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Hi all

Welcome to Saturday. Since I am still up and about thought I should be useful and kick off our ritual.
Will be weighing in this morning, then off to see a play 'Grapes of Wrath' for the matinee performance.
Shall post later with an update. A special good luck to anyone starting or re-starting CD today.
Wishing all a successful day on a sometimes challenging but wonderfully effective diet - we can achieve or goals x
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Morning! I should be asleep. I am so going to be knackered when my alarm goes off at 7.30am.
morning all!! day 5 doing well... not overly hungry, just keep thinking about how savoury foods taste.

Going to keep busy by feeding the ducks (long drive, bit of a walk), do the ironing, have a nap then watch a movie with the kittys later!

good luck for everyone today!!


Back 2 finish my journey
I'm going to try harder with my water today although it doesn't help that we have a leaky pipe under the bath and have to keep turning the water off at the mains until we can get a plumber out :(


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Morning ladies.

Just been watching the Hairy Bakers prepare afternoon tea. OMG- how much do I want some white choc, dark choc, sour cherry and hazelnut cookies....?!? They looked scrummy. May have to go all posh and have afternoon tea with the family when I'm at goal ;)

Day 6 for me and I'm feeling crappy. Its sooo cold here today so I'm snuggled up under a duvet on the sofa, heating on full blast and I think I'll watch a girlie film with the kids this afternoon. Hope you all have fab days
Hi everyone day 6 today

Kind of cheated and had a weight in as its not till Wednesday and OMG ive lost 11Ib, so all the pain this week has been worth it, so sticking to the six litres of water a day, god I hate water.

Started some light exercise again to help me as ive got a hell of long way to go.

Having a nice quiet day today kids are all doing there own thing and hubby is off to football, so doing nothing sounds fun.

Hope you all have a fab weekend


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Well done on the 11lbs Witchy- that is amazing!! I have my first WI tomorrow and I think I've lost about 10lbs so feeling very very chuffed. Where abouts in West Yorks are you?
Hi Lisa and thank you, im in Birkenshaw, we have Leeds and Bradford at either side.

10Ib is fantastic too go us, I feel so excited right now ok so I wont pull these numbers every week but any loss I get will be ace.
Feel like crap!!!!!!!!! Been up all night feeling sick, hot then cold and with a headache. Still in bed. Still feel the same.

Well done Lisa and Witchy on your brilliant losses!!!!!!!

I don't think I have anymore energy to type. Might be back later x x
Hey everyone, I need some support and hoped I might find some on here, Im pretty new to the site so bear with me please :)
Im finding drinking the water tough, any tips?
Im currently 14st 8lbs (lost 6lbs so far) and size 18 wanting to get down to 10 stone size 12 if possible. How long do you think it will take? xx
Karen is my CDC who is yours although there is two Karens lol, mine is the one from Dewsbury.
Well I'm from over in Haworth and am off to see a new CDC tomorrow morning. Her name is Gilly and she is in Low Moor. Surprisingly, she is my closest CDC apart from my old one in Denholme so it'll be a 45 minute drive for me every week :(
Hey everyone, I need some support and hoped I might find some on here, Im pretty new to the site so bear with me please :)
Im finding drinking the water tough, any tips?
Im currently 14st 8lbs (lost 6lbs so far) and size 18 wanting to get down to 10 stone size 12 if possible. How long do you think it will take? xx
Welcome Plumjuice!

Well done for taking the plunge and starting CD. How are you finding the diet so far, apart from struggling with the water?

Two things I have found to help me get the water down are straws when I'm at home (not sure why but they help) and I also refill a litre bottle of Volvic and have two of those a day plus hot drinks seems to go down a lot easier.

You could also add extra water to your shakes to get some extra down you.

Hope this helps :D
Hi Plumjuice and welcome and good luck too on your journey.

I buy litre bottles of Vittel and just fill them all up and keep them in the fridge so I know how much to drink, my CDC has recommended me to drink between four and six litres a day so im six of water now haha, but if it works i will do it.

If you stick to it and dont cheat it works quick just be strong and think of your goal, set little goals there are always people setting them round the board for you to join in and reward yourself for every goal you succeed.

Good luckxx

Hey Lisa, low moor is just down the road from me, didnt realise there was one near to the one I have, but she is lovely and comes to my house, although Ive had asked to go to hers now weekly as fortnightly got me cheating. this way I cant.
Evening all xxxx

I have had some struggles but im still here did a sole source plus day 2day as i felt so weak and running around after the kids on my own all day i just didnt feel safe i had a chicken salad but hey its done now i feel better and back on ss 2 moro xxxx

hope ur all well xxx
Nice to hear from you Pebble- wondered where you'd disappeared to! Don't worry about the salad, I was debating one today myself. I always get tired on day 6 and 7 when the initial ketosis buzz has died down and these are the days I find the hardest. Better to be 100% SS+ than 0% SS ;)

Just chilling with a big bottle of water under the duvet watching X Factor. Got the heating on full whack, kids in bed and h2b at work- BLISS!
Hi folks

Feeling pleased with a loss of 5lb over 2 weeks, which I think is great for the stage that I am at. I am now officially past the half way mark on CD, yippee!
Welcome plumjuice, well done lisa and witchy, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well charlotte and good for you pebble for overcoming a difficult temptation.
Think I should be like witchy and drink more water, I do 4 litres but will aim for 5.

Play was so depressing, chilling out with X Factor x


please try again
evening girls
well ive spent most of today in bed watching films, sister had kaya overnight
very tired today after sitting up half the night having a heart to heart with my friend, cant have him living with me much longer, is messing up my life now

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