Sat here....


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Gone fishing
Done all my pressie and food shopping this morning :D

Came home (like one is expected to). Washed and polished kitchen and bathroom floor. Slipped up in bathroom and banged head on radiator. Lay on floor to unknown amount of time (either concussed or sleeping...either way it was good :D)

Now doing the ironing and wondering whether to leave pressie wrapping until midnight mass it on..then tackle it with a brandy :cool:

Fab day so far :)


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Ditto to the last minute shopping and cleaning of the house, no unconsciousness for me yet though....perhaps once I've opened the wine later!!

I'm hoping to watch some christmassy films now the jobs are done, but I may have to drag my boyfriend off grand theft auto first......


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I think present wrapping with alcohol is a good choice, unless you are concussed of course!!!

I have had a lovely day, long walk in park with dog and hubby in the sun, followed by a quick trip to a quiet Morrisons for few bits. Nothing else to do now cept chill, hope everyone has a good one x


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KD - hope you're ok :eek:

I've cleaned the house from top to bottom (needed it:eek:), taken some presents over to my niece in case we don't make it there tomorrow, entertained my husband's grandpa, who's visiting for a couple of days (Dan was still at work and then shopping), and I've just had a lovely shower and am about to use my new GHDs for the first time :D

We're off out for a meal at 5.30 (so grandpa can get his meat fix, we don't have it in the house...) and THEN we will chill :)


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well the tree is twinkling...the presents are wrapped...i have painted my nails to match tomorrows outfit...and in about an hour im off to work for the night shift til 7.15am...come home and have a couple hours 12m/d its CHRISTMAS!!! hope everyone has a great


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I want to know where the quiet morrisons was ?
Been uptown for last min shopping nothing urgent cards wrap for next year:D
Also bougth a few last min gifts in pre xmas sales norty me hubby already had word about how much Ive bought this year :eek:
Got to wrap a few pressies and clean kitchen then long soak in bath got all veg ready for dinner so easy day for me I hope .
Have a great day everyone :109:


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Sounds lovely G. We had a friend round and we watched some christmas films and had some munchies