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shakes V soups


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Don't think it matters what you take as long as you stick to your daily quota. A friend of mine hates all the soups and shakes except the chocolate one and has lived on them for 8 weeks (Nightmare - overkill :sign0137:)
Good luck
That's absolutely fine. You can have any combination of shakes and soups that you like as long as you make sure you have 3 packs per day - but only 1 bar per day (when you're allowed them).

You can even have 3 soups a day if you wanted .. although most people probably wouldn't fancy a soup for breakfast :rolleyes:


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Hi Disco
I found that making the shakes in a smoothie maker with ice makes them much less sickly and far more palatable
hiya, I'm the opposite way to you, in that I hate the soups and love the shakes...

Althought admittedly I'm lazy and hate the blender lol so what I do is have the tetras... 2 tetras and a bar everyday, I guess you should just do what works for you on this diet! If you want 3 soups a day, go for it!


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hey - am on day 4 now and already dreading the shakes! find them very sickly (dont have a huge sweet tooth) so was wondering if its OK to have 2 soups and 1 shake each day to satisfy my savoury cravings? thanks x
Day four for me too but i am dreading the soups. The spicy tom one was nice but the cheese & broccoli was vile.

How are you finding it so far?


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Hi, is everyone on here only on 3 shakes or soups a day. My counsellor said to have 3 shakes or soups plus a bar as im a chocaholic and she thought I'd need it. I must admit I think I would find it hard having just 3?
Depends on weight and height sometimes:)
If the shakes are too sickly, you could try just having half a pack with more water. I always split the chocolate ones to make two hot drinks in a day.


Step away from the chips!
I had to give up on the soups by the weekend of week 1 (on week 2 now) I couldnt stand them although i tried my best to - all of them tasted like sea-water. Really surprised me as i love savoury stuff & dont have much of a sweet tooth at all. It was the shakes i was dreading before i started as i hate anything milky but i actually really enjoy them. Honest lol.
Im on week 4 and I have one shake, a bar and then I freeze the tetra to have icecream in the evening! YUMMY. I thought all the soups were disgusting!
Im not to keen on the soups, much prefer the shakes, Im only on day 2 and have had the cheese and broc and spicy tom so far. Love the banana and forest fruits shake. I put 3 ice-cubes in mine also, makes them thicker.


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i love tomato, chicken n mushroom, chilli ones thats all ive tried so far, just having leek and patato and not enjoying it lol

i like choc orange, choc mint, and vinalla shakes all ive tried yet
I tell all my clients they have 21 or 28 sachets of what they want. If they dislike anything or go off flavours they can swop. I have ladies who have a box of choc mint a week, and others who have 14 soups and 7 bars. Its all a matter of personal choice, After all, its YOU having the diet, no one else. You should have what you want.

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