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Seeing all the food in the shops and its hard


Strong women stay slim
Well been shopping and seeing so many nice things in the shop and feeling like , how much longer can i last on CD , but you know when i come on here , i can deal with it and start to feel postive again . I really am setting no goals as to how far i can get on CD but another day over for me .
Do other people feel like this also ? If so how do you deal with this , i'm ssing
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2nd Time Lucky!
Tell me about it hun, we have a new morrisons just opened went yesterday, and I was soooo jealous at my boyfriend filling the trolley with steak, bread, fish, crisps, you name it. And the smell of the bakery! :eek:

I just tell myself, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. Or as being slim WILL feel.
A quote by a very wise person :D that seems to get me through xxx


Strong women stay slim
yes its seeing the food that sets you off thinking . Just get as many days under my belt as i can . After all thats all i can do . Its hard , ouch lol
That food wont run away, it'll always be there when you are at goal, you'll just need less of it!!

Go on, you can do it x


Strong women stay slim
I'm hoping i will do it , :) I think i will have less of it as my stomach would have shrunk .
Hi Jackie

I know what you mean, I walk through Euston station every morning and there are loads of food stalls, Millie's Cookies, Pasty Co, Delice de France etc etc and the smells. I just keep repeating, I want this more than I want to eat over and over again and it soon passes. You have done brilliantly well and if you can get the first couple of weeks under your belt it will be so much easier.



Strong women stay slim
Hi Georgie
Must be a killer smelling all them foods , yes i'm seeing the lose this week , i have my CDC coming soon today for another week's worth , So i'm in it for another week hehe , but i thought i would do the weigh in today as thats the day shes taking my home reading , so i was 191.8 and today ... wait for it ... wait for it lol 184.4 will go chnage that in a min . Yes G , you have done so well , and you know and i know you are going to get to goal !

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