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the pharmacy should have them, black plastic with drinking hole at top, mine did anyways... be prepeared for it to be a bit lumpy though no matter how long and hard you shake! (its ok though it gives you something to chew! LOL) ebay is full of em too....


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I don't find I get any lumps in mine when I use a shaker. Mine is a celebrity slim one from ages ago.... It has some weird seive thing in the top. I do shake like the clappers though!
yeah i have a seive on top of mine, its a work out in itself doing the shaking! did you leave the seive in when shaking? i always took mine out, i thought it was just for when drinking to seive off the lumps...


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I always leave it in. Reckon it might help bash out a couple of lumps!
Lol I'll look like a lonely man if I stay on this diet too long :)


please try again
the sieve at the top is designed to break lumps up while your shaking it, you will get lumps if you try to shake it without.

i use my shaker 3 times a day with no lumps :), you can get them in health food stores, ive picked mine up in asda before


Here we go again!
I use a shaker at work but blender at home. My shaker is one used by men wanting to build muscle with those shakes. It also has a sieve in the top which you are supposed to leave in to sieve out the lumps. Works a treat too. Never had any lumps. You can also buy shakers at tesco I think, only about a fiver. It gives you a really good workout too so it's all good!
thats where i went wrong - i took the seive out to shake... was nice and chewy though! lol


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thats where i went wrong - i took the seive out to shake... was nice and chewy though! lol


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I got one from the cambridge diet, it has a sieve too, if I shake well (with the sieve in) then I dont often get lumps. mine was £3.95.

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