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  1. CJ_06

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    Hi all
    Hope your all having a good monday!
    I need some serious advise!
    I've been back on CD for 30 days all was going well until my CDC told me that i could eat protein whenever i liked and it wouldn't effect the diet!
    WELL... I had a really bad day so thought i'd have a bit of protein, once i'd started i couldn't stop i was binging on protein all week! Still lost 2lbs last week but nothing compared to previous weeks!
    I've tried really hard this weekend to get back to strict SS but i'm struggling so much! Im so angry with my CDC if she'd never of said that i'd never of touched protein!:mad:
    SO... what do i do?
    I either give up, which i dont want to do, OR try a different plan!?:(
    Can anyone tell me about the 790 plan? Do you think this would be a good solution? Whats the weight loss like?

    Any advice greatly appreciated! x
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  3. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hiya Claire

    I totally empathise with you and would like ask how much of your previous success was down to your CDC? Or was it down to yourself because you stuck to the plan and made it work for you?

    When you first decided to have some protein, how much of it did your CDC say that you could have and also what types of protein did she say you could have? Did she say to also follow it up with whatever takes your fancy...

    To cut it short Claire, what I'm really saying is that yes she may well have said what she said and her intentions may well have been honourable however, it was you who took the action to eat it and to take it further! Just like once you've achieved your goal it will be you who has achieved it!

    CDC's come in varying guises, as we know, and we are here to support our clients but, unfortunately, we cannot make their decisions for them.

    Use what you've already learned Claire and celebrate your successes and then make the decision to continue on your journey in the way that YOU want to continue it...what is wrong with saying "thank you but that's not for me right now!" and continuing with what you know works for you...:)
  4. htpink

    htpink CDC

    Its really hard for CDC to know how to pitch it - surely if someone is sitting in front of them saying they are struggling so much etc, don't know if they can continue (not saying thats what you were saying Claire) - then its better to suggest a little bit of protein if they really can't manage any other way?

    On the other hand - how is the CDC to know whether giving that option will trigger an "its ok to cheat" downward spiral in their client?

    I agree with Diva - all CDC's are different and will try to read their client's needs, but at the end of the day - the individual has to make the decision what to put into their mouth!
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  5. CJ_06

    CJ_06 Full Member

    I didn't ask for people to defend CDC's I asked for help!
    I wasn't looking to blame anyone as you seem to both be implying! I was simply asking for advice on how to get myself back on track.
    As for what my CDC said to me, I wasn't struggling, doing brilliantly actually, another woman there said she had had a bit of protein in the week, CDC replied by saying "oh dont worry about that you can eat as much protein as you like, it wont take you out of ketosis or ruin the diet!"
    Now not being a CD expert i listen too and take the advice of my CDC. When your told you can still have gr8 results and enjoy unlimited protein then your going to do it because you dont think it's wrong!
    I feel that my CDC shouldn't of said that to me or the other woman and i came here to try and get some support and guidance as to what i could do that didn't result in me giving up.
    Instead i've been made to feel like it's all my fault because Diva - "it was me who took the action to eat it and to take it further!"
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  6. Isis

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    Hi Claire,

    I'm SSing at the moment but have done 790 before when I felt I needed some small meal once a day. My losses were still good on it.....roughly 4-6lbs a week and I was chuffed with that. As long as you weigh out the portions really carefully, then this plan might be an option for you. It's bleeding hard, I know!!!:)

    I do like protein as well, have to say. My problem is that I'm not very good at stopping once I start and can devour a whole chicken(no skin:( ) sometimes:eek:.

    I'm planning my AAM week for Xmas week so that if I want I can have more turkey than usual, or chicken if I get bored with

    Have a look at the booklets again if you think it might help and go over the different plans on CD. That's what I do from time to time and for me, it does help.

    Best Wishes,

  7. CJ_06

    CJ_06 Full Member

    Thanks Lacey! It's good to know you still had good losses! I know it's hard to stop once you start but knowing it's ok to have a small meal and knowing exactly how much is alright would keep me disaplined instead of out of control!
    Thanks for your reply, I'm going to check the booklet and maybe give it ago 4 a week! x
  8. Isis

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    I agree Claire about the discipline bit as I need to be like that with myself. It stops me from having an all out binge usually and gives me a focus.:eek: :D

    Let us know how you get on and what you decide to do. It's worth a try for a week if it's going to keep you on track and stop using the stick to beat yourself with:D

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  9. Diva

    Diva Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Well first of all Claire, I'm sorry that you did not like my response and am quite surprised that you would think that I was implying that you were struggling...quite the opposite in fact, as I quite clearly stated that you should celebrate your successes.

    The great thing about this forum is that there are plenty of us on here to help, support and guide you and where one person may fall down it is quite likely that there will be others that can pick you up and set you on your way again. It would be great if there was a "one size fits all" (please 'scuse the pun!) approach as I'm sure we would all benefit greatly from it...but alas there is not.

    I'm just glad that you were able to get the support and advice you need and am rooting for you to continue to succeed and reach your goals.... :)
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