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scales not moved in 5 days??


Still fighting
Hiya I'm on wk 2 day 5 and the scales haven't moved since my WI day!?

I know I know its not good to weigh daily but I do as I'm keeping a spreadsheet and am doing it daily - so i can see fluctuations etc

Is it normal for it to sts for 5 days!? My TOTM arrived wednesday so not sure if that could be the reason - I know with WW'er i always weighed heavier the few days before TOTM!?

Can anyone advise

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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
It does happen, more often than not and thn suddenly one morning it will be gone :)
Be patient, you might be retaining water and plus like you say if you have had TOTM, give it time to clam down and then weigh yourself again.

I weight myself every morning, it gives me a boost for the day if i have or havent lost anything cos i love seeing the scales goes down :)

Stick with it hun it will change :D x


Still fighting
Thanks hun - its just i've struggled this week and would have liked to have seen some movement! Guess my bodies got 3 days before WI to show an improvement :eek: x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Guzzle that water hunni. You never know you may be surprised when you come to WI day :D x
Yesterday morning I've weighed myself and I was 214.5, the morning after it says I've went on the scale again and it says 217 :-S....and I'm on my TOTM for 3 days already. Sooo have I gained pounds or what is really my real weight? Or is my TOTM causing that?
Exactly the same here - wi was wednesday - no change since then - and got the enemies this morning :cry: . feel crappy , constipated , bloated , sickly feeling in my tummy the works , its awful isnt it ??
i blame constipation! apparently the longer it is in 'there' the more water your body retains to combat it. i always weigh loads less once it has 'moved'. sorry if tmi x


Still fighting
Hmmmm could be bout of constipation as well as TOTM with me - gonna try some laxative later see if that helps over next couple of days!

Oh and thanks Madferrett for confirming its good to weigh each day :) Not that I would of stopped if not though lol x
Trash I was exactly the same last week and it was my TOTM too, but when I went to WI i had actually lost 3lb so ignore your scales, dont panic and go with the CDC scales xxx
i weigh every morning too!! even tho i know it is fairly useless to me as sometimes I sts for ages then all of a sudden it whooshes off! or if im retaining water or constipated the scales are bad news....!! have faith if you are sticking to the plan it will go!


Silver Member
You're probrably retaining water being TOTM, don't worry it will all drop off.
like everyone says its probably water retention especially with totm and also coupled with constipation, i wouldnt worry though as im sure you would have lost inches and for me inches matter more than weight

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