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  1. I have tried various vlcd and this one is my last hope.
    Having lost over six stone on lipotrim in the past three years I've gained that and even more. I last a week eating healthy and my problem is wanting too much.
    I am hoping to lose 4/5 stone in the next four months.
    Today is my first day and I am starving already
    Has anyone else tried this diet before and how is it for them?
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  3. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

    Hi i didn't want and run. I am not on Shake that Weight but I have done CWP an SnS successfully and of course many re-starts when I have regained when I didn't watch portions and make the right food choices etc. I would imagine that this vlcd is not particularly different to any other vlcd where packs are replaced with shakes, soups and bars - not in terms of difficulty and sticking to plan, especially in the first few days. You clearly have got what it takes - will power, determination commitment from your success on Lipotrim. It is of course harder the subsequent attempts i have found. I think replacing one vlcd for another can be due to price, variety, ones tastebuds change over time with products and with some the calorie or carb content. However, research has shown the weight loss on vlcd and lcd is not significant so a vlcd with 4 packs may be easier?

    Sorry i didn't mean to waffle! Stick through the hunger pangs today, distract yourself and drink your water and remind yourself you have done vlcd before and can do it again. You have to dig deep, as you will already know to get through the awful feeling of hunger pangs. Try sparkling water as it can give a sensation of feeling fuller? Also green tea? You've got to this afternoon and take each hour by hour and before you know it you will have completed a day.
  4. sukiray

    sukiray New Member

    I am on day two of shake that weight.... familiar feelings coming back to me:(

    I have previously done Lipotrim and sucessfully lost over 3 stone, done cambridge and lost over a stone but didnt stick to it and after nearly 5 years I am trying shake that weight. Feel really disappointed in self that I am going back to this type of diet but I really struggle to lose weight any other way. I have a bad relationship with food and taking 'food' out of the equation helps me focus.

    Day one was all fine, didnt have any headache or anything but all night my stomach kept me awake with its random rumblings... I swear it was telling me to eat. Today I feel fuzzy, head hurts, lacking energy and sat in an office full of people eating which just makes me sad lol

    Hopfully will be in ketosis by tomorrow evening and start feeling a bit better. Dont like the initial feeling.

    Have a good couple of stone at least I would like to lose... pref 3 stone but want to stay realistic.

    Seeking support to carry on!!!!!!!
  5. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

    Hi Suki, well done on getting day one done. As you know its getting through the first 3 days can be either ok or hell! Don't undo the hard work you put in for day one and keep positing here. Have you a diary thread? JE hasn't posted on here again so she may have decided not to do vlcd or have her diary elsewhere?
    Anyway it doesn't matter which vlcd plan anyone is on so you could always pos in the Slim and Save section as everyone is very friendly and many of us have been on LL or CWP etc.

    You have been successful at this before and you can do it again and my only advice which I must commit to take on myself is the plan for post vlcd and long term eating plan or you will gain it back. I have already demonstrated that I have gained some back though not all. Good luck with you journey and remember to post and you will get lots of support here.
  6. I've just had my first weigh in this morning and I am exactly 1 stone and 2lbs lighter.
    I made it through my first week, finally. Although on my first and second day I have chicken from M&S and then a few slices on cheese.

    In the first three days because I had left over shakes I was having four a day and now I've gone to just three. I am in ketosis but I'm still feeling hungry? Is this normal, it's been that long since I've done a shake diet that I can't remember.

    Also it seems to be my totm and I don't ever have periods. I was wondering has your totm ever changed your weight loss?

    I have a week of shake that weight, once I've completed this I plan to buy the six week pack.
    So fingers crossed I stay on track.

    Well done girls :)
  7. Kira

    Kira Gold Member

    That's great! Getting through the first week and the weight loss. I think the tweaks with non carb stuff like chicken and cheese clearly didn't harm the losses and still enabled you to get into ketosis. I have done that myself in the past just to stop me from falling off plan.

    TOTM has affected my losses in the past but then if I have stuck to plan I found I got a whoosh the following weigh in. Provided you stick to plan (or with the odd non carb tweak) you will continue to lose weight so don't let any STS weighs or even tiny gains put you off and keep going with it. By the way when I say totm has affected losses what i mean is the number of the scale hasn't gone down as much but the following week the scales showed more of a loss. So it isn't that it stops any loss it simply affects the number on scale not the fat loss if that makes sense.

    Are you keeping a diary on here? it can be very helpful especially on the days you may experience a wobble. The hunger can be gone one day and back with a vengeance even with ketosis. It doesn't disappear for the whole duration of the vlcd sadly. You also have to watch out for wantiin to eat because you feel deprived, stress emotions is you eat if you tend to comfort eat. I think it is different for everyone as to how easy or hard vlcd can be. For me it is whether I am fully committed to actually wanting to lose the weight.
  8. lisa027

    lisa027 Member

    Hey everyone I'm new and starting the shake the weight diet on Monday!

    This is my last weekend of food enjoyment before my "transformation" (as I am now calling it instead of a diet!) lol

    I've previously done Cambridge diet for 11 days and lost 12lb but didn't stick it out (which I've always regretted!) and of course put the weight and more back on ?

    I'm more determined than ever this time and know by setting Monday as my date I will stick it out, I've got about 5st to scary I know!!

    I've looked through this feed and think it's fab how you all support each other xx

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