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Scared about hair...

I have just been looking on the maintenece bit and noticed some posts about people experiencing hair loss. This has frightened me to death! I have long thick hair, but it seems to be all around the house at the moment. It normally comes out quite a lot so don't know if I am being paranoid. Are others experincing hair loss. Does everyone get this on LT. How much hair comes out? Has anyone gone completely bald? YIKES! Also does it depend on how long you do the diet for? Sorry for all the questions xx
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Some people have had this but say it isnt noticeable and isnt big huge bald spots...

I havent noticed anything but I would shed alot anyways xx
Thanks for the reassurance. I'm a bit of a worrier! Now I'm in my second week I'm finding the diet so easy and feel so great I guess I'm just wondering all the time, what's the catch? I have really struggled to loose weight in the past and this seems so easy I cant help worrying about side effects. Well done on your fab weight loss. When I was really struggling in the first weeks reading your posts kept me going. Thanks xx
You might experience hair loss from what I understand. Your body is on so few calories that it stops some natural functions - like growing hair - as it uses all the fuel you're putting into your body to keep you alive. What then happens, is that your hair falls out as normal but isn't replaced until you start eating a more normal level of calories. Hence hair loss.
That said, it doesn't affect everyone.

If anyone knows a more scientific explanation then feel free to correct me!


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I had this last time. But it only happened after I started eating again. I have a thick mop of hair. I did lose a fair amount but you could never notice it. It went on for about 4-6 weeks after TFR. But like I say you couldn't see it in my hair.

It seems to happen to very few people. I wouldn't worry about it!


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You're probably thinking of drastic balding, that doesn't happen. Hair does fall out, but I don't think a great deal of hair does.

I haven't had this side effect at all though. I guess it depends on the person. Don't worry, after a while, your hair should grow back normally.
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sarah4, i have been trying to put ticker on but wont let me is this because i havent enough posts, can you advise please?
Sorry! Only saw this now! I see you have it sorted! Well done!
You hair could start to fall out, but it usually happens a few weeks after refeed and is soon replaced by new hair growth. Apparantelly its when you are on a TFR diet, your body holds onto everything, so once you start to eat again your body gets rid of the old hairs which are soon replaced by new ones.

There are quite a few threads on hair loss, so just have a search for it and you will find a few of them.

I was on refeed about 4 weeks ago and its only now I have started to shed a few more hairs than usual. I only notice it when I wash my hair though and its just a usual amount thats on the hairbrush.
God! Dont tell me that! My hair is very much on the thin side anyway (think Cheryl Baker in the before pics, in those Nourkorin adverts) But having said that, its far less greasy now, although I still wash it under the shower every day, and actually keeps nicer by the end on the day! Would hate to lose any of it tho!!!

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