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Saturday hour x hour


Striving for slimness
well my WI day today, my favourate day of the week cos I'm one step closer to reaching my goal. I'm really hoping for a good loss this week cos I've only got 8lbs to go until I'm in the healthy BMI range and I can start RTM. Can't wait for that! Really looking forward to starting to introduce healthy foods and start my new slimmer life. Hope everyone has a lovely saturday, and good look to my fellow saturday WIs:scale:
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Good luck and I hope you get the loss you want. I'm off to cater for a wedding today. I start at 10am and not expeced to finish til 2am EEEKK! Anyway go my trainers for later, think I'll need them. Taking a couple of bars and my water bottleto help me stick to the programme,had my shake so all looking well for today. It's a shame it's raining because yesterday was lovely. That's scottish weather for you, let's hope it doesn't start snowing later!! Vikki


Striving for slimness
Do you work as a caterer weevikki or is it just a friend you're doing food for? The reason I ask is that I am going back to college to do catering this year, I'm a cook at the minute and hugely passionate about cooking, my dream is to one day set up my own catering business
I'm going to london this evening to crew at the Moonwalk, so my hands will be sore and I will probably lose my voice from clapping and cheering every walker that comes past my bit of the route. I walked it last year when I was at my heaviest and I'm planning on walking it next year when I'll be at my lightest. :D

I'm feeling a lot better today, after a few days of headaches and feeling ropey but I've got all the house work to do today and need to get the family organised because all I'll want to do tomorrow will go to bed when I get home.

Good luck to all those who have WI's today.
Good morning one and all :)

Donna hope you have a great weigh in, :wow: you're soon gonna be at goal - hope you soon get onto RTM.

MrsPnut - hope your day goes well, can imagine that it will be really special and your helping is a wonderful thing to do --- hope it stays dry for you!

Vikki your day is gonna be one long one - think you'll need your trainers for that! Should burn off some calories though :)

Well I'm going to go for to pop in in a bit to get weighed - hopefully the scales will put me today where I was before the 'eating' episode.

My joy is that when I got on my home scales today the number began with a 12!!!! It was 12st 13.75lbs but it's still a 12 --- was fabulous :D Not been in the 12's for about 20 years ..... wheyhey I'm 19 again LOL
Well isn't it a crappy thing that we have to wear clothes for a weigh in! As I was dressed I was 13st 0lb LOL - ahh well hopefully it'll be a 12 next week ;)

The great thing is that I'd lowered my goal so that my initial target is now to get to 9st 7lb which will just take me under the 25 bmi (I'm 5ft 2") but I'm now only 49lb away from meeting that - that sounds so good :D


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Good Luck all!

Clothes at WI are a pain, but also important ;-)

I celebrate the fact that I weigh a few pounds less than LL say, and that by BMI is lower too.
Well I've got to be honest and say I've had a crappy day - not diet wise though, I've not ate anything (that's the only good thing about today).

I'd been up through the night from around 4am-ish with the worlds worst stomach pains, just didn't feel right - wasn't sure if it was period pain (possibility it might have been) or I needed the loo (have been okay lately so shouldn't have been in pain) ---- anyway it doesn't appear to have been either. Through the morning it just got worse, so much so that I even mentioned to my LLC but said I thought it was period pain - anyways the later the day got the worse the pain was, so much so that by the time hubby got home from work I was seriously considering going to hospital --- it was all on the right side of my belly and really sore to the touch. It was that bad it had me crying with it, anyway I took myself off to bed and after a while I fell asleep --- I've since woke up and the pain has gone!!!! It's kind of tender but the gripping pain has gone - so no idea what it was/is ---- but am bloody hoping that it don't come back. I've got a pretty high pain tolerance level but honestly that was awful and I feel punch drunk so to speak :(
Hello everyone,

Been to another horse show today, soaking wet peed off and tired.

Well done on all you weight losses folks, keep it up.

Hope you are feeling better Katie


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well done DonnaL

I'm having a crap day - wife in a bad mood - why can she not be like a bloke in that respect. I have a bad day it is over and done with in 5 minutes. She has a bad day and it lasts a week!
I don't think so TG as I've had my gall bladder removed - I know there are cases where they/the pain does come back even after they've been removed but it didn't feel like that, was lower down. It's really strange as it's been fine since????
Thanks Dancing (got your pm cheers) - you're right, if it does happen again I'll be straight down to the Drs, can't live with that. I had thought after reading about all sorts that it could possibly be my appendix but just wasn't sure --- not too sure whether they flare up/die down etc like the gallstones did.

I will get it checked out if it comes back again.

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