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Scubadoo dives into LL for Men - Mini Blog

Been on LL 4 Men for 9 days now and just come back from my weigh in. Turns out I have lost 13pounds already (6kg). Can't believe it, anyway here are my thoughts so far....

Getting into Ketosis was OK :cool: although the fourth day was the worst for some reason :confused:. Got really tired that day and then started getting hungry so sleep is obviously going to be just as important as the food and water. I have bought Ketostix for my own piece of mind although they are clearly not needed if you stay abstinent.

Really noticing the smell of food a lot more than anything else. I can happily walk around a supermarket without being tempted, but walking down the street and smelling either Curry or KFC sets me into a stupor :eek:

Lucky in that drinking 4-6L's of water has not been an issue although I am burning extra calories and shoe leather going back and forth to the gents. Think combined with my weight loss some co-workers may think i have developed a Cocaine habit (I'm staunchly anti-drugs by the way).

The packs taste mostly good which was a pleasant surprise. Makes taking them a doddle. Beware of Nutcrunch aka the Saw Dust Bar. Eating it was like a bush tucker trial as it was so foul :eek:, but personal tastes I guess....The little blender is good for taking the lumps out of hot soups and nothing much else. Got one from Ikea for 99p to take to work and people just think I am frothing a coffee :D

Have exercised a few times and find swimming to be better than jogging simply for my joints and it means I don't have to worry of overdoing the jogging. Plan on going to Yoga next week and maybe doing some exercycle time instead of treadmill. But will continue to listen to my body and if I am too tired I don't go to the gym.

The LLC I have seems to be the right type for my nature. Looks like I will find the sessions useful, even if it is just me reflecting a bit more on how I got where I was to need LL in the first place. Think one of the best bits is simply the learnings the LLC will have from hearing so many other people talk about why they eat more than they should which will help me understand a bit more.

At this stage I pick and choose which friends I tell based on which ones I think will be cynical/ concerned versus those I know will be supportive. This has enabled me to go out twice already without feeling like a social outcast and have no one forcing food/drink on me.

My work suit already fits better and couple of people have noticed the loss in my face. Extra motivated as can only imagine what another 6 1/2 weeks plus will do to my chinny chin chins :)

It certainly isn't a walk in the park, but it is better than the alternatives that I am aware of. Anyway all I can say so far is Scuba dooby doo!!
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Congratulations and very well done on your fantastic weight loss of 13lbs.:wow:

And for a terrific post!!!

You are a talking inspiration for your diet:)

Sounds to me like your flying it:character00255:

Love Mini xxx
Hi scoobadoo - what a great post !!! You had me grinning from ear to ear at your enthusiasm!
Like everyone else said - sounds like you are in the best frame of mind to succeed with this programme - so more power to your elbow (and say goodbye to your chinny chin chins! LOL)

Love Laura
Hello Scubadoo and welcome - great post! Your enthusiasm just comes shining through, and today I'll join in because my bmi is now (drum roll...) normal! Wahey! Only took 5 months...

Anyway, on the exercise front, it's great to try to tone up along the way but don't overdo the cardio stuff. I had a slightly scary experience when I went to one intensive class and got numbness and tingling in my hands and arms. This is probably Not Good, and I wouldn't want anyone else to have it. I guess it's because we don't have any glycogen left, so do take care.

Keep posting with the next instalments!
Well done Scubadoo, as they have all said great post. So keep posting, it may be helping you and it is definately inspiring us.

Well done with that incredible weight loss.:king2:
Excellent post Scubadoo - you can hear the positivity and enthusiasm all the way through it. I'm glad that you're finding that the diet works so well for you - please keep on posting .... need to know if you're colleagues call the cops in on you :)

You've had a really brilliant loss - think it's almost time already for you to go shopping already for your new work suit.
Lucky in that drinking 4-6L's of water has not been an issue although I am burning extra calories and shoe leather going back and forth to the gents. Think combined with my weight loss some co-workers may think i have developed a Cocaine habit (I'm staunchly anti-drugs by the way).
hahahahaha.. so funny because i remember thinking same myself!
the boy did good!!!! xx
Day 16 weigh in and update

Howdy folks, well had my day 16 weight in and the news is all good. Lost another 3.3kg (7.3lbs) and have now lost 9.8kg (22lbs) since starting the diet.

So am I happy? Hell yeah. I already notice an extra spring in my step when walking down the street. With this energy I went to a sports club I have been avoiding due to injury last year and saw a guy I hadn't seen for 12 months who commented that I had lost weight which made me feel good. Went to the pub afterwards with my bottle of water and had just as much fun as when we used to have 2 pints. Interesting went to pay for the pitch time across the table and unconsciously reached for a crisp at the same time out of habit :eek: - wasn't hungry or anything so was rather shocked (although my hand never fully reached the open packet once I realised :cool:).

Haven't had food carvings. Although you can add tv pictures of Pizza Hut to the street smell of Curry and KFC to my drool trigger list :cry: ketosis is fully happening and I am sticking to spacing my 4 meals out throughout the day.

100% sure now my multi-vitamin makes no difference to weight loss. HOWEVER....I have worked out if I drink 5.5 to 6 litres of water a day versus 4 to 4.5 litres my weight starts to drop.

Have also been weighing myself every day on our body analyser scales at home. So far the LL promo material is true as my muscle % has stayed about the same whilst the fat % is dropping and water % increasing proportionately. Was a milestone to see my fat % drop under 40%.

Hopefully next week I will be able to dust off one of my old belts and throw away the ones I purchased last year that are almost to big now:D

Thanks for the Bio-oil tip, I slap it on every night and my skin is looking good - my girlfriend is starting to get jealous :jelous:

I have also saved quite a bit of money by not buying convenience food and booze over the past month so I spent the money on a couples spa treatment package on lastminute.com. So me and my young lady are off for a 2 1/2 hour treatment soon :) With the prospect of me saving more cash and buying another treat I am sure she will watch me even more closely.

Anyway good stuff so far. Pleased looking at my little swimmer move along the ticker like Thorpedo....

Hurrah Scubadoo!!!!

Glad you caught yourself reaching for the scooby snacks!! hehe I had a moment or two like that where I was just going to grab something and then though "wait a minute!!"

Sounds like things are going really good and its nice people are noticing!

Where did you find you bio oil? Is that something you can get at the chemists?

ANyway - continued success and let us know when you throw those old belts out!
Day 17 - losing my voice !??

Well feeling good this morning, but have now almost lost my voice. Whilst this pleases those around me as I am normally a relatively noisey person, it means I have the voice of a dodgy porn star :(

Hope this isn't a bout of cold or a side effect of the diet.

Also should qualify comments on weight loss from my previous posts. Whilst I have lost a lot to date I am expecting it to level out about 2kg a week (4.5lbs).

Are there any throat lozenges we are allowed on this diet?

Cheers Scubadoo
Sorry you're not feeling so good Scuabdoo - I can't give advice on lozenges as I don't know if you can have anything.

You are doing brilliantly, 22lbs already --- brilliant :clap: and you sound so positive it's great. Keep going and enjoy that spa!
Hi Scoobie,

Well done on you fantastic weight loss. I dont think there is any lozenges you can have but am sure if there is some peeps on here will let you know, otherwise you could phone you LL councillor.
I think, and I might be wrong so wait for confirmation, but I think there is a soothing spray for your throat that you can use? It will probably taste horrrible, they usually so, but are effective.

Speaking of sprays that taste horrible - GOld Spot! Yuck!! lol
I thought it was just me and gold spot that didn't mix - I don't use it but do have some for if I'm going somewhere and need it but I really don't like it.
I thought it was just me and gold spot that didn't mix - I don't use it but do have some for if I'm going somewhere and need it but I really don't like it.
Course, I am not very good at it. Without fail, each cheek gets a good spray before it gets in my mouth!! Usually not a problem for me! ;):D

So far, like you, I have been lucky there too and not had the metalic taste or bad breath, but wanted to be prepared!
Day 24 - almost half way, but losing interest

Not much of a spark today to be honest. I had my weigh in last night and have now lost 12kg (26lb) in just over 3 weeks which I know should make me happy, but it doesn't. Why?.....

1. Food packs are boring me to death. Although I am starting to try to cook them into things like crisps etc, but this degrades the vitamins/minerals.

2. Had stomach cramps for the first time yesterday which meant drinking water was not much fun at all.

3. Really want to go to theatre and dinner with my girlfriend, but can't as have no desire to sit in a restaurant mixing soup or eating a bar.

4. Have worked out that due to some trips in March where I want/need to have some real food (one is a weeks skiing) I will not officially be in a position to come off abstinence until the beginning of April.

5. Hard to accept my weight loss is now going to be 3-5lbs (1.5-2.5kg a week) which makes the target weight seem a long way off.

6. Others in group losing a lot more also is depressing.

7. Portion of my friends thing I am risking my health doing it.

Reasons not to feel depressed and to be positive / stay focused:

1. I will get to a healthy weight much much much quicker than any other weight loss method. There are more recipes to try out, plus when I add it up I only need to have 275 more foodpacks until I go into RTM.

2. Can have more salt to stop stomach cramps

3. Can go around to certain friends for dinner and they don't stare when I mix up the pack.

4. At least I will have the ability to stop my weight rising whilst away on trips through portion control and level of exercise (i.e. skiiing).

5. I am a realist and this is still 10x better than any other diet I have been on.

6. I am fortunate in that I have sought help early so don't have anywhere near as much to lose as others and being male lose it faster than the ladies (sorry - didn't pick my gender).

7. I am the one that has to live with my weight so who cares if others sit in judgement of how I get to a healthy weight. This is only short term and I am taking multi vitamins, plus lots of water which can only be good.

8. I have a strong feeling the RTM section will be the piece of the puzzle that means I can sustain my weight loss long term AND have a lifestyle.

Feel better after that vent. Therapy works ;)

Cheers Scubadoo

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