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Guess who's back...?
Hi Lynn.... the Wii Fit isn't an accurate scale... I think it gives more of an 'impression' of weight, if that makes sense... if I were you I wouldn't weigh yourself outside of the weekly meetings - I was addicted to my scale for the first two weeks, but always went to my W.I. thinking i'd lost more than I had, and felt c-r-a-p... so, I've banished them, and only jump on very rarely, but don't pay too much attention...

Your weight will go up and down like a yo-yo between weigh ins, and the only one that matters is the weight that gets jotted in your little record book...

Just think of it this way - if you are sticking to the programme there is no way you 'can't' lose weight... keep it up - and try not to become fixated on scales etc... it's all about how you 'feel' after all...

You feeling a difference in your clothes yet?

A x
Yes i realised this, so now we dont take any notice.
Havent noticed my clothes yet, im only on 2nd day.So maybe in a couple of days i will feel it..yay hopefully
I have 5st to lose so might take a while


Guess who's back...?
You'll be surprised how fast it happens - my jeans started hanging off me after just a week or so... lol... i've got 6 to lose - well, 4 and a half ish now (YEY!!)... I would definitely recommend wrap around dresses/skirts... far cheaper and more practical than down sizing trousers - I'm hoping to go from a 22 to a 10/12 in total, so it could get expensive!! I'm currently about a size 19, lol...

Good luck with the rest of your week - you'll be in ketosis in no time, and feel fabbaluss!! x
Kool sounds good, im in a size 20 atm..i hate that number, i do have a few pairs of trousers that i had when i was a size 18, but nothing smaller. Ill go to cheap shops when im shrinking.
Well done, you are doing so well anna, hopefully will be me in a few weeks

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