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SATURDAY - hour by hour....lets do it!!!!


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i am at work *sniff*, although i find drinking all my water and sticking to things is much easier at work. i find the food bit easier to stick to at home but for some reason getting through four litres of water whilst at home takes some real effort!!

i had an extra bar last night whilst feeling really faint and funny and no amount of water would help. it's my only indiscretion so far but i'm rather proud that that's all i did, ha.

abz xx

scorpio dawny

keeps on trying
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morning, im the same gilly weekends are hard for me too. But we can do it.
Im busy in the garden today, so i will be good, its day 6 of ssing for me.


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Its another day 1 for me! OH at home all weekend so he can be on kitchen police duties and help me get back on track.
Raining here again today so no gardening for me. The weeds are coming through at an amazing rate so i've a fair bit of work to catch up on if it ever dries up!
Hope everyone has a good day.


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oh my word!! just looked out of the window and the sky is blue and it's actually sunny!! the first sun leeds has seen in forever and i'm at work!! typical, ha. am the only one here too so i can't leave for my lunch break :(
ah well. hopefully it will still be nice this evening :)

abz xx


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am finally into my second litre of water but it's been a slog, ha. i am so bored i'm counting the time until my soup at lunchtime. need to leave it for a while though as won't be having my ice cream (frozen choc tetra) until i'm in the cinema at 8.15!!

abz xx


please try again
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well am 1.5L down and one shake so far, gonna have to nip to asda thou didnt realise was out of some stuff my wee one needs ( bad mummy! )
weathers acctually not too bad here so will pop her into her bike later and let her terrorise the neighbours :D
As the sun was shining when I woke up this morning I went out bright and early to do some shopping.

Had to buy some new shoes as my others suddenly got too big (like overnight! Very strange) and some new bras. Shoes - fine, bras - nightmare! I might have to get fitted sometime..

And now I'm back at home, gladly, as it's about to start raining. Oh well!

Dee x
Damn put me to shame, i am still in my pyjamas, sat on sofa with a blanket round me and addicted to this forum....it's controlling my life, feel i have substituted food for my laptop. Really should shower now and get ready to go out, lol.xx


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ha. it does that :D took me a few weeks to get a balance between life and minis :D

five hours to go and then i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

abz xx

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