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Scales not moving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok will do.

Today so far :

Breakfast. All bran crunch 25g HEB with 1 x vanilla mullerlight , one coffee made with coffee mat 1.5 syns
Lunch . Chilli inc tomatoes and onions with Jacket potato 30g Cheddar HEA
Dinner . Steak cooked with no oil, sweet potato wedges with paprika and rocket spinach and watercress salad.

Syns may include 10 cal jelly , muller light greek style , options.

I think Im doing ok but scales say otherwise
When you say the scales are not moving, how long are you talking about for?

You diary looks okay, perhaps a bit light on superfree overall and I must admit that your breakfast would not keep me going through until lunch time. How many syns do you use on average do you think? And your exercising, is that a new thing or have you recently increased your activity level? How are you at drinking water as well?
Hi its a couple of weeks now. I've dine slimming world and my superfree has always been the same level. I have exercised at this level from about 4 years now. I lost in slimming world about 21st lbs. I gained about 10 back and can't shift it.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Swap all your healthy extras,increase your superfree, even swapping your exercise for something different would help.


Majorly Motivated Mofo
Are you doing the exact same exercise each week? What exercises are you doing, how long for and on what days?
It depends on what days i can get there . I always do zumba n a Monday evening. Either zumba n a Thursday morning or aerobics on a Wednesday morning and one or two gym sessions around those.

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