1. evilpenguin

    evilpenguin Not evil at all

    Hi guys

    A question aimed at those who weigh themselves at home - which scales do you use and how do you find them? I've been using Weight Watchers digital scales and I don't trust them! I have to keep them in the middle of my living room all the time as that's where I weighed myself the first couple of times, they change their mind if I move them anywhere else! Not the end of the world I know but frustrating when the bf moves them around... :(
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  3. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    I use basic digital scales and put them on my tiled bathroom floor, always in the same place. Im lucky as in they are only 1/2 lb different to my CDC and Drs. Tell the bf to keep his mitts off;)
  4. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    I bought a very expensive ($60) digital scale with a lithium battery and I am very happy with it. I also keep inem in the same spot on my bathroom floor each time.
  5. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    I have normal digital scales which I use on a tiled floor. They were not the most expensive but seem to be pretty accurate.

  6. Slim&Elegant

    Slim&Elegant Full Member

    My digital scales always shows correct weight, I checked them – weighed myself, then took a pack of let say cereals (1.5 kg) - weight was precise - my weight + weight of the pack. :) in any place of the flat
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  7. elizabeth

    elizabeth Silver Member

    The differences in the weights given in different places in the house are more likely to be due to uneven floors than the scale itself. You'd be amazed at how uneven a floor that looks perfectly even can be! Just decide on a spot to get weighed and keep the scale there permanently.

    Good tip about how to guage the accuracy/consistency of a scale, from an engineer who works with weights and balances: get on the scale 20 times in a row and write down the weight given each time. The tolerance should be no more than half a pound, ie if there's more than that difference between any two readings, the scale isn't consistent.
  8. CrazyBrit

    CrazyBrit Silver Member

    Ditto. I too use the Weight Watchers ones. They're good enough for purpose so long as you keep them in the same place.

    Also, don't use scales on carpet. Scales, as mentioned above, require a flat even surface to work correctly, and carpet moves under weight.
  9. i use on bathroom tiles but mine are salter and set at 6lbs to start with and not on 0lbs. i just found that mine weighed me lower than all the others including the docs surgery so i leave mine on 6lbs as a starting point and seems to be fine now. But same place and hard surface and definitely not carpet.

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