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SB's first (and only) attempt


i've never done a VLCD before and i can't quite believe how much i think about it all the time...

last year i lost a stone (very slowly) through just healthy eating but then after a holiday, Christmas and another holiday put it back on and then some.

i've been going for a few weeks now and becoming increasingly obssessed with it all so thought i'd start one of these.

results so far:
start weight: 14st 11lb
wk1: 13st 12lb (-13lb)
wk2: 13st 6lb (-6lb)
wk3: 13st 2lb (-4lb)
wk4: 13st 3lb (+1lb)

i'm using the CDC weigh-in results, even though as i weigh in the evening it's normally 3-4 lbs more than my unofficial morning weight-in.

the last week results are because i had a day off in that week - it really messed me up. i did it because i had some invites i would have struggled to get out of and felt like i needed something to look forward to when i started.

unfortunately, i had a dreadful reaction and was ill (either from rich food or because i had a couple of drinks - i did eat carbs first so i thought i'd be ok but clearly not).

on the plus side i now have a better idea of what to do when taking a break - i have two festivals coming up at end of July and then end of August where i won't be able to diet.

it's difficult because on the one hand i really want to lose this weight as quickly as possible, but on the other hand if i don't come off the diet i won't have anywhere near as good a time - half the fun is eating and drinking interesting stuff.

so my plan is to be 100% except for the breaks and hope it doesn't make too much difference.
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thanks hun, yes as have these unavoidable breaks coming up it makes it so much more important to be 100% the rest of the time - quite motivating though!
did mid-week unofficial weigh-in this morning, and it's looking promising!

am out tonight, how many fab nights can i do on black coffee and water alone? this will be the third i think...
Just downloaded the app as discovered i couldn't actually post from my iPad!

Feeling really positive about it all today, ever since my disastrous day off i've been a million per cent, as the mathematically challenged would say, and feeling hungry (or as i like to think of it - thin!)
Had a couple of little blips. Last night i messed up my tomato soup, put in boiling water straight away and it just wouldn't mix, could taste the powder. So ended up having a bit of OH's dinner instead - small portion of spag bol without the spag and a teensy bit of bread.

Then today spent all day trying to convince myself that a biscuit wouldn't hurt, ended up having half a one.

Hoping it won't have any effect on the scales. I don't think it will, feel like i'm still doing fine.

Totally food obsessed, but fine.
Just had unofficial weigh in, as it is my night but appt been moved to tomorrow.

Loss of 5 lb! So glad, i feel like i'm recovering from my day off in style.
Official weigh in (8 day week) - 6lb off!

Tano said:
Well done! :)
Thanks! Was a big loss i think cos i'm recovering from my day off. Would be nice to get as much next week...
It's amazing how you go up and down emotionally on this. Was feeling so positive earlier this week and am now feeling like i can't do anything right.

Had to go to my mum's for dinner on thursday and have chinese. Ordered the nearest i could to a carb free meal, no rice at all, but couldn't resist the prawn toast and ate too much in general. Much less than i would have previously but still so hard to stop.

Then yesterday had a really crap afternoon and came home in a strop and had some food instead of the crappy porridge that should have been on the menu. No carbs, but just feel like two cheats in a row will really jeopardise my lossses this week.
Well, feeling better now and my weight has fluctuated back down to what it was on thursday before the food, so will definitely get a loss on monday. Just really hoping that it's not just a couple of pounds, as i'm having a break next weekend and am bound to go up, so the better i can do whilst i'm on it 100%, the less damage the weekend does overall.
So just a couple of pounds off this week. Really frustrated.

For the last few weeks my own scales have been reliably 2lbs more than CDC's scales so as weighing on my own scales i was 12st 9lb i expected to be 12st 7lb (loss of 4 lbs) but for some reason the CDC's scales are matching mine tonight. So now i don't know if my scales or her scales are unreliable. I hate not being able to keep accurate track of it. Plus my measurements are apparently the same even though my trousers are definitely looser and not the kind that stretch. Wtf?
aww hang in there...problem with CD is that your body takes a while to adjust back to ketosis if you eat carbs (cos the carbs then have to be eaten which means your stored fat isnt touched) so how about you set yourself a 100% week and see how the losses compare?
Im finding it tough so just trying to get through a day at a time...almost caved but managed not to and going to have an early night! Hang in there!
Thanks, sadly (in diet terms anyway) i am at a festival this weekend and intending to take a break from CD. Really wanted this week to be good so overall it won't be as bad!

Am 100% until i go on thursday anyway, so just got to remind myself i haven't got that long to get through. I'll worry about getting back on it
properly on the other side...
well, unofficial morning weight is definitely the lightest i've been in several years and today i've had my first 'have you lost weight?' from someone i don't see that often :D

so a big two fingers to the CDC's scales.
hmm, had weigh in after 5 full days off, and my meal times are all wierd so i had lunch mid-afternoon which increased it even more - 7lbs on

Slightly annoyed with myself as i've put myself back a month. But also i would have felt so deprived to diet whilst on holiday. I made my choice and now i have to live with it. Fingers crossed it comes straight back off next week.
The regain is mostly water and it may well be gone by next week! At the most you've delayed things by a week, not a month. Just get back on that horse!
thanks - i hope so!

second full day back on it and OMG i am sooo hungry. makes me realise that most of the time you don't get that hungry on it.
So i'm only 4 days into the week and seem to have lost the gain already!

And today i wore my jeans in a smaller size :)

Clothes sizes have totally got bigger the last few years though, as i had to move down a jean size (from newish 18s to new 16s) but i have quite a few size 18 tops bought a few years ago that i still can't wear as they are a bit tight. Wtf? I'm definitely not a proper 16 yet.

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