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Saturday Hour by Hour.


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5am here in Yorkshire.Its been snowing overnight and its freezing cold,but very pretty.

I am having a REALLY hard time at the moment.I got sent home from work yesterday because i felt so ill.I have been swimming every day and have started feeling so so tired,and headachy,and hot then cold,and agitated.I dont want to have my packs.but my tummy is growling.I feel really weird.

My brother arrived back from Abu Dhabi,and his wife just screamed when she saw me.Malcolm just grinned and winked at me,so i should feel brilliant,but my emotions are all over the place.

Tried reading some threads but my concentration is shot to bits couldn't be bothered with the telly

I wish i could explain this better.Last night i was in and out of the kitchen ,tried to make a muffin and it was like a cold dumpling so it went in the bin,made crisps but didn't enjoy them didn't want any more water,so ended up with a finger of brandy!!! Ended up going to bed as it seemed the safest place to be.

Any advice? Anyone else have days like these? perhaps i am doing too much exersise.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday
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I have days like these, but it does seem like you are doing quite a lot of exercise. When i do too much i get light headed and lack concentration. I know that sometimes the packs are hard to take but it is essential that you eat them all especially as you are doing exercise.

I hope you feel better soon, it looks like you are doing amazingly well


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Morning all! Cookey- lay off the excercise a little and see if that helps. I was like that at one stage and I think my body hit a bit of a brick wall. you will feel better soon i promise :)
you have to remember how few calories your body is getting and be careful- take care of yourself :)
Hope everyone has a fab day- have my weigh in in an hour and then work so I will post later this evening on how im doing =]
love lots :D
Hi eeryone. Cookey, I cn;t really add much that han't been said. But I see you have lost 22 pounds in about 3 weeks, thats pretty good going!! But do be careful on the amount of exercise...definately get all your packs down if you intend to do that much physical activity. Otherwise you will feel poorly and the weight loss will slow down.

Try not to have any alcohol either, as that can get you out of ketosis quicker then a lot of other things, then you will really feel poorly and have to start the ketosis fight all over. Perhaps stay on the packets just as soups and shakes for the time being. Then try experimenting.

Hang in there, its erly days for you still, but keep your focus, get all your packs and water in, limit your activity and you should start feeling better.

Well, its clod and grey here, no snow. :( We never get snow.

Not sure whats on tap for today. :)


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Morning All.

Cookey, I have days like that and I think it is when you exercise too much (who ever thought we would say that ey). I usually feel so great when I exercise I then do more and then that feeling sets in. Take some time out, and focus on you.

Hi BL, how nice is it when people see how you are changing. It always makes me feel proud of myself,which in itself is a weird feeling.

A very old friend is in London for the weekend and I went to see him his girlfriend and her family. I understand a fair bit of German but boy their Bavarian accents where so strong I was alittle lost. It was still great to see him though, and of course be told how good I look.

Grey and windy here today. I want to go to Primark but not sure if I can be bothered to get out of my pj's.

Gee I am rambling on and on.
Have a happy day all.


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i am still happily in my PJs, watching James Marting cooking on TV. I am getting addicted to his show - him and Jamie Oliver. I have been recording them, then going back and copying recipes. I have some great things to try this summer!!!! :D
Did you see the Jamie one where he did the tomato salad, oooh that looked so good. I agree I have a book where I write my cooking ideas in its got loads in already.

You know what I realised yesterday I am missing cooking. I really fancied cooking yesterday. Was not sure what I wanted to cook though :)
I am missing it too Tange. i told my hubby I might cook him something nice soon. Really didn't think I could in the early weeks, but feel confident enough now that I can do it. I love cooking!! And it will be a challenge to do it without tasting, to see if I can get it right! lol
well i just had some sad news, my nana got admitted to hospital at 5am this morning with chest pains. We are waiting to hear what is happening to see if we need to travel down to peterborough to go and see her. I'm feeling nervous but am resisting the old urges to eat something to make it better.
Fingers crossed for nana that it isnt anything serious and she will be discharged soon.

Just incase im not around the next couple of days i just wanted to say, happy easter everyone and have a great bank holiday weekend

sil x
we will all pray for her and keep everything crossed.

Lots of hugs too for you both ((((((((Hugs))))))))


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morning everyone, hope everyone feeling better as seems to be a down day for some. The sun has just come out here after a night of snow so that's an upside. Also I have my WI this morning so hopefully I will do ok and meet my easter challenge. Have a good day everyone x
Hey Donna! :)

I just came in from a wander in to town for a few groceries. Watching all these cooking shows has inspired me. Monday is our 7th wedding anniversary, so I am going to make my hubby some homemade sultana scones and jam. :)

It was a very quick walk in to town. I now know why. The wind was on my back. But coming home - good grief!!! I had my 2 blue tesco reusable bags full, but lightweight, and the wind was catching them and turning them into sails! I had to struggle to keep me arms down!! I looked like I was ready to jump off the peir at Bognor to see how far I could fly!!! :D I had tears pouring out my eyes - lol - I was quite a site!! :ROTFLMAO:

Anyhoo.....sat now with some heat on my neck. Made a note to self - days like this, with my neck I should always wear a scarf. Brrr.r....chill goes right through. But it was very refreshing!

have a good day everyone!!

Sil I'm so sorry to hear about your nan - I hope the news is good xx

I've had a really lazy morning today, me and hubby just lay in bed for hours watching a couple of tv shows (Ashes to Ashes) and chatting - we never normally get chance for that as he's quite often working.

Now I'm sat here listening to the madness in the other room that is the competetiveness of hubby and our 2 lads playing golf on the Wii, there's plenty of screams, shouts and laughter - sounds gorgeous :D

Just going to have a nice big drink of water now to make sure that I get enough down me today.
hi again,
thanks all for your support, it means a lot. Update is that Nana needs to stay in for 3 or 4 days. They think its angina and need to do more tests, and as she has spinal problems anyway they want to keep her in to make sure she is ok.
So its off to peterborough for us,
take care all
and thanks again
sil x
Blimey BL, that's active! I'm still in my PJ's just had my dose of Food Porn for the day, yummy James Martin and then the Takewaya challenge afterwards, have to say, this guy got a kebab from a shop and it looked disgusting!!! The one the chef made looked nice though! Mmmmmm!!!

Am cooking a big joint at the mo, making hubby a roast dinner!
I'm back everyone! Soooooooo sorry, haven't had internet access at home and haven't been to work, so was unable to log on! So soooorryyyy, thank you for your concern! Hope everyone is doing fine! Boy i have a lot of threads to catch up on, lol!

Haven't been weighed by my LLC this week and won't be for the next 3-4 weeks (i think), as im staying round my parents house for the next few weeks! Will try to get weighed from Tesco's today (see if their machines are accuratre or not!.

Hopefully i have lost a few pounds, haven't been weighed since Wednesday 10th March! Will keep u posted!

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