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Shake query

Day 4 of being on CD and going ok so far..

Have given in to a coke zero and its not effecting ketosis :) delighted but will have a max of 1 a day.

Anyway I am back to work tomorow and need to take a shake for lunch.. I haven't any tetras ( will get these for next week ) and I do not want to do any mixing at work as I am not telling anyone I am doing CD. I work in an office full of woman and they do not approve of VLCD and its not worth the hassle of trying to defend it.

On the packet it says that you have to consume a shake within 15 mins.. Does anyone leave longer than this as I am thinking of mixing in the morning and taking it with me.
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You have to drink the shakes within 15 mins otherwise it loses its nurtrients i think.
I had coke zero one a day for my first week and it didn't effect weight loss,but i'm no longer hungry and am happy with the water and cd water flavouring.


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The reason you have to consume your shake within 15 minutes is that some of the vitamins are water soluble and on a vlcd you need to make sure you are getting your daily requirement as otherwise you will probably get run down and unwell.

Some people have a shake in the morning and then have their two other shakes in the evening.

As long as you are drinking enough water throughout the day you will be fine.

This is just another option until you get your tetras and bars which are very handy indeed.
hiya, poppys is right the shake will lose vit and minerals. Is there anyway you could get some tetra's from your cdc at short notice? You could just have your shake as normal in the morning then pretend your sick at lunchtime. You would be ok till you get home from work unless you work long hrs??
Well, I have found that if you mix with a fork and use hot water, then the Chocolate shake is the easiest to get virtually lump free without a blender. Also, any lumps that remain aren't that awful;)

I find that any shake made with hot water mixes better than cold, so that could be an option, and I believe that soups mix more easily than shakes - although I've only had a few and didn't like them so can't fully confirm this.

So maybe give a hot choc a try this evening to see if you can mix it up well enough at home, then just go with that tommorrow. I think the Choc mint mixes up ok too.

But, mix it with half the water, and whisk with a fork until as smooth as possible, then add the rest of the water and stir and it should be relatively lump free.
Great advice, Will take a choc and mint and try mixing into a paste with hot water and then add more water.

Thanks everyone, What a friendly forum x
I also do not feel I can mix a shake at work, so I have one before work at 7 and than a bottle of coke zero at lunch (nobody seems to notice I am not eating...) and another at about half five. I take my fonal one abouyt half eight which is usually a bar or mousse which I put off as long as I can as it is so final!!!! usually go to bed after..... Hope this helps, once you are in a routine its grand
Hi, I also do not want to mix shakes at work and hate tetras. I mix a soup in the morning and keep it in the fridge at work then reheat it at dinner time. i know you are meant to consume them within 15 minutes but hey if I was able to stick to sensible food rules then I wouldn't be 3 stone overweight!!!:rolleyes:

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