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Just thought i'd come on here for a moan :(

My back is absolutely killing me i feel like bloody quasimodo!!! i can barely walk and i still have 3 more days at work to do :eek:
Just went in the shower and i couldnt even bend down to wash my legs i feel like shít!

I dont suffer from a bad back, i've had a few niggles here and there but nothing serious.....my back was going into spasm last week a few times i think its maybe been preparing me for this.
Can't sit for any length of time, can't stand for any length of time, ohhhhhh i just feel awful its actually making me feel nauseous even though i know i won't be sick if you know what i mean?

Right down the bottom of my back like the top half of my body is pressing down on it :(

Anyway rant over i'm going to try lying on the floor and stretching see if it helps :(

Would be a cráp patient wouldnt i :eek:

Moaning Maisie signing off x x
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Ahh Maisie,

sorry to read your'e in sooo much pain - hopefuly lying on the floor will help..

wish you better


Back again!
Oh Maisie, that's not nice, back pain is horrendous. Have you tried putting some heat on it, a hot water bottle or something similar, that's the only thing that helps me. Plus I use one of the deep heat creams with added ibuprofen, which gets right to the place its needed.

Hope you get it sorted. Take care of yourself


Gone fishing
Ooowwww ouch. Poor you.

Hope it feels better shortly!


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Ahh you and me both! But I know why....I've put on 10lbs!! My knees and back are playing up.
Having spent a small fortune getting my back sorted I'm very cross with myself...but oh what a good reason to start shifting that weight again!
Anyway, have a go at this....obviously after you've read this!!
Lie on you back on the floor, try and bring your knees up to your chest...yes it hurts if really bad STOP! Hold behind you knees and pull your knees towards you chest. Sometimes your back clicks! But it feels better. I had to help push (gently) my hubbys knees as he was in so much pain with his back last week but OMG click, click, click and now he feels better than before his back went!
All the best Maise...I feel your pain.


Well i'm home for lunch........

Thanks for showing concern and giving advice last night:)
Thought i'd let you all know my back seems to have eased a little overnight thank god :) cos it wears you down after a while especially with my job

Here's hoping it continues to improve :D

Maisie x x


Back again!
Fingers crossed for you Maisie.