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Sero bars.... discuss !!

Hello - just thought I'd throw in a potential 'hot topic'.:eek:

Does anyone eat the sero bars - low carb bars?

My friend does - and was on TFR and continued to lose. i'm not sure I want to risk it - but have missed a couple of shakes due to meetings at work etc.

Thoughts please !! :D

Thank you, Caren.x
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Hi Caren,
never heard of them but I doubt if they are allowed as not on the plan. Have you tried the flapjacks. I quite like them, esp the coconut one and they are very convenient for outings etc.
Take care.
omg sero bars are fowl. they taste even worse than lipotrim flapjacks
sorry lol that wasnt very imformative:rolleyes:


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sorry, i've never heard of them before! but i wouldn't do it! you're not meant to have anything except the shakes, soup, or flapjacks if you want this diet to work for you! good luck xx
I didnt like them at all and I love all the shakes and soup but just thought they were like card board.. i brought all mine back, maybe get one of each and try but it took me a day to nibble at one haha.... but some people seem to like them so give them a go...
I really didn't like either of the flapjacks ! Glad someone has tried and think the sero bars are awful ! The 'make up' match the flapjacks though, thats why I considered it.

Thank you for your replies.
Personally don't think it's worth risking eating anything not specified - but give the flapjacks a go. I've avoided them so far, but will try one one day i think!
I have tried sero bars when I was on cambridge diet as they are very low carb and the ingredients listed were almost the same - too bad they taste awful and smell of vomit :jelous: (was starving about an hour after too - I'm sure they are only supposed to be used as a snack bar rather than a meal).

I tried the peanut flavour and the white choc/berry flavour - both yuk and rather gritty hard pieces in that could damage your teeth!! and nowhere near as filling or tasty as the cambridge bars.

Definately not worth it!!!

yeah i've used sero bars whilst doing this diet and my losses have been fine, they do taste disgusting though!! I hated the flapjacks at first but now after a good few weeks tfr they do taste ok and are really convenient x
was never offered flapjack bars - if i really fed like having a meal at night i restrict myself to 1 l.trim and then have chicken and veg stir fry at night - don't over go your calories allowance of 425 approx but then if you walk every day 2 hours should cancel this out - don't really believe in 100% ketosis

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