Shakes - straight away?

Discussion in 'Exante' started by kapekapekapekape, 25 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    Hi guys - I was wondering. When I was on CD I had to drink the shakes within 15 mins of making them. Is it the same with the Exante?
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  3. eca08

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  4. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    I don't understand why? Can anyone explain this to me?
  5. eca08

    eca08 Member

    As the nutrients degrade and start to break down so you wont be getting the full nutrition your body needs!

    Hope that helps!

  6. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    Okay thank you!
  7. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    They taste better straight away. The water soluble vitamins are best fresh. So best taste shakes make and drink ASAP.

    I also took the soup to work in a flask, five days a week for eight months, how boring! Give it a good shake and it's ok, the flavours don't deteriorate like the shakes. Bars are probably best on the move.

  8. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    Thanks for your input Getslimquick, I didn't buy any soups this time around as when I did CD I found them rather disgusting. So I tend to stick with the shakes and bars. - Yes you are right, bars are deffos better on the go. I just wish we could have more than one bar a day as I prefer to have a bar at breakfast time. It's sad but it keeps me going when I'm lying in bed at night hungry!

    Am I right in saying I won't get hungry after my first week has finished?
  9. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    Hunger is interesting, certainly when you are in ketosis the hunger goes but the sight and smell of food still trigger basic instincts. So even when you are well into it and losing food can call you back. I used to avoid TV commercials, cookery books and magazines with food porn! Cooking for my family was tough, sometimes I used to put a piece of orange peel between my teeth until I could escape. Some food smells are worse than others. I had lots of early nights to avoid going back into the kitchen, boring but not as boring as being too fat for any nice clothes.

    The other thing I found was out of the blue I would get a real hungry day, for no reason. It just happened and then the next day i would be fine. I still am not sure the difference between feeling tired and feeling hungry, around four or five pm still leaves me starving! And an apple is not always the answer i am looking for. I found diet drinks dr pepper etc made me hungry and lots of green tea helped. I found I was very cold so did it best in he summer, snow is tough for any diet as is January.

    But through it all the weight went, month by month a stone went and I became intoxicated by the magic of feeling slim. So it was well worth it.
    Two bars some days would be better than breaking it, do the best you can.
    Good luck
  10. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    Wow - you sound like you were really determined to succeed, and that obviously gave you the power to keep going and become the person you wanted to be.

    I think not feeling hungry will help me through the diet, but at the end of the day you are very right when you say to stay away from food. I do find however that if I drink my shakes at the dinner table whilst the family are eating their lovely meals I don't get bothered by it. As I'm filling up on a low calorie shake I know that what I am doing is much better for my health than their constant fatty dishes! And I think about how I would have made their meal healthier. I guess we all have our different ways to surviving! I couldn't imagine putting orange peel between my teeth, just looking in the mirror does it for me - but thanks for the tip cause when I start losing that might be something to try!

    Thanks xx
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