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Severe weight gain!!

Oh my god, been looking into how much weight i will expect to put on over my pregnancy and what the hell!! 30lbs (icluding baby)!!!!!! arrrrgggghh!!!!!!!!!:confused::eek::eek::eek:

that is a lot!!!

still sooo so happy today though!! its our 2nd wedding anniversary today too so a great anniversary present!!! xx
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It needn't be that much hun! My friend's only put on 1½ and she's not even following food optimising...just eating healthy and keeping gently active.Most of it is baby, placenta and gubbins...so as long as you don't eat for two from conception, you'll be fine.

And it will all be worth it for a gorgeous, healthy bubba x
I found out I was expecting my little girl on our 2nd anniversary too! :p

I didn't put on 30lbs with either of my pregancies. Don't really know how much, but within a week or two I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maybe cos my pre-pregancy weight was overweight to start with :eek:


Bring it on!
I put on a stone with my first two pregnancies and one and a half with the last. I lost all the weight with the last two within about 3-4 weeks and now (6 weeks later) i weigh less than at the start of the first. Best advice i can give is eat healthily and definately not for two! Good luck and don't worry about it...there's always SW waiting for you :)
You only need to have an extra 200 cals or something like that when your preg....but it is very easy to stuff your face with wispa's like me :) Oooh i could eat a few right now
Hi there, I only put on 24lbs and that was carrying Twins! Who I carried to 38 weeks. With my daughter it was only 14lbs. I also think it all depends on what you eat but don't worry too much just enjoy it x
I went from 10.5st to 14st 13! :eek::eek: I looked like a ball with a head... ooh no, like an M & M person! :giggle:

When I went back to WW 6wks after I had my daughter I weighed in at 11st 11.... so not a bad loss! x


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Everyone is different hun, just eat sensibly. Will you stick to SW?

Also don't forget that breastfeeding will help your uterus to shrink back to size and help shift a lot of weight afterwards....that's if you choose to bf.
Happy Anniversary hun. I wouldn't worry too much, just enjoy being pregnant, if you eat sensibly, healthily and follow the guidelines you'll be fine - don't diet though when you are pregnant (saw a really scary programme about women that diet during pregnancy) and don't forget once youve had your little bundle of joy, the weight of the baby, placenta and water will immediately come off.
Everyone carries differently. I ate healthily and put on nearly 4.5 stone. Depends on who you are :)

ps - happy anniversary x


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I followed SW when preggie with my last baby and I weighed the same the week I fell pregnant as the day before my son was born!! Some weeks my weight maintained - I still managed a couple of losses here and there but I wasn't concentrating on losses during pregnancy just healthier controlled eating for baby and me. My son was born a healthy 7lbs 13oz - 2 days later I went to my weigh in at class and had GAINED 1 lb !!!! I WAS GUTTED!!! BUT the following week I lost 1 stone 4 lbs (18 lbs!!!!!) - course I couldn't get S.O.W as gained the week before - LOL.
It can be done - I am sure I was more focused and committed with my baby inside than when it is just for my benefit.
Good Luck, Congrats on your baby-to-be and your Wedding Anniv.



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
no panic you only put on alot if you are a low bmi, people who have enough weight stores can easily maintain if they follow slimming world or any other healthy eating plan a girl in our group only put on just over a stone and has nearly lost it all now XXXX happy anniversary.
ahh thats made me feel a lot better!!! im not actually doing slimming world while im prgnant as i saw the same programme that was mentioned in this thread, scared the life out iof me!! im eating tonns of fruit and veg and basic thing with all ma vitamins, so am eating extremely healthily, so i shouldnt gain too much extra xx

Although im not doing slimming world for the duration, im still gonna be on here, your all soooooo so helpful!! especiaclly as i cant tell anyone yet!!! arrrg its driving me insane!! i think me and hubby are gonna tell the parents this weekend x cant wait!!!
Don't worry too much about it - as long as you eat a healthy diet you should be fine. My sons each weighed very nearly 10lb when born and I also carried a lot of water with my second. Everyone is different, just relax and enjoy being pregnant.

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