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saying hello

Hi all, just thought Id say hi. I have been on cambridge diet for 3 weeks and lost 20lbs so thats all good but simply cannot face any more of those shakes!
Given myself a kick start which is what I needed but moving over to low carb, Im following 'the new high protein diet' by dr charles clark, its all similar to atkins but he allows you 40-60 grams carbs per day. Im going to try and stay under 40.
Good to be here and I have already been out to the shops this morning and bought my steak for tonight yum yum!
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Hi, thanks for the welcome.
So far so good, today I have had Breakfast..... 2 scrambled eggs and one peice of buttered toast (allowed on my diet)
Lunch big salad with chicken and bacon sandwich filler and little bit of mattesons smoked sauage mixed in
And for tea its steak with mashed swede and brocolli
yummmmmmmmy, feel really full up still from luch, so much better than those bloomin shakes!
Just very nervous that all the weight will pile back on but Im being good, sticking too the rules and going to start some exerise tomorrow which will help. Havent done any while on the cambridge as have felt so weak all the time, feel so much better with some food inside me.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Well I might as well take this opportunity to say "hi" as well! Another newbie here, I've been on the Atkins diet for about 3 months and lost 15lbs so far but have hit a plateau so I'm looking for inspiration and motivation. There are loads of really inspiring stories here. I went into this without any particular goal weight in mind which might be why I've floundered a bit, but you've all inspired me to set a goal and believe I can achieve it!:fingerscrossed:


Big Boy
hello fluffy and Lady M, welcome to our threads and forums.:)
Hello and welcome both :)
Thanks for the welcome guys, Ill join your what are we eating today thread.... get some inspiration!
Well bad news, according to the scales today I have put 2lbs on which is not so good news but maybe to be expected with swapping from cambridge to new diet.
Im gonna get my books out and just double check Im following all the rules and I think Ill cut out the slice of toast in the morning just to be extra careful and Ill make a plan not to weigh myself fo annother week, hopefully it will all even itself out.
Im trying not to panick ha ha


Happily pro pointing!
Hi everyone
New (to the atkins board) here today, I used to post on the LL forum last year.
I lost 58lbs but never got to goal, so this time I am more determined and atkins is so much easier.
I am really hoping to get to 9'7 this time round (so I will be here for a while then!).


Big Boy
Hi Ali and welcome to you love. I hope you enjoy this plan and lose weight. :)


Fat busting crime fighter
hi guys, welcome welcome welcome xx

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