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Scared of working through plans...

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi all

Well little miss positive is having a wobble at the moment. After some good advice on Minis and a long chat with CDC we decided it would probably be best to start working up the plans either from Monday or no later than the following Monday. She quite rightly feels I need to get to 1200 plan before my trip to India and I have got just over a stone to goal of 9st 7 (BMI 25).

Trouble is, whilst I am really looking forward to having some food in my life again I am so worried about the weight loss slowing down. I have become so focused on my end goal and the potential of reaching it by Christmas I can't help but be a bit down that the reality is that working up through the plans probably means I won't get there. I know I am planning on doing the plans again when I get back from India so Christmas wasn't going to be the end of CD but you know when you have focussed on something so much and then feel it might be snatched away from you - not ready to let go of it I suppose.

Sorry for having a bit of a self pitying whinge but just had to share!

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oh my word
you have just written my own thoughts almost word for word
i too look forward to any replies and reassurance
Its quite normal to be worried about this.
Adding food back into your diet is an opportunity to take control of your food intake.
On SS I learned where and what my triggers were and I love not having to worry about whats on my plate.
Sticking to the portion size is the hardest part. Why not create a food diary?? either on here or have a little notebook you can carry with you?
Something like that should help you reel it in if you feel its going wrong.


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I really understand where you are coming from but I have to ask - why is Christmas an end point for us? Surely it is just one day and, in fact, it's a day when people tend to take and love people as they are, rather than judge them on whether they are carrying a few too many pounds.
My own view (and I am no expert) is that if you don't start eating more naturally before you go away, you might overreact to the availability of food and do more damage to your diet. Only my view though.
Nicky - you got my thoughts exactly.

Portion control is the key, together with an understanding of what the different foods do to you, and that is where the food diary comes in.

You know that carbs in excess cause weight gain, so you know already that you need to avoid excessive carbs. What you need to learn now is what foods cause you cravings, and we are all different when it comes to that. You may have some ideas of what they might be already, and all you need to do with them is to introduce a small measured amount into your diet for a week, and record what it does to you. The following week have none of it, and record what that does to you. If you can take it or leave it and are fine with the measured amount, then it is not a trigger. If you have problems, then you know you have to be careful.

Just introduce food groups carefully and keep a note on what you ate, when, how you felt, what it did to you etc etc.

The food diary is an excellent way of bringing food back into your life again, and is an excellent record that you can refer back to in the future.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Georgie please don't worry..these plans are so well worked out that you will still lose weight on them.. As Spooky says it is a start of learning to control food rather than it control us...youcannot be on packs for ever, but you can use them as a maintenance tool..

Work through the plans slowly, no need to jump from one to the other to quick...don't set yourself up to be dissapointed because you won't be....you will get to goal. You are so strong and focused that I have complete confidence that you can do this and will do it well....remember to keep glugging the water as it is still very important even on the other plans.

Good luck Georgie....go for it girl!



I will get to goal .....
Hey Steve,

In one of your other posts you mention of list of 'trigger' foods that start cravings - bread being one of them. Can you point me in the direction of where I might find the list??

Thanks hun
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Thanks everyone, everything you say makes perfect sense. Strangely at the moment i feel confident I can stick within the guidelines as I am quite good as long as I know exactly what I am doing - when i finally finish CD that's when all hell will break loose!! I suppose in true Icemoose stylee it was eyes down on the prize, that being 9.7 by Christmas but how quickly we forget... when I first started the diet I put down on a piece of paper where I wanted to be by Christmas and I just looked and it was 10.7 - how quickly we forget how far we've come.

I am going to do what i know is right and start working up, if it takes a little longer then so be it.

Thanks for all your support - as ever!

Hi Georgie,

I know exactly how you feel. I was terrified when i went on to 1000 from 790 and i feel the same way about going on to 1200 BUT as you will see from my signature, i've still lost every single week albeit that some weeks weren't great. AND the weeks that weren't so good were usually down to totm OR the fact that i seriously over ate on the fruit! If I had stuck rigidly to the 790/1000 plan i reckon i would have been at goal a few weeks back.

As you know, we all have to get back into practice with re-introducing food as one day we will have to eat properly with no packs!:eek::eek: (that still scares me!) but i think you will surprise yourself with how easily you slip into it and STILL lose weight hun.


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