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  1. Neveragain

    Neveragain Well-Known Member

    Hi all.
    I'm on my 4th day on shake that weight. This is the first time ever doing a shake diet, I have done weight watchers and slimming world. But it got too expensive buying in the food and feel like I was eating all the time.
    So since I left my day job to do my business full time. My food lifestyle went out of the window. Hated eating during the day as I was working on orders (contamination) so I would live on diet Pepsi to curb my hungry and a big bowl of cereal and then at night would catch up and eat during the evening with no excerise so going to bed with a full tummy.

    So my body expanded and I began to hide. Hating dropping my kid off school having nice weather and I'm hiding in my coat. So I was wanted to do something where I can eat during the day and work and not worry about food on my fingers. So I choose this. Was hard going from big meals to liquid but so far I'm enjoying the flavours. Just finished my chocolate shake through a straw and I was scared I wasn't going to like it. But I do!
    Simply gorgeous and the caramel on too!
    Do you have a favourite?

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. lisa027

    lisa027 Well-Known Member

    Hi neveragain

    I'm on day 1 and the chocolate is my fav so far lol

    I've got a huge sweet tooth so hoping this diet is the one for me, I did Cambridge last year but only stuck to it for 10 days and felt to I'll
    I'm hoping this one works better for me a you can have a small meal

    How you finding it? X
  4. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Hiya, I'm starting shake that weight (4shakes) how are you getting on xxx

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  5. lisa027

    lisa027 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mel

    I'm on 3 shakes a day and a small meal, so far I'm feeling good, I had a pounding headache yesterday but feeling good today
    How about you? X
  6. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    So is this your 2nd day? I haven't started yet, will be starting on Sunday. I want to do 4 shakes, no food, total food replacement. I'm impatient and want the weight loss as quick as poss lol! Fed up with being this big. Do you have much to lose....I've around 8 stone to lose :-( xxx

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  7. lisa027

    lisa027 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mel

    Yeah today is day 3 for me, I have to have a meal I literally cannot do without food haha, I did total food replacement last ear and lasted 10 days then passed out so I said I'm definitely having the small meal a day lol

    You excited to get started?
    Yeah I have around 9 stone to lose ? quote daunting when you think about it so I'm telling myself get rid of a stone first (less scary) lol x
  8. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    OMG! Yh, after passing out I can c why u would not want to do tfr again!
    I did it before, it was called lipotrim. I really enjoyed it, fast weight loss and I felt great to! I lost 3 and a half stone, kept it off for a year but then put on 7 stone when I had depression! Soooo annoying! Lol!
    To be totally honest tho, I'm not looking forward to tfr but I hate this weight, I don't look good or feel good.....everything is hard work! So I NEED to do this.....and I WILL do this!!! :) .......providing I'm not hungry lol!!!!! Xxx

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  9. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Oh, and yes it really is soooo daunting isn't it! But I try n tell myself that there is plenty of people who have been 2 even 3 or more times bigger than I am and they've lost the weight so it is most certainly far from impossible so if they can do it, I can do it xxx

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  10. lisa027

    lisa027 Well-Known Member

    Exactly Mel! We can do this!! Lol

    Give the it ago and if your struggling have the small meal option as well, I look forward to it!
    I'm having grilled chicken with lettuce tonight and I can't wait! Haha!!

    I like this diet because quicker results which I need to stay focused! Good in you losing the weight before and it can't be helped when your hit with depression everything goes to hell!
    Also look at you now doing this! ? xx
  11. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lisa :) yes we can do this!!!! Go us! Yay! :D Lol!
    Yh that's a good idea actually to have the small meal if I can't do tfr rather than totally give up because I really can't afford to not do it as I'm slowly getting bigger and bigger!
    How r u feeling today? Still getting better with everyday? Xxx

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  12. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Btw, I'm exactly the same as you with needing quick results! If it's not fast enough I lose motivation! I need to see a difference ASAP which is why slimming world, weight watchers etc aren't for me! Although I have decided to lose the majority of weight through tfr then go to slimming world to lose the last half a stone to help me with learning to eat properly again and then also once I'm at target that gives me life long free support. I think that's what I need. Left to my own devices it'll probably creep back on (the weight) lol! Xxx

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  13. lisa027

    lisa027 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mel

    Yeah try the meal, I look forward to it everyday lol and I'm surprisingly not missing the carb overload I normally have e.g chips and bread lol

    I'm feeling good at the min, I'm hoping I'm going to sail through this week lol, though I will say by the end of the day I'm absolutely shattered! But Isleeping great because I'm so tired lol

    I'm exactly the same as you I lose interest if I don't see results quickly and I'm going to go to ww once my weight near to what I want to help control my eating, I hate to think I'll lose weight then just pile it back on and be back to the beginning again!! I did that after the Cambridge plan, I lost 1st in 10 days and then when I stopped it creeped back on with more!!
    I need to learn portion size and to stop eating when I'm full lol that's my downfall lol

    So you feeling excited for getting started?

    I checked this morning and I'm now in ketotis and I've lost 10lb since Monday!!! But I will say I had been on the drink last weekend so probably heavy due to bloating on the Monday when I weighed in but still I'm accepting what the scales have told me haha! Xxx
  14. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Hiya Lisa, so what do you have as a meal? Do u add seasoning, herbs, salad dressings etc? Is it just salad leaves/lettuce or other salad bits to?

    When your feeling good on a diet, it really helps you to stick at it doesn't it. That's what I'm looking forward to, having more energy in the daytime! Lol! Why do you think your so tired by the evening? You sound like your doing really well :thumbup:
    Yh I'm a nightmare for fad diets, diet pills that don't work lol! I've wasted soooo much money on things that don't work or that don't give me fast enough results lol!
    Ww have a new plan don't they? I Went years ago but got on better with sw.
    1 stone in 10 days...WOW!!! That's amazing isn't it! Yh it is awful when it goes back on! I lost 3 and a half stone then put on 7! Whoopsieeee! :eek:
    I also need to learn portion control, eat less carbs, go for healthier snacks instead of chocolate and crisps! It doesn't help having fussy eaters to cook for! I enjoy cooking but not when everybody won't eat the same thing....even a salad isn't simple to prepare in this house! Lol!
    I wasn't looking forward to starting but I've been chatting to you and another lady who both seem to be doing well and it's making me feel a bit more positive about it now I think.
    Ooooh wow! 10 lb since Monday is awesome! !!! Well done you!!! Yh totally, accept what the scales say......A loss is a loss (no matter where it's come from! Lol!) ;-)
    So how do u check to see if your in ketosis xxx

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  15. lisa027

    lisa027 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mel
    I've had chicken breast with lettuce, steak with lettuce and I had chicken breast that I added garlic powder to with cabbage and carrots
    The food makes you feel better.

    Yeah I'm so bad for carbs normally! I have team with every meal practically, I think that's why I've lost so much so quickly (plus I can afford to lose it!) haha

    Ah it's excited doing it! Everyday you feel better and less bloated, it keeps you motivated!
    I think I'm so tired by the end of the day because my fat is being used for energy so it's just while body readapts I'm guessing

    I've got the ketosis testing strips (ketostix) from amazon to test and I do it daily from day 2 and you can see by the colour of the stick
    Plus you know because you get more energy, feel less hungry and your mouth tastes abit funny lol, well it does for me lol

    I feel really motivated on this diet, I was like you trying all the fad dotes and pills and the same spent a fortune this time I know it's working and isn't nowhere near as expensive lol xx
  16. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Hiya lisa027, so u just keep it simple with the food. That's why I wanted to do tfr because I really needed to keep things as simple as possible so that's good to know if I do need to have a meal. so those foods don't take you out of ketosis then?
    Yh I'm the same with carbs! they're just toooo yummy! Lol!
    Yh that's makes sense why your tired in the evening.
    That's what I loved about tfr before, everyday you feel better, less bloated and you can literally see the weight coming off weekly! I loved it! Lol!
    Last night I was looking back at my weekly weight losses from before and that made me feel excited to get started, I new it was good before but I'd forgotten just how amazing the loss every week was!!!
    I'm gonna order the ketosis sticks in a min! :))
    That's good that your feeling motivated this time! You're doing fab! Im Looking forward to your 1st weeks weigh in, ur getting on for a stone already! Eeeeek! So exciting isn't it! !!!!!! Xxx

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  17. patriciasmith

    patriciasmith Member

    I am on 3 shakes a day diet..& believe me it's just amazing..I had never feel such rejoicing moments about weight loss..It's flabbergast by all means... :)
  18. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Hiya Patricia, I remember how I felt when I did a 3 shake plan before and you're absolutely right about how it makes you feel, I felt amazing, the best I'd ever felt, I had so much energy and I loved seeing the weight come off from week 1! Absolutely brilliant! How are you doing xxx

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  19. mileo65

    mileo65 Member

    Hello ladies ! Just started shaje that weight yesterday day 2 for me.I'm loving ur chats and looking forward to shed it with u guys if u don't mind.I am 20.4 I think and need to lose 6 stones before feb.How are u all doing?
  20. xxmelxx

    xxmelxx Well-Known Member

    Hiya mileo65, how are you finding it so far? The first 2 or 3 days are the hardest. I'm in my 1st wk still. Weighed myself after 3 days and had lost 7.3lbs. The weight loss is definitely a huge incentive to continue. Good luck with your journey :) xxx

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  21. mileo65

    mileo65 Member

    Hi Mel ! My 2nd day I'm still up and starving and all my thoughts are of food.WOW 71/2 pounds in 3 days that is awesome .I will be coming here a lot to get motivated by people so inspirational like u

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