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SATURDAY - "Lets do it hour by hour"

Morning everyone,

Well I am just popping in as I am off to another horse show today. Will not be back on til later proba about 7.30ish.

I hope you all have a lovely day it is trying to shineshine here in Berkshire so come on you lot join in.

Good luck to anyone having their wi today.

Oh and by the way i have downed 1.5 litres already as I find it hard to drink and drive a lorry - lol

Taking a bar and had a shake already.

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Morning everyone,

Another cold and gloomy day.

Does anyone mind if i have a whine?

Its week 2 for me so I have just started having the bars as well as the soups and shakes. and to be honest they are bleeding revolting.

The raspberry and cranberry looked like it had potential covered with yoghurt or something but tasted of not very much at all.

But the Nut crunch bar has to be the most revolting thing i have tasted for some time. The texture is....like damp sawdust, and i gagged when having my first mouthful. It ended up in the bin, and i ended up hungry cos I had taken it to work for my lunch.

I think i may be too scared to try the others cos so far they have been pretty awful.

Please tell me they get better.

Anyone got any suggestions?:eek:
Good luck at the show Lady - hope you have a great day.

Lemma is that the peanut bar in the brown packet? I thought they'd stopped selling the nut crunch, they recalled them as some had mould on them - to be honest they were my fave bar, I like them toasted in the toaster and then eat them with a sprinkling of salt on them or make a hot banana custard out of the banana shake and crumble up the nut crunch and put it in - gorgeous!

The peanut bar is really nice, I eat that as it comes or cover it in chocolate (bit of the choc shake pack mixed with water till it's thick yoghurt consistency) and pop it in the freezer for an hour - have to be careful you don't break your teeth though.

The only bar I don't like is the fruit one, don't like that at all. The lemon and toffee are pretty good and if you look in the recipes section on here it will tell you how to make biscuits out of them.... hopefully you'll find some you like.

Well I've got nothing planned for today, hubby is working till 6pm so that's a bit rubbish. We had planned to go to the cinema tonight to watch Bucket List but I've said we'll not go now as he's working so late and he's back in at 7 in the morning so we'll leave that now and go midweek.

Just about to go have my first glass of water - have been falling behind on the liquids and really need to sort that out.
Oh dear sorry abuot that i think those bars are lovely maybe you will lile the others - TBh i prefer the rasp and nut ones. IT wwill get bteer honest. why not try drikning wit them balck coffee that might help
I was off this last week and did loads of cooking for family and I reaaly enjoyed doing it as i dont do it when i am working as no time. Efen though i couldnt eat any of it, I really loved diong iot and it didnt bother me


Happily pro pointing!
Most of the bars I thought were minging. However, the crispy nut (not nut crunch) is lovely and I have mostly just eaten them and the lemon bar made into biscuits is very nice indeed (chop into 8 equal pieces, place around the edge of a plate and microwave for about 45 seconds) leave to cool and they go crunchy. Uncooked I thought they were disgusting, but cooked are lovely.
Toffee bars make me heave.
You just need to find out which ones suit you.
The crispy nut are very much like a nutty cereal bar and are nothing like the others in consistency.
Its the nut crunch in the flat orangey brown packet that makes me heave.

I have one of those left so i may try toasting it but its been a while since any foodstuff has made me gag and i'm reluctant to again.

I also still have 2 lemon bars and a crispy peanut bar, none of which i have tried yet.

I may give the cookies a try and see what appears.

Thanks folks.

Apart from the whine above, my eldest (age 7) is off to a party and a sleepover at 2pm - my husband thought it would be nice to go out for a meal then realised half way through the sentence that we couldn't.

Darn it!!!:cry:

I think i'll clean instead.:rolleyes:
Morning all- just got back from my weigh in... lost another 3lbs! woo. so Iv lost 22lbs alltogether in 5 weeks. am very happy- I have passed the stone and a half mark and am only 6lbs away from 2 stone!
Going back to bed for an hour cos I didnt sleep to well- but will be on again soon.
BTW- we had our first drop out today- she had lapsed nearly every week so i wasnt too surprised- she used to moan about the councilling every week so i was kinda expecting it. Still, its a shame.
Hope your all good xxxxxxxxxx
Well done Kellie

How are the clothes feeling?

Do you feel any different, do you feel you look different?

I can't wait to be at your stage.

Oh, we had one no show at our week 1 weigh in. Shame really - i wonder what happened to her?

My view is that even if you slip off the wagon a bit, you should keep going cos the weight will still come off just a bit more slowly. Its such a shame if people think that one slip and it is all over.
:clap: Well done on the loss Kellie, you're doing great ;)
Hi everyone!! Well done Kellie!!! Thats fab!! XX

Hope everyone is good today! I am doing great, if not a little cold! ;)

Just had a YUMMY shake....my new favourite! I mixed a Banana pack, 1 heaped tsp of Amaretto Coffe, 2 sweetners and 1/2 tsp Mountain Fruits and blended with ice. SCRUMMMALICIOUS! :D

But made me even colder !!! lol Oh well!

Had a very pleasant surprise the other night...I put on my leather wasitcoat that I wear to club, when I got it did not go around me. I put it on Thursday and it comes right together and overlaps!! So I went and got a new one I got last summer, hoping one day it would fit without my having to undo the laces that go up and down the sides....and it FIT!! Without touching the laces!! The is the first one I have had that has fit without adjusting to make it bigger!! Very chuffed! Going to go up in a bit and have a play around in my closet and see what else I find, and then hubby is getting down my box of "When I lose some weight" clothes tomorrow from the loft and will see what happens!! SOOOOO hoping my beautiful brown nubuck leather trousers for riding finally fit!! Fingers, eyes and toes crossed!!!

Am soon going to try and fill the tub with hot water, kettle by kettle. Ugh.

Anyhoo....sending lots of hugs and smiles out to everyone today!!!

XXX :):):) XXX
what are mountain fruits?

And is the Amaretto coffee the julian Graves one?

that recipe sounds scrummy....

I have just had the peanut bar for lunch.

It is the best so far. I wish they were a bit sweeter, but i can just about tolerate this one. Will try the lemon one tomoz.

Oh, what we do to be slim.........:sigh::sigh:
Afternoon everyone, hope you are well. Just had my mushroom soup, lovely. Has anyone of you noticed cellulitte appearing whilst on this diet. I got out of the shower today and noticed the tops of my legs had some cellulite never had this before and was wondering is this because of the fast weight loss, makes sense really.
Boy have I noticed cellulite - the jeans I bought the other week which will hopefully fit me in about 5 months - well I tried them on and got my son to photograph me (gonna do this every month so I can see how they've moved up). Well he did a front and back photo and when I looked at the one from behind my legs are just pure cellulite hell - looks like the mars craters all over them ..... nearly died of shock! Am hoping to see an improvement in that but not expecting miracles.

Lemma glad you liked the peanut one - I really enjoy that one too.

BL - woo hooooo hooooooooooooooo on the clothes fitting ==== don't you just love it when that happens! What a great feeling, and as your hubby is getting down stuff for you tomorrow that feeling will last all weekend :D

I'm enjoying a bit of peace, hubby's at work, youngest son has gone watching wigan play (still 0-0 so they're doing well ;) ), eldest lads gone shopping and daughter is in Blackpool for the weekend with her boyfriend. I've tidied round, been shopping and prepared their tea and now I'm dossing in silence and it's gorgeous :D
It's awesome Katie!! I just went through my closet, and am beaming! I have removed, forever a few pairs of jeans....I have several left hanging - BUT - The FIT AGAIN!!! Goodbye 24/26s and hello 22S AND I even got into a pair of 20s! Got to lose the muffin top first, but they went on and zipped! Yess!! Gonna post some pics later wearing what I was wearing days and weeks before LL. Love it!!!

I did not remove many shirts - BUT - the reason why, I no longer need an overshirt with them to hide stuff-now I can wear them on their own, with room to grow!, and the ones I wore over a vest I no longer need to because they button! Yippeeee skipy!!! :D:D:D

I'm a happy girl, and all that on and off with clothes has warmed me up to no end!! LOL
Hi guys- just woke up *yawn* thats what weekends are for right? :D teehee.
I forgot to say my LLC reccommended I lay off the gym this week cos iv been going 3-4 times a week and she said that I might be going into starvation mode or something- im not going to complain. I can become lazy for a week for the sake of an experiment :D hehe.
Well done on the clothes BL- Im living in stuff atm that I havnt worn for at least a year.
Leema- I feel great- My clothes are all huge that I was in when I started- and am gradually fitting into "old" jeans again- iv bought one pair of (much publicised) size14's that are the bain of my life at the moment but im very nearly there. i was in baggy fitting 16's when I started 5 weeks ago- and these are skinny fit (yer right!! hehe) 14's. When ur clothes start to feel big (which they will real soon) is a great bonus as I know many people treat themselves to a new outfit with every milestone- a great way of doing it I think. :D
thanks for the kind words guys- im feeeling happy and hoping ill reach that easter target- ideally id like to get 6lbs off next week cos then iv lost 3 stone- but then id also like johnny depp in my bed this afternoon :) hehe.xxxxxxxxxxxx
what are mountain fruits?

And is the Amaretto coffee the julian Graves one?

that recipe sounds scrummy....

I have just had the peanut bar for lunch.

It is the best so far. I wish they were a bit sweeter, but i can just about tolerate this one. Will try the lemon one tomoz.

Oh, what we do to be slim.........:sigh::sigh:
Hi Lemma! :)

Mountain Fruits are the other water flavour - they are berry flavours and St. Clements is citrusy flavoured. They are great in shakes.

PNut bar is my fave too.

And yes, the coffee is the Julian Graves coffee. :)

Don't sigh to much, in a few short weeks, you are going to be wearing clothes you haven't worn in months, as I have just discovered, and its a marvelous feeling!!!! :)
:superwoman: See now there's the joys of being a superwoman and sticking to it - the proof is in the pudding - okay it might be a non food pudding but it's bloody brilliant all the same!

Honest you've done fabulously and it's great to hear of times like these when you're reaping the rewards :happy096:
Thanks hon! It really is a shot in the arm!!! Made me happy to no end. Its like haveing a new wardrobbe without spending a penny!!! And some of them still have tags on them, so yeah, really chuffed!!!!!

Hey - we going to get to see a pic of your new hair do?? :)

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