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Shake It

Day five and I am feeling really good, no hunger pangs at all very exciting. Started back work yesterday :( and I took a shake with me but because I have not told anyone at work what I am doing I was trying to take it in private (difficult), I poured the powder into a small volvic bottle and gave it a little shake but it was all lumpy and vile :eek: also lost 1/4 of the powder. Today I did not take one to work and had shake at 7am, 5pm and 7.30pm unsure if this is OK or should be more spaced out. I would prefer to take one at work but mix it in the house before I go but someone advised me that I cant pre-mix the powder as it has to be drank within 15 minutes is this true and if so does anyone know why?
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I know what you mean im trying to do it on the quiet or at least without fuss, but im lucky i just drive home. As for the time delay in eating im not sure. The 15 minute drink time is I believe something to do with the vitamin break down?
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Haha yesterday I mixed mine in a water bottle too!! Didn't take one today after 10am and only home now, a stupid thing to do but I was soooo busy. Felt incredibly faint and weak from 3pm onwards, really not a good idea!! Though for some reason I wasn't hungry?!?!?! I'm on day 4 but no smelly breath so I doubt it's katosis? NEVER leaving it so long without a shake, felt like sh!t BUT on the bus home was reading a mag and a woman was talking about how she lost 10st on CD which is exactly the same as this so that sooo brightened me up. Got soup into me, tasted like HEAVAN!!

How is everyone? Feel like I haven't been on in ages!

Daisy-I'm on day 6 and don't have smelly breath! Thank goodness! But I must be in Ketosis by now! Maybe you are going to be lucky with the breath! Not everyone is the same I guess.

Anyone else managed to escape the bad breath?! (What a conversation, hey?!)
day 4 and doing ok! no bad breath yet, though have got mouthwash at work, that i gargle periodically just in case!
No bad breath, no one wants to kiss me any way:cry::D:D:Dxx
S: 19st9lb
My chemist never gave me those ketostix things to know when I'm in ketosis, so if I don't get smelly breath how will I know?
I'm not really feeling belly hunger anymore, slight bit of head hunger when I go too long without a shake though.
I've bought some Ketostix off eBay but they are taking a while to turn up - I better bloody be in ketosis by now!

If you are drinking water very regularly I find the bad breath is not noticeable. I take my water bottle everywhere so am having a sip every couple of minutes at work (got funny looks in my meeting yesterday but tough!) However, in the evening I'm not so good and went for 45 minutes earlier without a sip of water and noticed my bad breath awfully plus a funny taste in my mouth and a furry tongue! Yuk!

So I guess if yuo are drinking constantly you might not notice it. Or you might just be lucky and then I'm jealous!!! :D
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I am but got really scared today cos I was drinking loads and my kidney started to KILL me, really really sore. How weird is that after ME giving advise about that!! Switched to warm peppermint tea and felt bit better. Home now, sipping water and the pain is gone. Hopefully for good!!

I had really bad pains today (so bad I went home from work and work were so worried they got me a taxi because they didn't think I was fit to drive - cold sweats, high temperature etc!). Still a bit sore now but I think it was really bad constipation! :eek: Hadn't been for at least a couple of days and struggled to go today - took a few attempts. Unfortunately I didn't manage before weigh in! Damn!

I ordered some psyllium husks on Sunday night which will hopefully be here soon but made Neil get me some Fibresure from Tesco - I have taken one serving although it didn't mix very well.

Glad to hear your kidneys are feeling better Daisy - pains like that are worrying. Glad the peppermint tea made you feel a bit better. I'm actually starting to like peppermint tea although I find it makes me extra thirsty so I have to have a glass of water at the same time (not that I'm complainnig!)
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I really like peppermint tea now, I'm actually excited about my taste buds changing. Today was like an odd breakthrough for me, I kept pointing out to myself when I would usually eat and what it would be (turns out it was all the time and everything!!) , i never realised how unheathly I've become in the last year!! I love how LT does that, changes your entire attitude to food!


Seeking thinner peace
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Hey Muffin,

Sorry if it sounds obvious but the tetra packs (assuming you are doing CD) might serve you better at work. I know all about trying to conceal the diet from colleagues too. Too many questions and then subtle sabotage (what with all the cakes and biscuits and offers of chinese takeaways).
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Julie is there nothing you can take for the pain?
Nurofen? Curer of all?

S: 19st9lb
Julie is there nothing you can take for the pain?
Nurofen? Curer of all?

Yeah, I took some Nurofen (I was really bad and sucked them a bit before swallowing because they tasted so sweet! :eek: Just a bit achy now (couldn't move initially!)

Thanks for your concern :) xxx
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Ooooo how did I post twice, at different times??
This computer hates me.
Plus, what's tetrapack? I'm on LT though?
I think tetrapak must be a shake ready made up in a carton (just stick a straw in) as tetrapak is a packing company that makes ribena and orange juice cartons etc (as well as other stuff).
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Aww no use on LT so:( I wise there was an easier way to do it in work, hee hee we sound like we're in a secret society!


we'll be doing funny hand shakes soon:D
I haven't done it in work yet either and end up with a huge gap between my breakfast shake and the mext one when I get home from work. I got a soup oday (just one) but really liked it. The pharmacist said I could swap some of my others if I liked it so I might go back tomorrow and swap some of my shakes over. They were out of chocolate so still haven't been able to try that yet!

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