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Now to maintain.....
Only be careful if you've arthritic tendancies.

Don't be alarmed, I'm not thinking you're 80! but young people can get transient dietary arthritis. I have had this since I was 18, a lot of citrus fruit including orange juice can trigger joint pain.

if you're fine, then I'm sure that many won't harm you, or weight loss.



Just doing it this time
I love them too - didn't get any this week though - forgot ! BUT then I forgot the toilet rolls and frylight AGAIN! poo.

As you are going up by 2 per day - it'll be 10 tomorrow then :rolleyes:


Now to maintain.....
As you are going up by 2 per day - it'll be 10 tomorrow then :rolleyes:
hahaha! hadnt noticed that!!!
but no i definately wont be eating 10...trying to hold off a bit today...may allow myself a few later though.


Less of a man each day
8 in a day?! That should last me most of the week!
I do have other fruits and veg as well mind.
better than craving chocolate! You have just inspired me to have a mid-morning satsuma!! xx


Now to maintain.....
have eaten two....just two.....will have no more than another two today! will stick to pineapple,apple and strawberries.

chris...im a pig...a very big pig.....i eat so much fruit because i need to eat literally ever hour so i carefully spread my food out over the day and any snacks if not syns or hea/b are fruit! preferably fruit thats speed or superspeed! as well as those yesterday i also had pineapple,strawberries,a banana,raspberries!


Less of a man each day
Your fruit bill must be massive!


Now to maintain.....
Your fruit bill must be massive!
we bargain shop but yeah i expect it is bigger than some especially as dan does it too and eats awful lot of fruit.

take the satsumas....on offer at 1.25 a net instead of 2.50 but i went to co op at reduction time and got them for 62p a net.
apples i got from there too...on offer at 1.00 a bag..at reduction time 50p!
theres a localish greengrocers(henleaze) that does huge,huge,huge pineapple(twice the size of supermarkets) for £1-or on fri they were 88p! they often have other great stuff too.
i also utilise lidl with their cheap bits and aldi with their super 6 too.

it doesnt have to be ultra expensive if you put a bit of effort in and arent fussy/eat same all the time so change things a bit according to what you get.
by effort i mean i check all things online often as i can....i walk to local shops at the time i know they often reduce things.often if i need supermarket shopping i have an idea of when i may get reduced stuff so time it then.
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Satsumas are great, and you can't eat too many of them so fill your boots :)

Where are the small ones though? I love them, but then the small ones disappear and bigger ones appear which aren't so good :(


Now to maintain.....
if you have a co op near you then at the moment they have a net of satsumas for £1.25 instead of £2.50.....they are the small,sweet lovely ones :),which is why im eating so many i think.
know what you mean about the bigger ones-hate them blah!

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