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Sharing my ideas.

Hello Everyone.

As we are all in the same boat and have 1 thing on our minds constantly I thought it would be a nice idea for me also to add my ideas on how I am going to lose weight. These ideas may have been heard several times before but either way, every little helps and some things may be new to you. :)

Today I have started my journey towards a better lifestyle. (I say lifestyle because I feel 'diet' sounds too temporary)

About 8 years ago, my cousin and I were playing with her dads weighing scales, I was 13 and she was 11. At this time I was a cheerleader and one of the most active children you could possibly meet. She stepped on the scales and it read 6 stone. Then I stepped on the scales and it read 8 stone.
I was shocked at it and this was the beginning to my confidence drop. Ever since that day, I have just felt fatter and fatter by the second and therefore I have kind of given up all hope of being skinny. I have tried numerous diets, and some have been very successful but have never lasted (I would like to note this was partly because of my mums amazing cooking lol).

I looked in the mirror about 4 hours ago felt the lowest I have ever felt. I remembered only months ago when my belly only looked half of the size.

I said out loud to myself, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So I have had a pen in my hand all day taking notes on what i need to change.

One of my ideas, was to come up with a silly nickname for the person I currently am and wish to leave behind. This being, 'Chunky Monkey'. I think if I have this nickname I will learn to hate it and be more eager to leave it behind.

Another one of my ideas, is to take before and after photos. I think this will be an easy way for me to monitor my progress and is something to keep me motivated.

I find the term 'diet' extremely frustrating for me because they rarely work and when they do, they are not permanent. So I have chosen the route of a lifestyle change as it is permanent and more fulfilling if successful.

If i think of anymore I will definately share :D
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It sounds like to me that you're doing a really good job of getting your head in the right place for your lifestyle change. We all have to have a good look in the mirror from time to time and understand that too often we're just kidding ourselves about our intake etc. Good for you and good luck.


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
I think giving yourself a negative label is bad as it will just make you feel even worse about yourself.
Thats what I began to think when I first gave myself the nickname. but as it is just a quirky silly name, it makes me laugh and as I was doing my exercises earlier today, I actually had the name chunky monkey in my head and it was strange because it motivated me. If I am expressing what i think of myself then I am identifying what is wrong with me. Im not longer in denial. Im facing it, and throwing it away. Chunky monkey is going to be the name I leave behind, the faster the better :)


Shoot to thrill
People are motivated in different ways, I feel that if I feel bad about how I look now then I am going to feel uber confident when I'm thinner!
I think giving yourself a negative label is bad as it will just make you feel even worse about yourself.

I agree I think if you call yourself a silly name make it one that conjures up an image of how you want to look not how you dont want to look ifykwim

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