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Sharons diary :)

Well there seems to be no one on this forum so I guess I'm writing a diary for me to read hehe! No I think it will help me to b able to look back and see how I've been!

Bit about me- I'm 26 5ft4 and weigh 234pounds yeukk!! Hoping to lose about 50 so I'm here for the long haul!! Tried exante and can't seem to stick it longer than a week although the first week is relatively plain sailing I norm crash and burn round about day 5/6/7 then say I can't do it! I wish I could as the losses are great but unfortunately I can't so slow and steady it is!!I work full time so found the shakes on exante good as they were quick and easy so will enjoy that with sf and still have a dinner to go home too!! Really need to get exercising again working 2 jobs kinda hinders that, and any night I do get off I seem to think I deserve to relax on sofa lol!! Well anyway enuf gabbing I will weigh on fri after 4 days as fri will b my wi day and shall take it from there!! C ya :p x
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Miss V

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Welcome to sf Sharon! Good luck - am sure the weight will drop off :)
Day 1

Woke up feeling yuk, had my first shake it was really sweet, summer strawberry, and now feel sick!! Can't wait to get home don't know if I've got a bug or not but feel horrible!! Can't b from the shake as I think I felt awful sicky before even trying it!!x
New day 1 :)

Goin ok I'm going to keep busy today got to go do food shopping so will buy lots of healthy snacks! Also got to read my beck book day 3 and check out my task for the day ive been quite lax with it so need some structure!! I'm feelin quite positive today bring on the losses :)


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Keep it up Shazza, well done! And I'm here to read your diary, so make sure you update it when you can!:p
The shakes I like are banana, vanilla and cafe latte is ok. Haven't tried choc as yet but I'm thinking I won't like it. Strawberry is OK. I used to like the smoothies but they stopped them!


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keep up the gd work! just think of you in a slim dress;)
Day 2
Well I say day 2 but I havnt had a shake or anything, ended up at hospital appointment with my brother having had no breakfast etc n I had a baked potato and macaroni for lunch! Might just have a shake for tea and that's it! I'm a daily weigher as I am a tad obsessed so although I've not stuck to this properly past couple days I have lost 4ibs in total since last Monday, last Monday-fri I tried exante and lost 7ibs before realising I kudnt go without socialising and it was just too extreme for me, so as soon as started eating obv gained some water weight but only 3 of the 7, so overall I'm 4 down in just over a week!! I can't wait till Monday to be back to work and in a routine again as this week every day I've tried sf I've not been 100% and I'm quite pernickety so that annoys the hell out me!! So here's to 2mo hopefully I get on it proper as you's are all doing so well!!x


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Well done Shaz!! Hope you have a good weekend.
Let's all have a good Friday and do SF 100%:character00116:
Hiya yesterday was good I was out and bout and still had my shakes!!I found out also I'm moving house 4 weeks today so Kani wait for that!! I'm in a 1 bed flat in centre of town, and I'm moving to quiet wee street in a nearby village to a 1 bedroom house with garden!! Can't wait it will be soo good for my dog buster having his own garden!! And for me for sitting out on nice sunny days!! Arghhhh excited!!
Anyways today is sat an we normally have a fry up so I'm goin to have it but grill everything and still have a shake for lunch n dinner, that seems best way to do it!!
Hope everyone is doing ok x


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aww congrats on your house move,
i just feel like rubbish today, stupid hangover lol. im not drinking anymore lol (heard that before lol)
i would usually have something really stodgy today, but im just not hungary dont understand whats wrong with me! im usually such a good eater, it wasnt like this last time i was dieting i couldnt wait for my next shake or snack, and tea time always seemed so far away, but this time i dunno, i just dont ever feel hungary, what makes it even stranger is im usually starving all day and will eat all day if i can after ive had a few drinks the night before.. hmmmmm i'm sure it will pass x
Not being hungry when ruff is good lol!! I norm pig out with a hangover, not had a bad one in a while tho! I had my breakfast this morning was still good being grilled! That's me just having me shake for dinner as have been full all day! Going to do some housework on a sat nite how sad eh!! Oh is out for the night and I'm bein a slob in house all day/night so thot I won't feel as bad if I do the housework haha!x


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S: 11st6lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 1st6lb(12.5%)
Ahh good news about your move Shaz! Your dawg is so cute;) hope the healthy break was yummy!
10stone well done for not pigging out, hope u had a fun night out. I have been soooo good this week, looks like we are all managing to change our eating habits for good:D
Ok so as you all know I've been mucking about for a week and stayed same so today is the start of being serious!! I weigh 247ibs :( yuk and I want a few of them gone by next Monday!! Had a shake for lunch and a packet quavers soo far think il have salad for dinner and a shake at supper time, I know I'm bad I missed breakfast but I slept in lol!! So far so good! What does everyone else have for snacks?x


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I just started today but I've been buying the Philedelphia extra light mini pots and spreading one of them on 2 Ryvita Crispbreads. I then put 3 slices of cucumber on each. It works out at under 80 cals for all of it.
I've also bought some laughing cow extra light triangles incase I want a slightly different flavour on the crispbread. I will also change it up by putting tomato or a slice of ham on top.
I also have some rice cakes because they are only 28 cals each.


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S: 11st6lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 1st6lb(12.5%)
Mmm I love ryvita, that sounds good BG :)
Shaz dont be hard on yourself!! Just get back on it and u will be fine :)
Strawberries are really low cal so u can eat a big bowl of them!! Also Ieat bananas, Sf bars, Boots Shapers bars
and crisps.
Feeling quite on top of things today which is good! Today I've had a shake, banana, yogurt and multipack bag of quavers so all my snacks but I was hungry!! Still got my shake to have then a light evening meal!x


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S: 11st6lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 1st6lb(12.5%)
Well done shaz!! Sounds like you're doing well! I waa tempted to have two snacks together but somehow resisted! I don't feel as hungry this week which is cool, WI tomo!!! When's yours? :)


S: 14st6lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 30.4 Loss: 1st5lb(9.41%)
seems like you've had a pretty good day shaz.
oooooo looking forward to seeing what you've lost tomoz lighter!
Hey I'm not weighing 2mo as I weighed today and stayed same due to my up/down week, weigh in for a loss next week! Feel more in control being back at work!! Today been mega busy with phoning utility company's for moving house in 3 weeks, miby I shud start packing??hmm I dnt want too lol x

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