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Saree's diary - run out of crumpets :(

Here we are!

New diary, new start, new house, new unit. Jeez new everything (well apart from the kids, husband and a houseful of things :))

Anyway, weight in tomorrow and we'll see whether we can adjust that ticker downward. we really should be able to as I've been within my points all week.

I should be at work but am at home with my eldest who was sick in the night.

I've got a meeting at noon that i have to be there for so my dh is off running round till we swap over in an hour or so.

Also today we get the keys for the new house, the heating doesn't work apparently and they've not moved their cooker. I should charge them rent.

God I'm stressed. Can't believe ill child in the middle of all of this!

More diet related, i really need to find a more interesting lunch. i keep having the same thing which i'm going to get sick of soon. I need it to be able to go in a tub so i can take it to work and i'd prefer it to be around 3 or 4 points maximum. I'm eating hundreds of laughing cow cheeses.:confused:
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finding my way again !
excuse the pun, what with the glorious weather we are having :rolleyes:, but it doesn't rain but it pours in your house at the mo doesn't it.
hope you eldest improves soon, one less thing to get stressed about. When do you move, its bad enough moving without an ill child to contend with, poor you.


Still Climbing That Hill!
Awww hope your wee one is better soon.

Moving house and a sick child isn't a great combination but im sure you'll sail throught it

Good luck with everything
Yay, 4lbs down this week. total of 10 in a fortnight. Long may it continue but it'll calm down from now I would imagine.

This moving thing isn't easy. we're in day two of it today. Yesterday was hard hard hard. I had a woman coming to see me at noon. she was late and i couldn't work out when to eat. then she was there for 2 hours so i couldn't eat till 2.30 then it was too late because i had to pick the kids up from school and go straight over to the new house.

the new house is freezing because the oil tank is leaking, there was no way to make a hot drink because the kettle was no kettle (may lack of planning).

So all in all i didn't eat then we took the kids to mcdonalds which is a 20 minute drive. so we both ate there. i was within points but it left me hungry and miserable. i hate their food it tastes of cardboard. this isn't a new halo thing, i always have. i tried those salads when they brought them in and they were awful too.

anyway, lets hope we can manage better today.
ah, you poor thing, you really are up to your eyeballs - things will settle down though, Im sure you cant wait for the rest.

WELL DONE ON THE 4 LB LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS BRILLIANT!!! your off to such a great start!!
well, things gone a touch wrong here! there's no phone line at the new house so therefore no broadband! haven't found the scales yet so can't weigh myself yet. House is totally upside down but we'll get there.

Not lost but certainly not around much - i'll come back soon :)
Isn't it awful. Whole year later and I'm back to start again and what's more I'm five pounds heavier. Oh the shame. Honestly, I really mean it this time. How weak does that sound. Last year, I was moving house, moving unit, moving everything. This year everything is staying the same so let's hope that helps.

I hope you all don't mind me coming back and let's hope that I stay a little longer!
i've been round a million times - here take my hand Saree and we'll both make sure we break the vicious circle! :D

well done for coming back though - thats the hardest part over with :)

good luck for your WW journey and the coming week :) keep posting on here - we'll keep you right! xxx
Thank you :) I'm originally from Newcastle too so I'm extra grateful for your assistance.

I need to get it to the point where's it's a habit.

When I lived in Newcastle i used to walk for miles every day which kept my weight down without me having to think about it. Now, I drive everywhere and it's all gone bad!
i know how you feel - exercise is my demon too! we can do it though - new year new us right? :D x
Hi Saree and welcome back!

Just looking back at your posts you did brilliantly in your first couple of weeks last time so lets have a another flying start this time - and then Rach will make sure you stick to the straight and narrow

Good luck xx
i will i promise! :whip: (just kidding haha :D)
Sticking to it is easy when you take it one food choice at a time - and even if you do stray - you just get back on - we'll all make sure we give you a leg up

Just make sure you don't go awol again! ;)

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