Scared to weigh

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by thelifeofpieface, 30 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. thelifeofpieface

    thelifeofpieface Gold Member

    I I've been naughty last weekend and just feel like I piled so much weight on , my normal weigh in when I do weigh is Sundays. I'm scared to weigh myself and see the damage :,(
    Shall I just get it done and out of the way? I'm worried that I'll get really down if the scales show bad results :(
    I was 10 stone last time I weighed. Eeeeeek don't know whether to just bite the bullet or not.
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  3. strawberry

    strawberry Getting slim for NYC

    Did you weigh? Was it as bad as you thought? xx
  4. thelifeofpieface

    thelifeofpieface Gold Member

    Hiya yeah I did weigh and I stayed the same so not too bad at all! Thanks for asking x

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