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Sense of smell

Do you notice your sense of smell is very pronounced?

My husband walked in the lounge this evening and I immediately said "you've been drinking beer". Literally, within seconds I could smell it across the room!

Someone was making a salad while I was as the hair salon the other day and in the little kitchen next to the wash basins I could smell the lettuce really strongly too!

It's amazing! :D

I'm wondering from all those on RTM are tastes really pronounced too?? I assume so, as I think I'd deafened my taste buds to most food as I'd overeaten so badly!

Have to say that I can't bear the smell of garlic and have it banned in my house!
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Far less advanced on the program than you - but from day two my sense of smell went all spidey on me.

EVERYthing seems heightened - both good and bad ones.
Absolutely agree Em! It's like being pregnant all over again! Good god, what a thought - I do hope not - I've got four kids, youngest is seven months old!! (And the eldest 18 on Tuesday!!!) ;-)


Do a little dance!
Well there isn't a chance of being pregnant for me - so lets go for LL being the culprit!

I wonder why it happens.

I've loved it to be honest. Any time I have a food craving I have a sniff, but don't want to eat it. Although I need to find a non-food way to beat them!
LOL Em, me neither! Hee, hee! It's as much as I can do to talk these days, never mind anything else! Working and babies don't mix that well in the rest and relaxation respect!

Maybe that's one reason that our tastes change throughout LL with our preferences for the foodpacks, because the taste and smell are heightened.

I hope my sense of taste has changed forever and I love healthy food much more than the fatty stodge! ;-)

I can't say my sense of smell has changed much, though I have always had a really bad sense of smell due to numerous sinus problems as a child/teenager :(

Still, at least I don't smell f**d everywhere, that's gotta help! lol

I think (and this is only a theory!) that your tastes seem to "change" as you are finally listening to what your body wants/needs/is asking for, as opposed to your head dictating what it gets.

And of course, natually your body wants what's best for it, natural, healthy, vitamin-rich things, not processed cr*p and junk.

All I know is, even without smelling it, I'm really looking forward to sticking some veg on my plate, but couldn't care less about sugary stuff! :D
Totally, I've thought I was pregnant soooo many times on this, it's crazy.


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