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Seraphine's Final Push - trying for that last stone!!

Hi all!

I'm really trying to get down to 140 lbs (10 stone), and even though it's in my sights, the last few months have been full of distractions and holidays and illnesses and holidays and a birthday... now it's time to GET SERIOUS!

So I've started this thread so I can come here and be more accountable for my actions. I stayed-the-same during my weigh in this week, but after popping on the scales today I've realised that my weekend birthday binge did more damage than showed on Sunday. I'm up to 160 lbs, a whopping 6 pounds more than Sunday.

Still, onwards and upwards... I started back on induction on Monday (yesterday) and other than being ravenous, I'm okay. I'm eating a LOT but I know that usually peters out in a few days until my appetite drops so I'm trying not to stress about it. Plus, I think my *week is about to start, which doesn't help the water retention.

The one thing I'm really concerned about it odour... I feel terribly smelly all of a sudden! I have been showering twice a day and it's not really helping... I still smell like I've been working out and not getting clean. I'm guessing this is a ketone thing, so I'll up my water intake, but I've been low-carbing since last May so I don't know why it's so bad now?

So, some goals... I need to find a way to fit some exercise into my life. I have two wee kids and I am loathe to pay for a babysitter so I can exercise (husband travels for work, so he just isn't around to help me). I also have to learn how to introduce some carbs into my diet so I can maintain without going off into the abyss of carb-fest... I'd like to be able to have a portion of chips or some sushi every week or so without dissolving into a Galaxy-craving heap.

So I'll check in here as I go, and hope that the regular posting will force me to stay the course. I know I can do it - I've done so well already, and I'm fitting clothes I never thought would see daylight again. But a dinner at my inlaws or the aroma of chips shouldn't unhinge me the way it does now. So - time to be really SERIOUS.

Okay, I'll stop flagellating myself now! Off to drink some water!
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there is something about telling others that you are going to do something that kinda makes it happen......so now that you have told us, it will happen!

we're right behind you!


Clean green leafy machine
Good luck Sera!
I finally put some pictures in my signature, although there are precious few pictures of me at my biggest (I tended to delete them...) My children are Calum (age 5) and Eilidh (now aged 20 months).

And the one from Christmas is a little dark and you can't really tell my size, but I'll try to get some pics of me sometime that actually show a difference (the dress is a size 14 though!).

See, now that you know what I look like, I can't hide! I WILL reach my goal or you guys can chase me around the Highlands til I do!


This is for life
Hi Sera, looks like you've done a great job already - Im sure you'll get there! :D


Clean green leafy machine
Lovely pics Sera, you have done a great job!
Morning Sera, wow, love the pics, what a difference love.
Had weigh in today... not good. Last week I'd stayed the same at 154 lbs, but all the damage from the weekend landed on the scale on Monday and I bazoomed up to 164, almost overnight! So I've been very strict this week, and have really been trying to drink more water. So I'm back down to 156, but that's still more than my goal.

So I'm +2 on the January losses :(

BUT... I'm still working hard, and am pretty confident that it's just water retention/woman stuff, and will have some good losses next week!

The chronic hunger from earlier in the week is petering off, and I can look at chocolate and not get that desperate feeling. I'm getting back into the groove!

On the plus side, I went out last night (I was good! Diet Coke all night as I was driving) and lots of people had noticed my losses, so it was nice to hear some good comments. Everyone else is eating crisps, and I'm just doing my own thing :)

So, onward and downward next week!


This is for life
Keep up the great work Sera. Nice to get the compliments :D
Well done Sera on getting back on track, and your pics are fab - I'm not surprised you were getting compliments last night. :)
AAArrrggg - I'm such an idiot.

I'm about to start my you-know-what, I got 3 hours of sleep last night while trying to get my husband ready for a 3-week-long trip, and I had to get up super-early to get into Edinburgh for a training session for my work (which meant I needed to get my kids up and out the door an hour earlier).

I'm absolutely shattered and hormonal and stressed out. So I ate chocolate all day and then came home and ordered a chinese takeaway. I feel like absolute rubbish. I feel fat and bloated and it didn't even taste good.

I'm so angry at myself. This wasn't a planned treat, it was a binge. I really thought I'd gotten better at this! I needed sleep, and as that wasn't forthcoming I used food instead. This was one of the reasons I got big in the first place.

Hormones or no hormones, I plan on being good for the remainder of the week and beyond - I'm alone for 3 weeks and there's no upcoming events as distractions, but I'm mad as hell at myself for screwing up today.

I'm sorry for letting you guys down, and for letting myself down - I KNOW better than this! I'm finding it so hard to get on track this time round though... this last bit of weight is becoming a stumbling block.

I have a client tonight (not what you think!!) and then I'll go to bed and get some sleep. I'm going to avoid the scales tomorrow - they'll probably be up a stone after what I did today.
Ach Sera, just a blip, and an understandable one pet. I hope you get a fab night's sleep tonight and are back with guns blazing tomorrow. Anything you put on today will be off in a few days back on Atkins.


This is for life
Sleep well Sera. Tomorrow will be a great day :)

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