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Saturday Hour by Hour =]


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Morning all. Hope everyone is ok.
Still feeling a bit crap and dizzy all the time.
Im sure ill feel better tomorrow! Off to my weigh in this morning and then to work all day so will report back later on this evening. never get time to get on here anymore :(
Have a fab sunny saturday everyone :D xxxxxx
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Well just when I thought we might never see the sun again and out it comes. Wonder if it will last the whole day? Makes such a difference when the sun is shining :)
Kellie sorry to hear you're feeling cruddy - hope it passes soon xx Good luck for your weigh in :)

Okay here goes, day of two halves ..... numero 1 - hurray I'm in the 13's! 13st 13.25lbs to be precise, absolutely made up.

Numero 2 - might be picking my bike up today and I'm having panic stations!!!! My tummy is full of butterflies and I'm petrified..... woke up having panics about how do I even start it, and having to drive it off from the garage with people round, and having to drive through the town centre to get it home (I live about 5 miles away) ............. so I tell all this to my darling gorgeous beloved hubby and what does he say? Exact words - "don't be daft ..... do you fancy going for a ride to J&S (which is a bike store) in Northwich (erm just checked and it's 30 miles away) to get you some boots?"!!!!!!!

Is he real????????????????? Hmmmm by the end of today I could have two adverts on Ebay, one for an old, used and abused husband (only 38 yrs on the clock) and one for a brand new unridden bike (0 miles on the clock).


But apart from that I'm fine :D


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Hi All,

I was such a gorgeous sunny day here earlier but the clouds have started coming in again.

I feel good today. I had a serious argument with my inner voices last night but the adult won thankfully. On my scale this morning I also am into the 13's which is just awesome another 6 pounds and it will be the thinnest I have been in 13 years. Am alittle cross with myself though if my easter weekend had gone better I would have been there now. I guess the good thing is I got on with it and didn't collapse.
Katie I am sure you will be just perfect on your new bike, enjoy it.
I need to go to Primark today to get some work shirts mine are so big now its ridiculous. Also I need new trousers the size 18 I had is too big:eek:
Anyone want a new pair of size 18's I have worn them 3 times.


longs to be average!
Katie, once you get on that bike you'll absolutely love it, and will be begging to go out on it.

It's sunny here in the south east corner of Essex - so might get out and do some gardening today - have a few weeds that need pulling, and my hedge needs a prune - need to check if we're expecting a frost over the next couple of nights before I do that though. Then off to the garden centre for half a million bags of compost or top soil, depending on which is on offer, to fill the fish pond in (child proofing the garden).

Got a very nice shock this morning, it's pay day on Monday, and I get a text from my bank this morning to say that my salary had been paid in today!!! It's blooming lovely when it gets paid in early :)
Cheers guys - well I'm back and me and the bike are in one piece but poor hubby has gone even greyer --- in fact at one point he told me that he needed a cigarette to calm him down and he's never smoked!!! It was awful!! Rather I was awful, just couldn't do it at first but after that I was okay --- didn't get to go to the bike shop though as we came home so I could show the kids and it started raining and even I'm not feeling that brave.

Enjoy your gardening Corey, hope it stays sunny for you :)
Tange you enjoy your shopping - it's great coming down those sizes ---- I accidentally dyed my gorgeous size 16 Next jeans so that they are full of blue stripes and patches when I washed them with someone elses new blue jeans ---- anyway I'd always thought they were a mis-size but my daughter then gave me a pair of her Dotty P's size 16 and they fit me no problem so perhaps I am really a size 16 - scary!


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Really enjoying the weekend so far here...

Woke up with the sun beaming through the window. Hopped on the scales first thing (its become a bit of an obsession, know I shouldnt). I'm in the 11's!! Well, 11st 12lb - but I was just thrilled! I know it will jump up and down during the day, but it was such a lift.

Toddled into town for my usual coffee and read of the papers to watch the town come to life. Was peeing with rain by the time I left, but didnt really notice.

Im really loving the first bits of RTM too. Getting back to eating meat again is brilliant, and im feeling really full after eating small bits, which im pleased with too. Flavours are just wonderful to get back again.

Considering popping for a stroll along the beach if it brightens up, if not a nice easy chilled afternoon in front of the telly.


longs to be average!
So much for a day gardening - went to the garden centre to get some bags of compast - put the second bag into the car and threw my back out. OH had to put the other 8 bags in and take all 10 bags out when we got home. So much for spending the day in the garden, I am now sat down, watching some crap on the TV - Just had my peanut bar and have to say it tasted like I was chewing bark.

Oh well guess my tastes are changing again - but don't want to go back to the other flavours of bars - they're smaller!!!
Lucky ones you southerners its raining here up north, you are always lucky with the weather. Shall be doing my housework today then out for a spot of shopping. On the flip side with the weather we might be having some sun tomorrow. Have a good day everyone.


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Hi all, just thought Id shout about my 4lb weight loss this week, was really chuffed as have had a bit of a tough week. I'm 13st exactly now so next week should be in the 12's yeeeeyyyy!!!


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Oooh Donna how awesome. That is my next goal to get to 13 on the dot, I only just snuck into the 13's today (on my scale) so its getting better. I love this diet.
Well done Pete on hitting the 11's and well done Donna on hitting 13 stone.

My next goal is 13st 11.5lbs when I've then lost 20% of my weight and then after that it's 13st 7lb when I'll be my lightest in 20 years!!!! Can't wait for that one ..... I love my goals :D
Hello peeps. Glad everyone is doing well, except for your back Corey :( You have my sympathies mate. ;)

I was able to do a bit of "yardening" (I have combined the two - yanks say Yard Work, Brits say Gardening - so I Yarden. :D)

Feelin still very dizzy off andon, so did it in spurts, and have stopped now. I am not sure if I am just haveing a low energy spell because of the diet, or if I am still feeling funny from too much codeine - either way, don't like it! But its cool....will find something easier to do now.

Like make a bowl of soup!

OH is out pouring concrete to complete our fence - hopefully that should keep the little toe rags out. :D

I bought a beginners Pilates DVD. Might give that a go in a bit. Someone reccomended Pilates as a way of strengthening my neck muscles, etc., as well as other ones too! So will look into that cautiosly, as I am somewhat reluctant to do to much before I speak with the physio's. I see my GP monday morning so should be able to get that started. Also bought an old Billy Connoly show to watch.

Glad you got home OK Katie! Was it nerves that got you at the start, or just familiarising yourself with the new bike. Have you polished it again yet? :D You will soon get used to riding in rain main thing is obviously reduce your speeds, extend your stopping distance and avoid and never break hard on white painted bits or metal covers. I quite enjoy riding in a light rain - the mist feels refreshing on your face. :)

Anyhoo - see you's laterz!

Hi all, just thought Id shout about my 4lb weight loss this week, was really chuffed as have had a bit of a tough week. I'm 13st exactly now so next week should be in the 12's yeeeeyyyy!!!

Nice one honey!! WELL DONE!! That should stir your fire up a bit! Not far to go now!! :)
To be honest BL I think it was nerves and inexperience - plus hubby being there as well, while he was brilliant it was still dodgy riding in front of him for the first time. I was okay the rest of the way home, but that first bit was just awful --- it's getting used to riding on the road etc, I just need loads of practice and experience and I'm sure I'll be fine.

Got to say that I do love it though :D
Well hon - nerves are to be expected. Carrying a few nerves around while you are riding will actually make you a better rider, becasue you don't get complacent. I remember my first ride in fromt of my OH.....felt he was going to be taking notes of things to tell me I did wrong!! But he was fantastic - he's a great protector when he has my back. :)

Glad you are loving it. :)


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Hi all- Katie im so jealous about your new bike- i bet you look fab on it :D
I lost 5lbs at my WI was really happy as having a bit of a bad time atm so think it was what i needed 2 pick me up a bit!
BL- I guess I have found it hard getting back on- iv had a rotten week and have remained 100% still but i guess just feel a bit rubbish- the WI certainly helped tho. I weigh 11.2 now and my target of 9 and a half seems so much more achieveable than what it did this morning!
But physically it wasnt too bad- considering i didnt exactly stick to proteins when in Rome :) hehe.
I just want it over now- but I also want to be slim and I guess you wont get one without the other so dont worry ill be around for a little while yet:)
I feel terrible i just never get chance to get on here very much anymore since starting my job. any spare time is spent sleeping or doing uni work :( I will try harder as i really miss you guys and im guessing that im feeling down as im lacking morale- something which i get in abundance here :D
but i do still read posts and im well up to date with what your all up to- i promise!
ill try more! hehe
love lots xxxx
Evening, Congrats to people who've lost and hugs for those that need them.
Brilliant news about your bike Katie.
I woke up to the sun shining and felt all enthused this morning but a bout of clothes shopping with a stroppy teenager and the rain have dampened my spirits, so much so that I went to bed for three hours this afternoon.
I'm just cooking the kids their dinner and I'm going to have a soup then I think we can all get in our jamas and snuggle in bed with a film. :)

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