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Hi all

Friday 21/08 was the day i started CD, i weighed myself at home and went to my appointment with my CDC, i weighed the same on both sets of scales, 27st 5lb, it came to my 1st WI on 28/08, my scales said 25st 12lb, hers said 26st 9lb?!?!?!?

Is this normal???

I know my scales are correct as my family go to weight watchers, and to check i got them to weigh them selves on my scales the same night as their WW WI and they matched..... so i dont know what to do :(

Please help

Katy xxx
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Hey there

I would tend to just go by one set of scales otherwise it can get mighty confusing! I used to weigh at home as well but always took my official weight from my CDCs scales. Did you weigh at home immediately before your appointment or was there a gap?

My scales say im heavier than my CDC scales i like my CDC ones better lol! I wud say go with the one set because u might get confused xx


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i dont weigh myself at home at all! I ONLY ever get weighed in with my CDC and will continue to do that until i get to goal.
The result on my CDC's scales is the most important anyway so dont see the point in weighing in at home, only to ignore it iykwim!

I know the difference isnt in your favour going for her scales, but the weight coming off...is the weight coming off....so as long as its in the right direction then i wouldnt be too concerned!

hope that helps hun xx


lose lose lose
hi, i am having same problem, i got weighed last wednesday on my scales and i was 15st 5lb, i then had my 1st weigh in 5 mins later and i was 14st 13lb. now 6 days later i weighed myself on mine again and i am 15st 1lb, so in theory i have put weight on,
but i have done ss + 100% so confused.
sarah xxx


lose lose lose

hey there

i would tend to just go by one set of scales otherwise it can get mighty confusing! I used to weigh at home as well but always took my official weight from my cdcs scales. Did you weigh at home immediately before your appointment or was there a gap?

hi, i just want to say you look amaizing, i have come accross your pic a few times and it always keeps me going.
If it wasnt for your pics i would have stuffed my face over last couple of days,
your an inspiration xxx
Hi specialk

I know that I would have been getting myself anxious if I'd had the same experience and feel a bit confused as to which scales to believe.
Like the girls say, its best to stick to one set of scales. I haven't been weighed for nine days as I had to make my appointment fortnightly. My counsellor suggested weighing myself (just to keep on track) but I'm holding on for my next meeting with her.
Don't worry, it will all work itself out.
i do weigh at home more of a guide to see the weight going down, but i weighed myself a couple of weeks now before seeing cdc and both occasions mine weigh 1.5lbs lighter so i add that amount on to get a rough idea of actual weight. the only scale for the official amount though imo is your cdcs. you have still had a great loss and im sure you will continue to do so
It took me ages to get all this abbreviations stuff, still get confused and need to think about some "If You Know What I Mean"!!
Mine sometimes vary, sometimes for no apparent reason, check batteries. I would't get too hung up on it, you're still doing well with losses. Keep it up! xx


please try again
my last time round on cambridge i had scales at home, at first i would just weigh on mine once a week but it got to the point where i was weighing myself everytime i went to the bathroom ( where the scales were ) this time round i got rid of my scales and just weigh in on my cdc's scales, less heart ache that way
Yeah, one set of scales. Feel free to use the ones in the house - keep that as a separate record - but you are rarely going to get scales to match spot on.

I figure, I pay enough for the CD (which of course I don't begrudge because I love it!!), I'm going to get my Counsellor to do as much for me as she can. And of course that means her making sure my records are up to date, and my current BMI is checked, and that I use her scales to keep my official weight loss.

It can never be accurate - could be that your scales on nice thick carpet or on dodgy stripped back floorboards!!

And don't be obsessed with jumping on the scales - if you stick to the diet the weight is going to come off - it's a no brainer!!

But for the first 2 weeks she couldnt weigh me as her scales didnt go high enough up, so we had a guess... on her scales as it flashed up a weight, so we took it, but my scales have all ways weighed me... i am keeping a seperate record. but i am worried my cdc scales are only a cheap set from Argos, and that they may be over used...
next time you go hun, ask her to check them!
Your totally within your rights to ask her to check hun if your unsure!


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Hi - I weigh myself constantly!! Somewhat addicted .... fortunately my scales and my CDC's scales are within a pound or 2 of each other. But whatever scales you are on, if the movement is down I wouldn't worry. Even though I'm a scales addict, the true indicator is feeling my clothes getting bigger, and seeing small but significant changes like my fingers look less podgy, my wrist watch is looser. Try and enjoy these little bonuses, and before you know it you will have bigger ones that are noticeable too! Traceyxx

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