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Proper shakers have a whisk type thing in the top, but if you mix with a little water first to a paste then top up you don't get the lumps. You can't use them with hot water for the soups though as they can explode with the heat lol.

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I am still a little hand whisk areo latte mixer kinda girl! hehe x
I have a shaker. Best thing I ever bought!
I can have shakes now with no lumps at all.
Again, it doesn't work with hot water. But I think next time I'll try to shake my soup with cold water and then microwave it
I bought a Kenwood Smoothie 2GO (£20 in Argos)last week and it makes great, lump-free shakes. Can't put hot water in it, so I blend soups and then put them in a bowl to microwave. I think it appeals to me because you make the "smoothie" in a 500ml beaker, which you can then drink from, and it's not huge like a normal blender.
Just buy a 99p milk frother from IKEA its a battery powered whisk thing, portable quick, does hot and cold things.

We also have an aerolatte one that came in a case so I can take it to work easier although it cost several times more than the IKEA one which does the same job!

I have a shaker for my shakes but still sometimes use the battery whisk as you get a nice frothy shake :D

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I used to use a handblender, and you can't really beat them - however for portability they aren't ideal.

LL used to provide a shaker that works brilliantly with the soups - and I have since found Tesco sell them for about £3-4 with their Sci-MX protein/nutrition shakes. They have an integrated sieve at the top that helps get lumps out - although for soups I still tend to use a blender to make sure there are no nasty lumps.. and again, boiling water makes them explode!! Microwaves are my best friends, lol.

A x
I tried using my hand blender and HATED how frothy the soup was. For my soups now I use my Bullet Blender.

For my shakes, I bought a shaker in Argos for £4 - like Anna says it has the sieve at the top which stops any lumps Ive found a minute of so of fiece shaking gets rid of any lumps at all :)
That's my problem with the soups too! Soup froth just isn't good!


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks everyone i bought a shaker for £2 odds from boots so will try it out today


Still Climbing That Hill!
That's my problem with the soups too! Soup froth just isn't good!

I also hate the froth but it's a hand blender i use for the soups and they always end up frothy, actually to be honest i thought thats just the way the soups were i didn't know it was due to the blender!


Still Climbing That Hill!
Just had my first shake via a shaker and it was ok :)
Ideally i use a hand blender fr the shakes but i also have a tony ferguson shaker bottle for if im out. Soups i stir really well with a whisk and "cook" them in a pot with all kinds of herbs and spices (the cooking part really tricks my mind into thinking iv made a nice creation lol) x


Still Climbing That Hill!
It;s a Tony Ferguson shaker i bought. Gonna have to try and make my soups in a pot as it's the frothiness that makes me gag.


Still Climbing That Hill!
I tried the vegetable soup today and just used a mini whisk adding the water very slowlyas I whisked and it was pretty much lump free.

Was it froth free though? I hate the froth

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