Serious advice needed from those who understand!


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Hey all

Ok here's my problem! I'm trying to decided whether to carry on with CD or go onto weight watchers.
Here's the situation - I've already lost 5 stone on LL and CD, I have about another 4 stone to lose.
I wanted to lose the weight quickly as I was going to be chief bridesmaid for my best mate in April BUT my friend is sadly very ill and is in need of heart surgery so the wedding is postponed until December. I therefore have much longer to lose the weight!
I've done WW in the past and had good results!

CD is amazing for shifting the weight quick BUT i'm missing the social aspect of eating so much! A friend who i've not seen for ages is home this weekend and has invited me out for dinner, so that's what got me thinking!

I am also suffering from really nasty dizzy spells and palpitations which I always seem to get when doing a VLCD!

Sorry for the long post, just didn't know where else to turn!

What would you honestly do? or any words of advice please!?

Thanks all xx
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:) Very well done on losing the 5 stone! I did WW back in 2001 and lost 6 stone. It took me 2 years to lose the weight and in the end I eat fruit for the last stone.

The drawback for WW is that you can eat what you like and it is tempting to go over your points, plus it can get obsessive (counting everything in the shops etc) and time consuming. You will lose 1-2lbs per week but some weeks only half a pound if anything. This can get you down. On the positive side you can eat what you like and have a weekend off if you feel like it. It is a slow process and I would say 4 stone should take you about a year, on CD it will take you 5 months but if you feel sick then it is best to go for WW.

Maybe try the new WW diet (eat what you like) but certain protien foods. Good luck! I hope you decide on the right one.


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Forgot to say I put it all back on hence doing this but it did work for me and it was my fault it is back again!


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The only advice I can offer, is that if you do decide to switch to WW, or any other slimming class plan, then its best to gradually wean yourself off totally SSing for a week or two before you sign up. You will need to gradually reintroduce foods, especially carbs, otherwise you will see a weight gain for the first week, or even 2 weeks, as your body is adjusting to food again and regaining the glycogen stores.

Good luck with which ever way you choose.


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Could you 790 for a week and see how you feel and then go back to SSIng.

Me I like the speed that SSIng takes the weight off at. I also found previously with WW that for the first few weeks I would be great and then I would fall in with the wrong know the ones that sit down the back and talk about all the 'sins' during the week and then go to the pub on the way home !! But thats just me.