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Sexy Boots - I'm coming to get you!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Hamish's Mum, 14 September 2012 Social URL.

  1. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Well my packs have come today, a good old mixture and I am ready to start tomorrow.

    So looking forward to it as I am just feeling more and more miserable with the way I look and my clothes are starting to get tight again. I have done Atkins a few years ago and lost 2 stone which I have kept off since, but have been playing about with SW for over a year now. I think I am only about half a stone lighter than when I started.

    I am the type of person who really needs a controlling diet, too much choice and I will eventually falter. If I am not allowed it I don't touch it, but counting wine and naughty stuff in syns each week means I just crave it more. Now my daughter is away to Uni, I only have myself to think about for eating during the day so I am hoping I will manage fine. I love being in ketosis (only symptom I have usually is feeling very cold) as I just have more energy. It usually takes me about 5 days or so, but I do get there.

    I am also a member of my local gym, but am paying but never been for months, so I will start going back to that 3 times a week once I am managing the diet. I have told my OH I am not drinking any alcohol again until Xmas, so he wont buy me a sneaky bottle of wine here or there. I have told no one that I am going to do a VLCD, as I have never done one before I know it will be hard. I have to keep my secret as my best friend is a SW consultant and if she knew I was going to diet in this way I would never hear the last of it, just so not worth the hassle of telling anyone.

    So as I am a very slow loser usually, I will be happy if I can average a 2lb loss each week, although more would be amazing. I would like to lose 32lb as a mini target by Xmas, not sure if that is realistic or not.

    My long term goal is 10st, regardless of whether I start getting loose skin or not. I sure look awful with clothes on or off at the moment so a bit of saggy skin is part of the course.

    When I am slim enough I am going to buy myself an expensive pair of black high heeled leather knee high boots. My sexy boots! Have never wore any since my mid twenties cos my legs are too big.

    Anyway, I am writing this diary for myself, but I would love to hear your advice along the way

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  3. v12345

    v12345 Silver Member

    Hiya and welcome.
    Am re-starting tomorrow as well for 14 weeks! We can buddy up with ya want. Aiming to lose 3-3.5 stones in that time.

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  4. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Day 1

    Have had a strawberry shake, which was very nice. Drinking my water, bottle with me at all times. I am going to have a meal packet, maybe the curry one, with some chicken and mushrooms added for my tea and then a bar later when I get the muchies and OH is on his beer and peanuts.

    Was at a work friends wedding last night and most of my friends have been on diets this year, some have been very successful and looked great last night. On the otherhand, I looked huge in a green top and black trousers. But I refused to be self conscious or not get up and dance (which meant I had to look at myself cos the dancefloor had a wall of mirrors) because I told myself I will never look like this again, and by Xmas I too will look like my friends in their lovely new dresses. I am going to try and have a more positive outlook and have even downloaded a few self motivating books onto my kindle.

    My family and friends think I am going to be doing SW red days, so will hopefully not comment on my diet and just leave me be. Will take my measurements soon, not moan to myself about it but just take them and then put it away to do again in a few weeks. May even take a fat photo of myself in my underwear that I can look at if I feel my willpower starting to ebb.

    Going to make myself a lovely cup of peppermint tea, and watch a bit of Hercule Poirot!
  5. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Day 2

    Felt great when I got up this morning although I did dream of food! Had a caramel shake for breakfast, very nice, think I prefered it to the strawberry one and a dark chocolate bar later this afternoon. I feel hungry within an hour of eating the shakes, but the bar seems to fill me up for so much longer. I am going to have chicken and veg, and then another shake later this evening as a treat. I am missing my veg though, usually eat tons of it and 200g doesn't seem that much :confused:

    I have been feeling hungry today and after taking my MIL supermarket shopping, had to eat a handful of prawns to stop feeling light headed. Although a bit of extra protein today, at least it kept me still on track.

    Have a bit of a headache too, and feel a bit short tempered with OH and my 16yr old son, although he does his best to drive me crazy anyday, so thats nothing new.

    Have been reading a lot of the older posts and threads, going through weight losses and the struggles that people have had, just trying to keep my head in the game before ketosis kicks in this week hopefully. Glad I chose a week off work to start this diet, think I am going to need it to get used to it.
  6. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Two more days and that hunger will pass hun

    Well done your doing fantastic Xx
  7. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Thanks, just drinking my water and looking forward to my can of coke zero later
  8. Lillipud

    Lillipud Full Member

    Hi Just had a look at your stats and I have a similar amount to lose. :sigh: My son is 17 and just keeps on grazing on food when he is home!
    I have to pour myself some water whenever he comes into the kitchen!
    Loved the idea of sexy boots:)
    Hope you had a good day... I have told some people that I am dieting but, like you am fed up justifying a VLCD so will probably have my protein and veg when in company eating situations:rolleyes:
  9. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    day 4

    Everything still going fine, haven't seemed to have any real unpleasant symptoms, other than feeling a lot colder than normal especially in the evening. Slight headache and irritibility seem to have passed, sometime I have a bit of nausea and although still hungry not so much I think.

    I have enjoyed everything so far, but the thought of eating one of the meal packs makes me feel a bit quesy, don't understand why as I have ate a few already and they were nice.

    Had to help out at my friends SW group last night, and because she thinks I am doing red days I took my protein meal with me, salmon with lettuce, cucumber and green pepper.Nobody even noticed I wasn't following the SW plan and I made an excuse that I was going to weight at home for a few weeks so I didn't need to go on her scale.

    Although tempted to have a sneaky peak I haven't yet in case I have no weight loss.

    My 18yr old has just started Uni and is living a few hours away from home, and she has been driving me mad with her lack of organising herself and telling me she has no time to do that because she is too busy going out with friend, but she went for a part time job interview today which she got and has induction on saturday, so hoping this will help ease some of the financial stress.

    So trying to stay positive and organised and think about ordering more packs from the website to keep me going.
  10. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Will be great to see what weight loss you can achieve, hopefully it will spur me on too
  11. lorraineA

    lorraineA Silver Member

    Well done and keep it up and you'll be in thiose sexy boots before yu know it.I know exactly what you mean about the boots. I could never get any to fit around my huge calves and came across the specialist shop Duo - went to the shop in Manchester and was measured - ended up having to get the largets calf size and even then they gace me a size 8 boot when I am only a 6 or 7 to make sure I could get them on. Even then it was a struggle to get them zipped up.When I was on S&S before and lost a fair bit of weight, these boots were like boats on me and I took great pleasure in zipping them up while wearing trousers tucked into them when before I needed help to just get my legs in and zip up!Now I am back on track I think I will follow your example and get myself some new ones in a much smaller calf size and a higher heel - sexy!!
  12. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    I am always so jealous of people who have nice boots, lol. My legs are just too big. I would like a classy black pair and treat myself to some bright purple Hunter wellies for when I walk the dog. Then I can be just like a normal person!
  13. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Those wellies will be yours hun :) treat yourself at a mini goal

    Well done so far x
  14. Imogen129

    Imogen129 Member

    Good Luck!
  15. Lillipud

    Lillipud Full Member

    I always have the same problem with boots and optimistically hope that a size 7 will be much larger round the calf than the 3 on display!
    Rarely fits me though. Got some in Evans last year, but not that glamorous!
  16. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Actually got my wedding ring on tonight very easily and it spins around. Usually its a massive struggle to get it on and off and feels too tight.
  17. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Just popping by to wish you luck :) Love the idea of having the boots as a reward for when you get to goal. I've always been lucky in that my calves aren't as big as they should be for my weight really so I've got a 2 or 3 nice pairs of boots. They can still be difficult to find though, always have to try them on to check!
  18. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    Day 5

    So far a good start to the morning, had my hazelnut shake which I wasn't expecting to like but it really was lovely and am now having a coffee. In fact have tried loads of shakes and like them all.

    Also had a sneaky weigh in and on the morning of day 5 I had already lost 6lb! Wow, hope it stays off until my official weigh in on Saturday. I can't decide if I am finding this diet easier or harder than I expected. I certainly didn't have much in the way of carb withdrawal, a bit irritable and a bit of a headache and hungry of course. Feel a bit edgy last night and today hope that improves, could be the diet but also have some stresses going on with my daughter at Uni.

    Just had my cat back from the vet again and another two jags and an £80 bill, think I have spent around £380 on him now in last 5 weeks, normally would have had to buy myself something nice to eat on the way home but never did today, and have walked past the bars of chocolate my son has in the kitchen too. Think the fact that I have no sense of smell does help, otherwise I am sure I would be at least sniffing the chocolate wrappers!

    Hoping to get to the gym this afternoon for another 30 minute session. I don't do a lot but it always makes me feel so much better. My 16yr old son has a big weight table thing in the garage with all his weights and uses that when he is not at the gym, once I have lost some weight I will get him to show me how to do some basic weight training to help tone me up.

    Sun shining, need to get off the PC and hang out my washing.
  19. Lillipud

    Lillipud Full Member

    That's fantastic....it makes you feel so motivated.. x:)
  20. JanBow

    JanBow Full Member

    Well done sounds like you're going great guns. I'm pear shaped & have always had big legs, can't wear normal boots & think the idea of getting a really nice pair at goal a great one!
  21. Hamish's Mum

    Hamish's Mum Silver Member

    I am supposed to be apple shaped as I carry a lot of weight around my belly, but I am fat all over too. My sister is overweight around her tum but has the smallest legs, arms and fingers. Even her face is neat. Often say it would be lovely to be thin so that I can see what my face is supposed to look like, it is too covered in podge just now and very round. Really looking forward to having a smaller face.

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