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Scared I havent lost anything- Help!

Hi Guys- I have my 3rd weigh in 2maro. I've been really good since I started, Nothing not allowed has passed my lips.
For the first time I had a sneaky weigh in a friends on Friday, 4 days after my 2nd weigh in and it said I put on a pound! WTF! I am absolutly disgusted, I called into the chemist who refused to weigh me until tomorrow, And said it was impossible. I know its crazy, But Im just so worried. Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? Ive done a fair bit of walking this week, mostly uphill if this matters.

Thanks! x

Week One -8lb
Week Two -5lb
Week 3- ?:confused:
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irish molly

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Don't panic. You may well have a loss at your WI tomorrow. I know I had one or two weeks which were STS and I was gutted as I was so 100% but then the following week I had a better loss.
Your losses will average out to about a stone a month so don't fret. Keep up the water intake.
Thanks for the advice guys. I really hope I have over 3lb, Ive been dying to eat this week but stuck it out so I hope Im rewarded. X
they always say you should not weigh yourself on home scales but of course we all do.. :p i say you will be pleasantly surprised tomorrow when u get weighed... keep us all posted and gooood luck xxx
Hope you get a good weigh in today. I wanted to add that, in addition to the above, the time you weigh can have a huge impact on your result. If I weigh first thing in the morning I can be several pounds lighter than later in the day as the vast quantities of water we consume are very heavy!!
Your friends scales may be out. My home scales weigh me 4lb heavier than the chemists! Good luck, let us know how you get on. :)
Emma x


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How did it go Aine?


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My scales weigh me 4lbs lighter than the chemist scales so I find that when I go to get weighed I am always dissappointed as I want to weigh what my scales say I do (it's all psychosomatic.) I rue the day I bought them and am genuinely thinking of chucking them out. I hope you have a good weigh in and I look forward to your post letting us all know how you have done. x
Don't panic about it, I was the same on my first week. I weighed myself (even though i was determined not to!) and it said that i'd lost 2lbs. I could have cried as I was then pooping myself about my weigh in the next day. Turned out i'd lost 7lbs. So don't beat your self up about it and try to stick to weighing yourself on the one set of scales in the same place it's what i'm going to do. :rolleyes:


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How did it go today? A simular situation happened me last week and i still lost 4lbs so hopefully it went well for u too!!!! Best of luck
Hi, Sorry for not getting back sooner, I was away to a concert in Dublin (I was good) and had no internet.

I lost 4lb!! Yay, Thats it, Never weighing myself on any other scales. I was freaking out. I really appreciate all the messages folks! Xx


Getting married in July!!
Congratulations Aine!!!!!!! That's brilliant!!!!! I'm so happy for you. yeah I've stopped weighing myself at home too, because it was just stressing me out. I'll just wait for my weekly weigh ins. Congrats again. glad it all worked out.
Mine has a digital home one as well and I wonder how often they are calibrated as I weigh the same on my scales and my Daughters but weigh 4lb more on the pharmacy ones. I know it doesn't really matter as long as the weight is going down but like you I just wondered??
yeah guys im the same a home digital one and to be honest i thought may have been faulty, she had me stand on it 3 times and it would not give a reading.. then she pulled out a second one and got my weight of that...
mine uses the home scales and weighs on a carpet.. i thought u were never meant to weigh on a carpet.. weird.

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