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Setting target


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There's no set time to do it. It's entirely up to you when you do it and what your set. Even then it's not set in stone. You're the boss, you pay the money, you decide.


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Yup that's what I thought. A lady at our group was 2lb away from target but was away on her hols for the next 3weeks so the SW C told to reset her target to her weight that day so that she was at target now and then she didn't have to pay or lose the weeks she was away for as her holiday allowance.

I've been doing SW (restarted) for 2 months now and I still havent set a target at class yet although I do know where I want to get to. I just get fed up of people saying "oh thats really low are you sure, you cann't be that weight" What people forget is I'm really short!! So I havent bothered cos I dont want the coments.

Its totally up to you. Technically you could set your maximum weight as your target and when you get there take re decide if that's where you want to be or if you want to lose more. x
I have set my target to be within my healthy BMI. I know it's a load of crap, but it would make me feel better going to my heart appointments and the like if I was within my healthy BMI range. Mine is set for 10st, as an ultimate goal, which would take me into the higher half of my healthy BMI :)

My Mum is worried that I will be 'too' thin. But, to be honest, I have never been within a healthy weight range my entire adult life, so I dunno what I will look like or how I feel feel at that weight. It's gonna be exciting to find out ;)

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