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shaken or whizzed?


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good morning!!

when i 1st started cd i used a electric hand whizzer, but then yesterday i bought 1 of them shaker tub thingy ma jigs.... and i found the shakes nicer.... put an ice cub or 2 in after shaking and voila

so which do u prefer, whizzer or shaker?
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Got to be the whizzer for me. I use a pint of water for my shakes and love the bubbles the whizzer gives. I hate lumps so it's really important I can whizz enough. I have a rechargable one I take out to work with me...get some funny looks but hey ho.


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 15st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
does it make a big difference using a pint of water? ive only ever stuck the the instructions.. hmmm i might try the pint of water today..

lol using a rechargable 1 at work! can u imagine the faces at the noise off it if you didnt no what you were doing lol!!!
Whizzer for me to and plenty of ice yummy

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I prefer the whizzer too! Cant stand the lumps catching the back of my throat! urgh!
Ive always whizzed. Not got a shaker.
I have 300ml water with mine, and have everything hot. mmmmm hot banana, hot strawb, hot choc, lovely !!!
Lynne x
All hot eh? I have choc hot and I have had vanilla and coffee but didn't like it...I don't care about the noise of the blender, mostly in the car so stop in service stations......


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i use a shaker and put 400ml of water in my shakes. thing with the shaker you need to shake for at least a minute if not longer and you cant be limp wristed about it or yep there will be lumps. but sure all that shakings excersize right? lol


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blender for me with less water to make it thick,then drink a pint of water to dilute it in my stomach,i dont like any flavour ,or soup,and dont like bars,had a tetra its ok ,i will be glad at xmas when its all over,yukky yuk yuk but i am still 100% ss so the will is still there i am not giving up cos i am fussy,even if the shakes tasted of chips i would say i did not like it,how i got obese is beyond me i dont like anything lol.....


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Hi p-sarah, i started off using the blender then the whizzer now i mostly use a shaker cos i can't be bothered with washing up, call me weird but i actually like the lumpy bits!!! ha ha!!


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I use a blender or a stick whizzer without fail!

Can't bear lumps - they taste horrid to me.

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