate losses can go up and down so 2lb a week on average will be great.

The change of eating habits hasn't been too major as we eat fairly healthily anyway. The big problem both I and my other half suffers is that we work from home so my walk to work takes me 5m! I then sit at a computer all day, finish between 6 and 7pm, cook dinner and it's gone 8 by then! I know they say that no one is too busy to exercise, but some days I honestly am. Running your own business is great but you need to put 110% effort into it and our health and weight have suffered because of it.

However, that's in the past and things are turning around! We're getting married in 6.5 months, and both of us want to look as good as we can for the photos. Being centre of attention isn't something either of us fancies so at least if we're carrying less weight then we may be less worried!

So I hope to post up here at least once a day if I can, keep an update on my progress and probably a few emotional posts along the way. I'm sure they'll come out!
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Okay so today I may have had a little slip up. Nothing major in my eyes (although maybe I'm wrong?). We went out this morning to see the Registrar to register for our Wedding, and afterwards we had brunch in a cafe. Having not had much breakfast and it was almost lunchtime, I went for a bit of brunch, a bacon and egg sandwich (although it was very nice!). It's my first non-allowed food in 4 weeks so I think I'm due a little leeway on this occasion. I put in a bit of extra exercise today for it plus dinner was virtually fat free chicken, oven baked, plus a plate full of salad and a couple of new potatoes, followed by fruit salad and a spoonful of low-fat yoghurt. So I hope it won't make too much damage to my weight loss this week. I'll do extra exercise for the rest of the week too just to even the balance.

We also nipped into M&S (I love their food!) whilst we were out and grabbed a couple of boxes of British strawberries. We'd already gone through a box last weekend! I could just eat them all day. I also grow strawberries and some of my plants have already got the green fruit starting. I don't have much space so I don't get many as the plants are all in pots, however the shops should have them in for another couple of months at least now so that'll top my strawberry addiction up! :)

Good news, although I haven't seen a difference when measuring, my size 18 jeans seem to be a lot looser. I can squeeze into my size 16s of the same type, however they were a little tight, so I'm hoping that by the time my birthday comes in 2 weeks I can wear my size 16s out and have the evening off my diet too!
Yesterday evening was a bit of a disaster as far as food's concerned. We went over to my OH's sister to take our old microwave round for her. Obviously we stopped for a short period but I'd hoped that by doing dinner beforehand (and making that point to her) she wouldn't try and cook us anything. Well she got that hint however instead she bought a chocolate cake to have with tea! Our first reaction was no thanks however she'd bought it especially and her comment was 'oh you can start your diet tomorrow'. No it doesn't really work like that! I've been on this diet for 4.5 weeks and am quite proud of what I've managed so far, however this week hasn't been great as it is I don't think, and a piece of chocolate cake in the evening (that I didn't really want) won't help!

I think the problem here is that people who haven't been seriously overweight can't really understand or comprehend the feelings and thoughts behind it, the struggle with trying to lose weight and the fact that I could have easily eaten the whole cake if I'd put my mind to it (although I'd be sick afterwards!).

I've learnt to control cravings and in fact stop having cravings most of the time, at least cravings for foods I shouldn't have, however putting something in front of me and making me feel guilty for refusing it doesn't help. The reason I don't crave foods I shouldn't have is because they're not in the house. When they're not near me and not readily available then I don't tend to think about them. I can remember several years ago I'd go out shopping, perhaps see a deal on Haagen Daas icecream (belgian chocolate... what else?!), perhaps 2 for £5, or even half price. I could never resist and would get a couple of tubs and put one in the freezer and have perhaps half of the other one. However shortly after i'd think about the other half a tub and finish that off that day. The plan was to keep the other tub for another week or so, but the next day I'd have finished the second tub as well. I guess I could have controlled it but I didn't want to!

It just goes to show that to be honest the best way to stick to a diet is to be able to cook for yourself and eat all 3 meals in your own home and avoid anywhere else where you could be tempted or guilted into eating food you shouldn't.

I hope to be at the point where I don't have to concern myself over things like this, I guess I just don't want to jeapordise things or slow things down as I've only got 27 weeks to go until the big day, and ideally I'd like to be 54lb (4.5 stone) lighter!

I'm also unhappy that I've just not had time to get any exercise in this week yet. Okay we've been out a few times and had a good brisk walk, but nothing major and that's only a brief walk. Most people do more than that getting to work! I wish I had the space to keep my Airwalker out permanently, but our house is too small and pokey and it would just get in the way.

I think I'm just feeling a bit down as I really don't think I'm going to lose anything this week and with next week due to be my totm I'm thinking that I won't be losing anything for a couple of weeks :( I know I need to make time for the exercise and I kick myself when I just lose track of time and it gets too late. I'll just have to make up for it as much as possible tomorrow and on the weekend. I keep making plans and it feels like I keep making false promises to myself. I really need to start sorting myself out and putting in the effort to see the results I want.

Meh, sorry, just a bit down today I guess.
I think the problem here is that people who haven't been seriously overweight can't really understand or comprehend the feelings and thoughts behind it, the struggle with trying to lose weight and the fact that I could have easily eaten the whole cake if I'd put my mind to it (although I'd be sick afterwards!).
I had the same problem. My friends didn't understand what I was going through, they don't know what its like whatsoever and think its easy to lose weight. I would have (And probably still could) Finish a whole chocolate cake without even trying but I know I shouldn't as I know where I want to get to.

Try to keep your your chin up, as I find having a positive attitude about it really helps me want to stock to it. I know thats easier said than done, and I know its not that easy when feeling down to pick yourself up again but the theory of it is sound :D

Always remember, if today is a bad day, tomorrow is a new day and can be however you want it to be.
Cheers mattywarr. Yes I agree, it really is a case of until you've been there you don't truly understand how hard it is and how 'just a little treat' can add up over and over!

I have felt a little down, well more a little unhappy with not following the plan, but you're right, you need to be positive else things can go from bad to worse very quickly!

A walk in the gorgeous sun today made it all feel better :)
So last week wasn't a total disaster then. I've lost 1lb which is better than nothing (or putting it on even!). Not to mention that yesterday totm hit (great...!).

We had a bit of an active (ish) weekend however. Saturday was a bit naff in the morning but by early afternoon the sky had cleared and the sun came out so after sorting some work out we took a walk up the hill behind where we live for an hour and a half. It's beautiful up there, mainly thanks to the view across to the River Dee and Irish Sea, plus on the other side is the view of Liverpool. Fantastic place for photos, but I just love to sit on the bench and look out to sea (great spot to watch the sunset too!).

Yesterday we spent most the day at a car boot sale so we were on our feet most the day, then also loading and unloading the car several times, plus I managed to squeeze some weights in once we got home.

I think my diet is going pretty okay now, and can survive the occasional slip up, I just need to remember to get the exercise in and that should get the weightloss going again.
Bit of a motivational boost. I just stood on the Wii Fit to record my weight and according to the records on there I've lost a stone since 9th March (about 2 weeks before I actually started the diet), and I'm also the lightest I've been since I bought it, almost a year to the day (I think I got it on 2nd May).

That's put a smile on my face :)


New Mum :)
So I'm 6 weeks into this and have lost 13lbs. In a way I'm over the moon that I've almost lost a stone, and that leaves 5 to go. That's about 15% of the way there which sounds quite a lot. However, on the other hand I'd hoped to have lost 15lbs, which may not sound much more, but in 25 weeks (and 5 days), losing 1lb instead of 2lb will mean the difference of almost 2 stone lost or not lost.

I know what the problem has been for the last couple of weeks. Lack of exercise. I've done more than I used to, but I still need to get some in on a daily basis. I bought a slendertone belt a few weeks back, I need to be using that 5 days a week, I need to at least get 15-20 minutes of walking in daily eg. up and down the stairs or on my airwalker, and then 3-4 times a week I want to try and get some extra work in either with my weights or on the Wii.

I also know I need to do this even more so this week as tomorrow I'll be out for dinner and we're getting to try out a couple of menus available for the wedding, so I'll have to work that excess off as well!

However, the week has started well, I've already put in 20-30 minutes on my airwalker plus about 30 minutes of weights (and I have the belt on whilst I'm typing this!). I'm off work tomorrow so I hope to get some aerobic exercise in first thing too.

The other plan is to write up a meal plan for the week. I must admit, the last week hasn't been fantastic. I think I've kept within my calorie allowance but I've not included as much fruit and veg as I should have, and having a meal plan will make things so much easier for both shopping and preparation.

So that's the plan today, work out a plan for the rest of the week!
Okay, I let this diary slide this week but I've not fallen off the wagon! This week I overindulged on Tuesday, well it was my birthday! We didn't go too mad as such, but ate out for both lunch and dinner, plus went to the cinema. However I also made sure I put a good hours worth of exercise in on Monday and put another half in on Wednesday and Thursday.

We had dinner at the castle where we're getting married, and they have a gym there which you can join. I must admit, I do miss going into a gym and using the weights machines. This gym is quite cheap, about £16 a month for off peak times, which suits us fine as we'd rather not be there when it's busy anyway. So we've got an intro booked tomorrow to have a look round and see if we want to join. It'll be great if we do as they're only 10 minutes drive away and we can pop over in the early afternoon, or possibly late mornings.

I've also decided today to swap from using my normal bathroom scales to using my Wii Fit to record my official weightloss. My bathroom scales are reasonably accurate but they only do whole pound losses, which is fine except a 1lb loss could actually be 1.5lb and I realise 0.5lb isn't much but it's a little extra boost to see. Let's face it, I can put a pound on in about 2 minutes by drinking a pint of water! The Wii Fit does part measurements which is so much better to see, and it keeps a record of everything. I've still lost virtually the same as I have on my scales so it's not going to tell me I've lost more, but I can see the loss a lot clearer, and watching the graph go downwards is great for motivation!

Finally, this week I've lost 2lb and cracked the 1 stone loss. That's 1 down 5.5 to go. It leaves me with just under 24 weeks to lose 2.5 stone before the wedding, so that's just over 1.5lb a week, but I'm aiming for 2lb. I hope joining a gym and getting in there 2-3 times a week will help with that :)
So we went to the gym yesterday and had a good look round. It's nothing massive, but it is only a hotel gym, however it was bigger than I expected. A gym area, with the machines and weight machines, a free weights room, and then a studio upstairs. They have a number of classes on during the day too, one of which is a slimming club which could be useful!

We've got an induction on Monday, and then the personal trainers will write up a programme for us to follow to help us target the areas that need sorting. Included in the gym membership is unlimited personal training sessions, which is great and will probably be pretty useful, along with all the classes besides pole dancing. We're only going for a weekday 9-4 membership at first, as we'll aim to go there 2-3 times a week when it's quiet, so mid afternoon, and that's £16 a month each which is amazingly cheap!

So yeah, I'm hoping to get back into using the gym, even twice a week should make a good improvement, and hopefully the weight will start to drop off even more :D
Quick weekend summary, spent most of it working so blew off Saturday night's diet and went out to our favourite restaurant. To be fair the only 'bad food' was the fresh bread and butter to start (and I only took two small pieces), and the tomato, brandy and cheese sauce over my chicken, veg and rice. I guess I can get away with it as I've not really had treats during the week and I don't drink much (although I had a couple of glasses of wine last night after a long weekend of work!).

Anyway, I've still managed to lose 2lb which is great, back on my 2lb per week target, and just edged under 15.5 stone. Another half a stone and I'll be in the 14 stone range. I was last under 15 stone 2 years ago. It's quite scary to think I've put almost 2 stone on in 2 years :(

However, 2lb loss this week is great. 24 weeks before the wedding (less a couple of days), and today is the first day back in the gym so I'm hoping for an extra push on the loss front (loss either being weight and/or size!).
Hello SarahG

Congratulations on your weightloss - you are doing really well! Good on you both for researching and signing up for the gym...I find the money going out my account each month is a real motivator! I want to get my money's worth! I have enjoyed reading about your wedding plans and weightloss journey, you seem really committed and coped really well with the frustrations you wrote about in earlier entries. Keep up the good work!

cc x
Well first day back in the gym and I survived! I just had my programme session with a personal trainer, so didn't do a full session as such, but now I have a programme to follow which should do me fine for the next 4-6 weeks, then I'll get it reviewed. So the plan is to go 3 times a week and then just do some aerobic exercise at home on the airwalker, or, when the weather is nice (maybe, you can hope!), we get out on the bikes for a few hours.

Annoyingly though, TOTM has hit which means a couple of off days ahead. I've already spent today feeling pretty unhappy (that happens during TOTM occasionally, although my stress with work probably hasn't helped), however I've not craved the wrong foods which is always a plus!

Friday will be the first full session day at the gym, so I'll see how it goes :)
Not quite sure if we'll make the gym today. My legs are still aching from Wednesday and my OH has got a swollen arm where he's either pulled a tendon or worse. If he's okay today then we'll go along but I think I'll stay off the cross-trainer, which is the cause of my leg pain! However, I don't want my OH's arm to get any worse and I know he'll push himself if he goes, which could just make things worse.

If we don't go then I'll do some exercise and free weights at home today, maybe get on the rower for 5-10 minutes too.
Nope, didn't go to the gym today. My legs have eased a bit now so I'm going to do a bit on the Wii Fit before dinner. I like the step but I'd rather have a higher 'step' to step onto, so I'm going to try a bit of wood under the balance board. I just hope I don't go flying!

That plus a bit of hula hooping and rhythm boxing, plus I'll do some weights too.

Then chicken and prawn with noodles and sweet chilli sauce for dinner, mmmm :D
I had a little bit (not too much!) of an indulgent weekend this bank holiday weekend. Sunday we finally got the BBQ out, had a friend over and had a good day out in the sun. I don't really think I was too bad, although I had some mayonnaise! plus some cheese (BBQ'd halloumi.. nice!). On Monday we went to M&S as we had our quarterly vouchers through, so picked up some various fruit and veg, and I figured I'd take the evening off and have some garlic bread with dinner.

To be fair last week was TOTM and I've not put any weight on, but I've not lost any either.

However today we finally got back to the gym and I did my first full session in there. I'll be honest, I could have done another round of weights, or perhaps another 10 minutes on the bike or cross trainer, as I didn't really feel like I'd over-exerted myself. Of course tomorrow will tell, if I feel achy, but I don't think I'll be as bad as last week. I'll follow the programme this week but if I feel okay then I'll probably add a bit more time on the cross trainer.

So it'll be twice to the gym this week but then the plan is 3 times a week for now. We'll see how work goes and maybe work a 4th day of just aerobic fitness if we can. Am so happy I'm back in a gym again :)
No aches or pains today which is a good feeling! I'll try and fit some aerobic exercise in today and then we'll be back in the gym tomorrow I think.

I bought a new pair of trackie bottoms from M&S of all places, on Monday. A size 16, mainly because I couldn't find any 18s (only size that was missing, and 20 is far too large!). I figured I'd get into them in a few weeks hopefully, however I can actually fit into them now, although they are a little snug around the backside! My old ones are starting to get a bit holey so hopefully they'll last a little longer until I'm happy to go to the gym in the new ones!

I'm quite impressed with them though (only £12 too), so I may end up buying another 16 plus maybe a 14 in anticipation of fitting into those in a few months :D
We managed 2 days in the gym last week. We'd have gone for 3 but the bank holiday meant we didn't go in until Tuesday, and not wanting to do weights 2 days in a row, we did Tuesday and Friday. This week, 3 times - Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It'll be interesting to see how we feel by Friday!

This weekend I had some fun and games with my scales. My bathroom scales (fat and water monitor too) said I'd lost weight. However, my Wii said I'd put weight on at first. Then I stood on them again, and it said I'd lost weight as well. My other half has also found strange readings with the bathroom scales, so I've gone and ordered some new decent scales that are meant to measure not just the fat and water in your body, but bone density, give your metabolism basal rate, and visceral fat readings. This is one of the Tanita scales so a pretty decent make. It'll be interesting to see what they say, when they arrive in the post :)
3 sessions in the gym this week. I feel pretty chuffed with that although I seem to have hit a brick wall with the weight loss. I've not really shifted anything in the last 3 weeks. I seem to stay between 15,5 and 15,8 which is quite frustrating. Last week we also had varied readings on the scales, one set said I'd lost weight, the Wii Fit said I'd put weight on. So due to that plus wanting a bit more info off my scales I decided to invest in a set of new tanita innerscan scales which arrived yesterday.

These scales are pretty cool. They measure your weight and fat percentage. They also tell you your lean muscle mass weight, water percentage, bone mass, BMR and BMR age and visceral fat. They also save up to 4 people's settings and remembers your previous readings which is quite handy, saves writing it down!

I was a bit concerned on the bone mass and visceral fat readings but as it happens both were a reasonably ok reading. My bone mass is pretty much on target, and my visceral fat reading was within the healthy range. Admittedly it was at the top of the healthy range (a 10 on a 1-12 group) but still it was within the right range.

I should be quite handy to see the various changes in weight, fat, water and muscle, which might make me feel a little less unhappy about losing weight, especially if it's going back on as muscle.

Still, I just need to keep pushing on, stick with the diet and the gym and hopefully I'll start to see some good changes. I'm off to see my parents this week so my Mum will be brutally honest and tell me if she can see any difference :)

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