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Sejay is back!


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Well my fellow Slimming Worlders! my laptop decided too blow up (nice burn on the carpet, i now have)

Well i turned 21 on Thursday and lets say the last two weeks i havent been in diet frame of mind and i think my local became my new home for about 10days.

I was expecting too put on about 3lbs this week-which would have taken me out of target...
i put on 2.5lbs the week before.

But i'm just back from weigh in 2lbs lighter- how that actually happened i have no idea- but it has actually spurred me too get straight back too the diet.

My 21st is over and i dont wanna start putting on weight again....

I will understand if i put on weight or maintain next week as a catch up...

Alot of new faces on here... so HIYA newbies!!!!

I've been on slimming world since 2005 and I won my local "Slimming World woman of the year" in 2005/6... Although i havent lost a HUGE amount of weight...

My before and after pics for anyone who hasn't seen them. and too keep me on track....


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Happy Birthday!

You look great in your pics


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wow, you look great, how much did you lose altogether and how long did it take you, what an inspiration, well done, ps hi , I'm new


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wow, you look great, how much did you lose altogether and how long did it take you, what an inspiration, well done, ps hi , I'm new

Thanks i joined SW in 2005 and i have lost 3stone it took me about 1 and half years- (as a student i fell off the wagon a few times:D) but i got there!

I've lost 3 Stone.
12stone 9.5lbs down too 9stone 9.5lbs


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you look amazing and really inspired me now, am gonna definitely do it, I'm 13st 2.5lb now but would love to be 9.5 stone and look like you do


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Thanks for your lovely words! Well looking at ur piccy u look great and the weight seems too be falling off you... So i'm sure u will be!

I found giving myself little treats or presents when i got too each goal i set myself helped keep on track. (mine were all tattoos) I know some people on Minimins do it too... I hope Slimming World works for you.....


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Start too my (hopefully:happy036:) perfect week:


3 Quorn Sausages
2 Wholemeal Toast (400g) (b)
1oz Cheese (a)

Hifi Bar (b)

Slimming World Chips
Slimming World Pasta Quiche

Cous Cous

1oz Cheese (a)
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12oz Macaroni
6 LARGE spring onions
10oz cherry tomatoes
3oz Cheese (use an oz of cheese per person)
2 Eggs
1 Tsp Dijon Mustard (i add 2/3 cause i love it)
500g Natural yogurt (low fat)

Preheat oven too 200

Cook the macaroni- drain and set aside

Chop the spring onions- half the cherry tomatoes - slice the mushrooms

Heat a frying pan sprayed with frylight-

Add the spring onions- tomatoes- mushrooms with the garlic

Cook for 2/3 mins Then add 100ml of cold water

Cook until absorbed

Add the macaroni & the stuff in the frying pan into a dish (stirred in)

Grate the cheese and lightly beat the eggs- mix together the cheese- eggs- yogurt- and mustard

Pour into the dish

Bake for about 10-20 mins or until the set and cheese topping is lightly golden (keep an eye on it-)


Meant for 3....
I am going to make that for my dinner tonight. Sounds really nice


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hi sejay i'm new av got 3 stone to lose too so seein your pics has made me see its soooo do-able on the plan so thanx and well done you :) x
Thank you very much! Welcome too the forum.... Im sure yr'll do great on Slimming World....:hug99:

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