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Saturday weigh in

Just been weighed in here and have lost 4.5 lbs this week . Am thrilled . I have lost the weight i put up on my binging two weeks and am almost back at what I was when I came off tfr. Am very happy with that. (Its also TOTM!!!) . Just proves eating healthy without sugar works for me. I ate loads this week and was never hungry ... Yippie!!!!!!!!
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
whooo well done! losing 4.5lbs on refeed - fantastic :D x


One last chance
Wow! That is amazing! :O well done you :)
Thanks girls .. Feeeeeel gooooood :bunnydance:
Well done MichillinWoman! That's brilliant news! :)
Just goes to show if we can figure out the foods that our bodies disagree with, we can control our weight!

Irish Hobo xx


Here we go again!
Well done MW. That's a great loss on refeed. You must be so glad you worked out your trigger food and have it under control. That's fantastic.
Thanks Mary andMini b and Irish Hobo and joy. I just have to get my head aroundthe fact that this is the way I have to eat now. As its fathers day tomorrow ,taking hubby out for lunch with kids. This is the first time we have eaten out in about ten weeks . Will make good choices and have fruit salad or something for desert. looking forward to it now. Thanks again for support girls .


maintaining since June'09
Well done for sorting out what you needed to do and doing it!! Great result xx
Thanks Jan , realising what works for me is one thing !!! sticking with it now is another:sigh: but I did get a real fright when I was binging this time . I hope I have learned my lesson now. Being out of control like that is scary and Ive seen how fast the weight can pile on when I do that. I want to get down to at least eleven stone. I really dont care how long it takes . a pound a week will do me. I am hoping that it will become a habit (not having sugar) and a way of life SooooN!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
It sounds like you have chick!

You seem pretty on top of things to be honest x

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