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scared of the big blue


Violet is shrinking
tomorrow will be the first day that i take the big blue pill and im a little bit scared of whats going to happen.. :rolleyes:

i dont usually eat breakfast or lunch but i know ive got to start doing that..do i have to take the pill with food?
its my lads introduction at nursery in the morning and im sooooo worried that i'll have my breakfast,take the pill and have a mass explosion while im there with him :cry:

for breakfast i could have a banana,a bowl of special k, weetabix,cheerios,rice crispies with semi skimmed milk or i could have a piece of wholemeal toast...what do you think would be the best to have?

thanks in advance,i dont know where i'd be without this place :D

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You will ONLY get side effects if you eat outside the Xenical rules. Keep within them and nothing at all out of the ordinary will happen. Cereal and milk is fine, so is toast although not with spread. Good luck,

Hi i started on Xenical last wednesday, i have toast with low fat spread a cup of coffee and i go the loo about i/2 hour after it, lunch i've been having soup or ham salad tea fish jacket spud and salad.... i've lost nearly 5lb on its on sunday, drink loads of water........... good luck we will all do it together :)


Violet is shrinking
thanks guys :) i dont know why im so worried about it taking it :rolleyes:

im not used to having breakfast so its a whole new routine for me,and i'd need to eat breakie and be ready to go for 8.30am :eek:,i just hope i can manage to eat something that early..i had thought about having a late breakfast but thats just defeating the object of breakfast isnt it?!

Hi Emmzy, wow thats a great weight loss,well done! im going to try my hardest not to weigh myself mid week, i really want to see a good loss after a week and hopefully that will spur me on :)

sorry to ask but...are you ok with the low fat spread? like toilet wise..im getting mixed reviews about spreads :confused:
Hey im new and also start xenical tomoro!! if you would like a buddy? email me! i know i would love one to help me through! xxx


Violet is shrinking
Hi Kirsti, i havent been here that long,and its all about helping each other isnt it :)

drop me an email whenever you like and i'll keep you posted too...

good luck for tomorrow :D
As im new i cant post yet! but will keep postin! yeah im all about the help!!! :) god im going to need it!
How much do you want to lose? xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
sweetie, you will be fine!! And welcome to everyone :D Although i have not been here that long myself...im looking forward to losing lots of weight with you all! ;)
Good luck for the morning starters! It really isnt that difficult...
mwah xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Ps...I was NEVER a brekkie person! And i mean EVER! but ive started forcing myself to have special K. XX


Violet is shrinking
Hi Kristi, cant you see my contact deatails?...ok, i'll drop you an email in the morning :)

i havent even thought about what i want to be,or major goals etc yet...i think it can make things seem harder by setting yourself big targets, so i plan on doing a whole load of mini ones :D

im on the september challenge (in this forum) to loose 5 lbs... :)


Violet is shrinking
Hiya fru (dont like to call you frumpy) :rolleyes:

i would never eat breakie and lunch would be nothing.. i would eat a meal round 7pm ish, then eat stuff in front of the telly...
or i would go mad for cereals and have 3 bowls for my dinner and that would be it :(

love special k though,and rice crispies and weetabix and i go mad for porridge :D


Taking the Scenic Route..
Aww Bunnie thats really sweet :sign0168: LOL!

Although right now, i am kinda frumpy :p
Try having special K For brekkie...it keeps me going till lucnch...and if it does me, well it does anyone! ;)


Taking the Scenic Route..
Ps... My names Shirleen :) xx

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