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saw my sisters and mum for first time since diet omg


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it was a shock for them and they where all crying lmao bless them as they not seen me this lite in over 18 years felt like the moment when on xtream make over they come out of curtain made me feel the best that i felt ever this is for sure the best thing i have ever done for my self and all you new bees out there trust me you do this to the letter and it will work about 4 weeks left till target happy days p.s thanks everyone whos helped with advice really cool and nice people on here give your selfs a pat on the back xx
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Wow, I bet they were speechless (a rare occurrence for us girlies!) When I first saw my little sister after losing about 4 stone she burst into tears and sobbed that I wasn't her sister!!!!!!! I saw my older sister when I got to target and her mouth dropped open with amazement! It's a great feeling isn't it!



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Thats excellent Justin, I bet you felt so proud of yourself. Your Family are obviously very proud of you. Well done x


Here we go again!
Good for you Justin, you deserve all the congratulations. My sister in law saw me after about 3 months on this and was totally shocked and kept hugging me and saying I looked amazing! I was shocked by her reaction too. It was nice though.

You've done really well on this and already only have 4 weeks to go. That'll fly by! Keep going cos you've done fantastic!


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Congratulations Justin. Enjoy the compliments, you deserve them.

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WOW justin . thats such an achievement . Pity we couldnt bottle those looks of amazement !!!!!!!!. Im sure they are so proud and happy for you that you are taking control of your health. Well done !! Well done !! well done


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OMG Justin, look how much you've lost in such a short space of time!!!! I'm dead pleased for you and possibly a teeny weeny bit... ok maybe moderatley so.... ok I fess up, I'm totally and utterly green with envy ;). Well done honey, you enjoy all those compliments, you flipping well deserve them :D.


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I'm totally made up for you, Justin. Makes all the struggle worth while, doesn't it? Best of luck for the next 4 weeks, I'm sure they will fly past.:clap:


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A great reward for you sticking to the plan, your losses are amazing!!! x


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:wow:Justin I bet that would have been worth filming, just so you can wallow about it time after time.

You have done fantastic and it was obviously a huge shock for the family. Good on you, you deserve every compliment.

It certainly must have spurred you on for the remaining 4wks!!! xxx
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Hey Justin it is a fab feeling hey, I remember last year after losing 4 stone I went to the airpport to pick up my partents and I hadn't told them I had lost any weight or about LT, so they were so shocked, My Dad actually said he saw the kids and wondered who the woman wass with them hehe hehe, It is the best reward for determination



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Justin thats fab! :D

And you should pat yourself on the back cuz you have done so well :)

4 weeks till target! Go You!!!!! :D xx


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oh wow how lovely! when i did lipotrim last time i didnt tell me grandparents. then we arranged to meet them in cyprus on holiday and i appeared 6 stone lighter - it was an amazing day! everyone what crying like your lot.

so pleased for you, what a wonderful feeling.


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Whow, you must be delighted. Well done on your loss.
That's so lovely to hear Justin your family must have loved to see you looking so happy and healthy. A reward for all your hard work and an inspiration and encouragement to us all x


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Well done justin, you've been doing brilliantly x x

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