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Attack self sabotage

Hi all, I did 4 days of attack as advised by Dr Dukan and then on my first day on cruise I fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion, I had a glass of wine which led to three... and then while under the influence had cheese on toast Grrrr! Was feeling so Ill the next day that I ate carbs as I would have before I started .... as a result I am back to Square one... :cry:So I started again today and I have a question Is low fat ice cream ok to eat on attack, has anyone eaten it and gotten away with it if you know what I mean.. well, it is dairy?
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no it is not ok . If you are already thinking of how to cheat then this diet is not for you . Attack is 3 to 5 days normally and if you cant do it you wont cope with cruise either .....if i was you i would look at a low cal diet
Ermm,well thanks but I don't think low cal is the way to lose weight... I understand Dukan and the science makes sense to me... but yes willpower is an issue to be overcome, at least initally. I guess I will just have to overcome my greedy little inner child and try again. greedy inner child and alcoholic stubborn teen ...LOL.
The low fat ice-cream will still have sugar in it, so no.
But if you get some 0% greek yoghurt, splenda, vanilla and whip together, this is a good substitute.
Put it in the freezer for an hour then stir for ice-creamy style experience.
Twinkle - do you find that you start craving a food as soon as it is "banned" in some way?

(I second the suggestion of frozen yogurt - I bought a cheap ice-cream maker and have a freshly made tub of vanilla, coffee, rose, or rhubarb ice-yogurt almost every other night)
Hi Atropos, sometimes I just can't seem to stop myself eating whatever I want...( it sounds so ridiculous) If I can get a suitable alternative then hopefully it will help.. I know that for some reason whenever i get to a mini goal .. I then self sabotage. I did four days attack and rewarded myself with wine.. so stoopid! but I guess it's what got me here in the first place.. good news is that my 4lb loss from attack has now reapeared on the scale.I will do another four days attack and go from there.Also my Dukan book has turned up so hopefully reading that will also help keep me on the straight and narrow.

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