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Sedentary Lifestyle -affects losses on LT?


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Hi folks

Sorry to pester you all again but I was just wondering if there's anyone here on the board that doesn't work and who also doesn't have an active lifestyle.

I can't work right now and I rarely leave the house. As such I am not really moving around an awful lot and I'm a bit worried that with this kind of sedentary lifestyle I'm not gonna lose much more than the standard 2lbs a week after the first couple of weeks. It'd really give me hope if there were others like me who could vouch for nice quick weightloss on LT despite not much exercise.
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i'm the same hun.
not working at the moment and am so lazy with regards to exercise.
my losses still average 4lb a week which i'm pleased with.


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Thanks for the reassurance girls, I hoped that'd be the case but with the amount of some of the losses I figured maybe everyone was just really active and so losing even more! hehe I'd be happy with 4lbs a week on a regular basis, thats still just over a stone a month, you'd not get that on any *eating* diet.
I wudnt worry i work in an office where i dont have to move around at all. Ive only started exercising while on lipotrim it has made me concentrate more on why i want to exercise not like before where i thought i had too. I dont do much only walking sometimes and situps pushups and vibroplate. Not every nite but im trying more coz my weight loss has slowed down so hoping it will help.

i do tink some people found they wanted to exercise on this diet coz they felt better in themselves you never know the same mite happen to you! An toning your body starts to become important the more you loss to be honest dont want to be left with loads of extra skin.

Its a personal choice some people have been on this for 20+ weeks and never exercised an they have lost loads. In the questionaire that the pharmacist asks you before you start lipotrim asks wat kind of lifestyle you have an to be honest i tink most people wud check that box.
Don't worry - exercise does not form part of the LT programme - if you exercise too much on so few calories you might go into starvation mode. Having said that, a bit of light walking won't do you any harm, but you probably will feel a bit more active in a couple of weeks so maybe leave it until then. I felt exhausted for the first 2-3 weeks, but then had a spurt of energy. Now (in week 7) I feel better than I have for years - partly because I am a couple of stones lighter!

Hi Cookeh, I'm a counsellor...I spend my days sitting in a comfy chair! I was told by my chemist NOT to be too active for the first 3 weeks at least...something to do with building up muscle and muscle weighing more than fat???
As i learned last week we cant gain muscle on Lt dont know if this is true but it makes sense coz we dont really have enough calories to do this. I tink your pharmacist is a bit silly saying that coz having more muscle is a good ting coz it speeds up your metabolism which will help you after Lt.

The main reason you are advised not to exercise in the first three weeks is coz most people dont have the energy. I know i didnt.
Well, thats good to know, she was only a youngwan!! What she actually said was....that if I excercise now then the fat on my body instead of dissappearing because of LT would turn into muscle and so I'd get "Bulky"...don't know where she was getting it from, but I believed it...perhaps because the thoughts of not having to go on my nightly walk for 3 weeks sounded great!


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Thanks for the tips folks. I was reading through the info sheets I got shoved in my LT bag at the pharmacy yesterday and there is an interesting quote in there... "You are not living off fewer calories, you are only changing the place you're body gets them from" and that is so true. I have thousands of stored calories all over my body that I really want my body to use!

I'll probably only indulge in light exercise, I can't do any cardio anyway at the moment. Walking is free and easy so I will probably try to incorporate some into my week, start slowly and build it up.
I never got any info sheets at my chemist...I'm gonna ask for them on thursday, thanks for the heads up!
Yeah i remember readin that. Our body's are converting our fat into energy normally we wud be getting energy from our glycogen stores. we never live off the food we consume dat day! But dont tink its possible to get bulky on this diet. you wud need to do resistance training and weight training which wud push you into starvation mode.
What training do they give the girls who give you the lipotrim in the chemist...yer one told me a lot of stuff that seems to be complete BS!!
This is my 4th attempt at LT and when i went to the chemist the assistant who weighed me was really negative and said that she couldnt do it. She advised me to take up more exercise instead.

She obviously has not been on this forum!!!


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Eesh, it's annoying to hear that not all the pharmacies are that supportive of people on LT, and to give negative advice is just out of order. What a blessing this board is here where we can all get together and celebrate the good times and moan about the bad times, it's definitely the edge you need on a plan like this I think.
This is my 4th attempt at LT and when i went to the chemist the assistant who weighed me was really negative and said that she couldnt do it. She advised me to take up more exercise instead.

She obviously has not been on this forum!!!
Oh god..the girl who did mine was similar! She said she tried to do it and was on the maintenance so she could have one meal a day and how awful and hard it was! Then she started going on about her boyfriend :rolleyes: I dunno some people!
My pharmacist also done this she cudnt do it either but never told me not to do it. She said alot of the bad tings that happen but i was actually happy bout that coz i already knew it wud be hard coz my aunt done it before. If she hadn't of given me the bad stuff i wud have known she was just trying to sell me a product.
My pharmacist did Lipotrim and has maintained for 5 years, so I get a lot of positive feedback, support, advice and encouragement from mine. There are some good pharmacists out there!! Good luck!

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